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  1. Lighting
    G'day everyone! My name is Noah. I've been lurking for close to 3 months and have been registered for 3 weeks (I think). So I'm looking to set up my fish tank. It's a 150 gallon tank (volume) and measures 52" x 30" x 26.5". It's very wide and tall. My plan is to make it a low tech planted...
  2. Lighting
    Hey all, I recently purchased a 90 gallon acrylic aquarium with dimensions 60”x18”x20” (LxWxH). I’ll be stocking angelfish and a few other random community fish. I want a setup that lets me grow most high light plants that are easy to acquire. I’ll have CO2 going as well. The aquarium came...
1-2 of 2 Results