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  1. Fish
    As the title suggests, can I have them together in a 55g? Will the congos nip the angels' fins? Thanks.
  2. Fish
    I decided to finally stock my planted tank 2 days ago. i went with 1 vail angel, 1 angel, 1 powder blue dwarf gourami, 1 dwarf gourami and 1 rainbow shark to start. Everyone seems to be doing well but my angels are just hanging out at the top corner of the tank just kind of sitting there. I...
  3. For Sale/Trade
    I have the following plants for sale. All plants are in my DIY CO2 medium light tank. There might be some snail, minimal algae. Rotala Indica - 0.25 c/stem Ludwiga Repens - 0.25 c/stem Brazilian Pennywort - 0.25 c/stem Staurogyne Repens - 0.50 c/stem Hydrocotyle Japan - 0.50 c for every 4 nodes...
  4. Tank Journals
    29 Inherited Gallons Hello Everyone! I recently received / inherited a 29 gallon planted set up, that could be dubbed a overgrown rotala-icious scape. My friend is moving and needed it to go, all I had to do was pick it up. I did a bit of a trimming and rescape, added a few plants and made...
  5. Algae
    Ok so I am new and am amazing with fish but a noob with plants, so I will tell you to the best of my ability my situation. So i have a angel tank, i have 2 mature angels 2 golden dojo loach 1 abino brislenose pleco. for plantsi have java fern java moss and 3 other types of mystery plants. for my...
  6. Fish
    I have a 1 year old White Angle fish in a community planted 40 gallon tank. She or he has developed sores on her face and it is very red. It looks very sore too.. She has stopped eating and seems lethargic. I have tested the water and it looks good. I have since put her in her 10 gallon...
1-6 of 6 Results