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  1. Equipment
    I haven't posted to this forum in years, but an email reminded me that this forum is still alive. I have recently thinned out my plants in my 55 G acrylic tank and restocked with new fish and it occurred to me that my tank is getting long in the tooth. Researching the Internet, I started...
  2. Fish
    I have a Pristella tetra who is the last fish standing prior to a planned massive rescape. I was going to wait him out, as I figured he'd probably die of natural causes soon. He's 9. Yup. NINE YEARS OLD. So my question is: how long do these guys typically live? Any idea? I thought it was...
  3. The Lounge & Introductions
    Hey guys, Just wondering how old all you people who love the hobby just as much as I do are. Hopefully we can discover new hobbyists that are around the same age as ou are and you can relate and make new friends!! And please be honest. :)
  4. Fish
    What is the expected lifespan of a goldfish? My largest pond goldfish is around a decade old now. May 3 2002, the oldest picture of her I can find at the moment: And today May 3, 2009 (Amazing the improvement from a newer camera): I tried to get roughly the same angle so you can see it's...
1-4 of 4 Results