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    500 Gallon bottom drilled glass aquarium with stand and canopy. Includes: - 2' x 4' 85 gallon sump - four ocean clear canister filters Aquarium is 9' long, 3' tall, and 30" from front to back Stand is 9' 4.5" x 33" tall x 32.5" from front to back $2500 Please contact Kell at 702-673-7606 (Text...
  2. Equipment
    I have lurked here for 6 months and learned more about aquariums in that time than I have 40 years prior with the seat of my pants and trial and error - I want to thank you folks for sharing your blood sweat and tears so unselfishly, that others may share and learn by you. Here's my question -...
1-2 of 2 Results