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  1. Lighting
    The title says it all... For best plant growth; two T5 6700k bulbs or one 6700k and one Colormax? This is for my 36 Watt Aqueon 30" Dual Fixture. Reason for asking is I'm unsure if this light is adequate enough for my 20 gal long with DIY co2 and EI ferts. Having algae problems and Dwarf...
  2. Lighting
    Been using 10,000k tubes mixed with a Trulumen Flora 6700k tube for years, been wondering if anyone recomends something else?
  3. Lighting
    I have a grow light from a hydro store I got it cheap, I'm looking to upgrade the ballast and perhaps the bulbs I wanna go with these bulbs from the bay,only cuz of the price. 4 for the price of 1-2 depending what LFS u go to $35.00 shipped Thing is what's a good ballast to get that will run...
  4. Lighting
    So, i've finally upgraded the lighting on my tank to a Coralife 2x14 T5 24" light. WOW went from dull color to Color Explosion in looks. So freaking impressed by this light. Also coated the Flora Base with Eco Complete last week. Yes, the tank is a bit dirty - just fed the goldfish and the...
1-4 of 4 Results