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  1. Fish
    When I set up my current tank I added two otos (not enough, I now know) shortly after cycling the tank. Sadly, the tank wasn't very stable yet and one of them died after a few days. The surviving one stays in one spot. I know he's eating a little, but not enough to have a rounded belly. It's...
  2. General Planted Tank Discussion
    This is the first episode of many more to come of Aquahound's Dirty Little Secrets. This show is all about using one of the two ways of properly acclimating your investments. The purpose of acclimation to take the water that aquatic life is in and match it to the water parameters of your...
  3. DIY
    Hi, I was going to acclimate my new shrimp today and then I came out with this idea. I haven't seen it before so I thought I share... First, I started with an used emptied gallon of water and a disposable cup: Shrimp are already in the gallon. I used this thumbtack to make a very small...
1-3 of 3 Results