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    equipment, still need a light ADA 60-F the final substrate positioning! specifications for the time being Aquarium: ADA 60-F Substrate: ADA Aquasoil Africana regular type and Powersand special Filter: EHEIM Classic 150 Light: none yet, planning on getting marineland LED light, i will update...
  2. Tank Journals
    After a good long ride with my GLA looking like a mini-collectoritis tank, I decided to tear it down and go simple -- since I'll be focusing more on my newly acquired 60P. I also ran my GLA with lily pipes, pressurized co2, and a Finnex Ray 2 for about a year. I have since moved my Cal Aqua...
  3. Tank Journals
    Equipment Deep Blue 12" rimless cube Filter either Eheim classic 150 or simple HOB (have not decided yet) Archaea slim line LED 5lb C02 canister Archaea dual gauge regulator ADA pollen glass diffusor Plastic garden edging walls Substrate Africana (about 6L) Power sand S Penac P...
1-3 of 3 Results