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  1. General Planted Tank Discussion
    So after taking the time to cycle and let the plants take root and develop new growth finally stocked my new 60 gallon tank
  2. Fish
    Hey guys! Have a 60 gallon tank I started working on with my dad about three weeks ago. I've been slowly filling it up with hardscape and plants; seems to be coming in nicely. I was able to jump-start the bb with my 10gal tank and it was cycled within a week and a half. I have a shipment coming...
  3. Fish
    I was wondering if I could put roughly 30-40 corydoras in this aquarium? I haven't put them in it yet, still waiting on the cycle to finish. I also want to put roughly 10 cherry Rasboras, 15 serpae tetras, and maybe one electric blue acara. The temp will be between 76-78F. I have 5 pieces of...
  4. Aquascaping
    I'm looking for pictures of any aquascape done is a 60 gallon. Thanks
  5. Low Tech Forum
    Hi there! Recently upgraded to a 60 gallon tank. Dimensions 48x12x24.75. I currently only have the decorations from my 10 and 15 gallon that I consolidated into the tank with the below fish: 5x Female Platys 5x Neon Tetra 4x Peppered Cories Will stock to: 5x Female Platys 11x Neons 11x...
  6. Lighting
    Tank info: 18 months old 60 gallon 24" h x 13" d x 48" w Freshwater community 36" Finnex Ray 2 Amazon sword, crypts, jungle val, moneywort, hornwort Quick background: My plants really seemed to take off at first. My sword blew up to almost 24" leaves, jungle vals shot runners everywhere...
  7. General Planted Tank Discussion
    Hi. So I currently have a 20 gallon non CO2 planted tank but I am ready to upgrade to a bigger one. I had been looking at getting a 55 gallon tank for a while but then I had a friend who just gave me his 60 gallon tank with a stand because he was moving. The only dimension difference in these...
  8. Lighting
    Hi all , i have 2 10W lamps for my 60 gallon tanks 20 inch high, i think their is enough brightness :confused1: what do you think ?
  9. Tank Journals
    Hi everybody! Finally, I've decided to work on my 60 gallon tank, which I have been postponing for almost a year. Yesterday, built the stand with the help of a Professional person....
  10. Plants
    I have just added a good bunch of hornwort in my 60 gallon tank, just having them float. It is the first plant in this tank so my question is what are the requirements to keep this plant alive? I have Coralife Lunar Aqualight T5HO for lighting and keep them on for 6 hours.
  11. Equipment
    I recently bought a custom size tank from an LFS. It's 36" x 20" x 20" about 60 gallons. I asked the guy i bought it from if it would compromise the integrity of the tank if i removed the rim. He said no. There is a cross-brace of the same thickness but he tells me it is not there for structural...
1-11 of 11 Results