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  1. General Planted Tank Discussion
    Im new to this great site so I hope Im not posting my query in the wrong section.... Anyways I recently found out that my city adds sodium carbonate to its tapwater. I have a 45 gallon aquarium thats still cycling (so fishless) and I was wondering if sodium carbonate will cause sensitive...
  2. Fish
    I'm looking for Fish suggestions for an Orinoco/Meta River biotope. I would like to include some fish that spend most of their time in the upper, open water section of the tank. Any ideas on upper level south american fish?
  3. Tank Journals
    I moved on 4/21 and finally the never ending process of moving and setting up tanks is DONE; the 75 gallon has been set up for almost a month, the 33 gallon long, just under 3 weeks. I rehomed my Colombian tetras and kept the marbled hatchets, sterbais and checkerboard cichlids. Unfortunately...
  4. Tank Journals
    Here is my version of an Amazon biotope. I started this tank to give my Sterbai Corydoras a more natural habitat than where I had them. The goal was to create a muddy bottomed, driftwood strewn, shallow river bed in the Amazon basin. I wanted to have only South American species in the tank...
  5. Aquascaping
    Ok guys, I am thinking about starting an Amazon biotope in a spare 29 gallon tank I have. Specifically I want to construct a natural habitat for my Sterbai Corydora. I really like these fish and want an environment where they feel secure and can establish a nice shoaling group. I am not...
1-5 of 5 Results