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  1. General Planted Tank Discussion
    I have read a lot about the controversy of actinic lights in the planted tank. Some say that they do nothing but grow algae or make plants grow thin and tall. (Stringy) Others say they are great. Well, being a saltwater fan and experimentalist; I wanted to see for myself. After a 6 month...
  2. Lighting
    sooo..plants absrb red and blue and reflect green. actinic blue light is in the blue part of the spectrum..430nm or somewhere around shouldnt they work almost as good as daylight bulbs? if not..can you please tell me y (with a solid reason)
  3. Lighting
    think on the packaging i says not to mix the bulbs with the different "sockets". i want to do it anyway i dont like the bule too much..has anyone ever done it with odyssea?
  4. Lighting
    And which ones should i be using. i have a fixture for a 55gallon that holds 4 bulbs 54w HO. if i had to choose between roseate,actinic and daylight, what combination is best for pant growth as well as look?
1-4 of 4 Results