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algae eater
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  1. Shrimp & Other Invertebrates
    I first joined plantedtank in order to post about seed shrimp in my 45p with no luck getting a response. Here we go again! A year after my first experience with a seed shrimp explosion in my 45p, the only solution I found was getting a dwarf gourami to nip the problem in the butt, and it...
  2. Fish
    Hello! I would love a small algae eater that will go good in a 10 g planted aquarium with black sand substrate. I used Flourite Black Sand by Seachem. I know plecos get huge so I'll stay away from them. I heard that a couple of otocinculus might be good but I don't know if they'll do well...
  3. Algae
    There are probably posts about this already but I couldn't find any! I have tanks between 8-16 gallons. What are some good algae eaters? I have lots of plants and I don't want them eaten. So far I have ramshorn snails and amano shrimp, what are some other goods species? I want something for the...
  4. Fish
    So I am currently fighting some brown algae which is no big deal with some good scrubbing. I also noticed I have a pond snail in there that was a hitchhiker on a plant. Again no big deal as he eats the brown algae. Now the problem is I am having to continuously scrape snail eggs off plants and...
    Looking for 30-50 of these guys from a reputable seller. Price wise looking at about 1.50 a piece
  6. Planted Nano Tanks
    So I’m thinking of making an African nano tank. As long as they come from somewhere in Africa then I’m happy :P so I got my main fish listed but the only things are algae eaters…. are there any African algae eaters in the trade? (fish or invert don’t care :P ) and bottom feeders (ie...
  7. Fish
    Hello, I bought an algae eater about 5 months ago, and it has been going to town on my tank every since. I was doing some research tonight about them and now I think I may have a cae instead of a sae. Wanted to double check with you all to see if I am correct. If it is a cae I am guessing I...
  8. Fish
    I'm setting up a 29 gallon tank and I was looking for an algae eater to use for the tank. In the past I've used otocinclus catfish for algae in a tank this size but I read somewhere that panda garras are good algae eaters. Does anyone have any experience with these fish and if so would you...
  9. Shrimp & Other Invertebrates
    Here is a video of my busy Philippine Rainbow Shrimps. You may visit my thread about them at this link if you want: Thank you! :)
  10. Photography
    Here are some pictures of my previous and present Red Cherry Shrimps.
  11. Shrimp & Other Invertebrates
    Nerite Snails are one of the best algae eaters for me. I have 8 of them in my 20 gallon planted tank. My Aunty caught them from their province and gave some to me as she sell them online. I see them crawl all over my tank eating green and brown algae, leftover fishfoods like sinking pellets and...
  12. Fish
    Hi all! This post is my first and will obviously show that I'm a bit of a newbie at this hobby, but I need some suggestions. I went to my LFS a couple of weeks ago looking for any type of algae eater that was suitable for my 10 gallon freshwater tank. I made it clear to the sales representative...
  13. Algae
    Can anyone recommend any shrimp / fish suitable for a 23l 6G that will readily eat hair algae?
  14. Algae
    I would like to add an algae crew to my planted tank in a few months. I know of a few we can choose from, but I am not sure what would work best for my tank. I thought for sure I wanted Nerite snails because they look awesome, but my pH is too low for good shell health. I thought about amano...
  15. Algae
    i should get for my 20 gal freshwater fish tank i had two of the Chinese Algae Eater but both died i was sad :( i was thinking of going back to the Hypostomus punctatus last one i had lasted a very longg time he got almost big as my other tank.:icon_neut:icon_ques
1-15 of 15 Results