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45 gallon

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  1. Fish
    Hello Everyone! I'm new here so feel free to redirect me to another thread :) I started a SE Asian Biotope aquarium ~2 month ago and need help stocking. And making sure I dont overload the filter. Here are some quick facts: 45 gallon tank Heavily planted (9-12 Java ferns). Rocks and driftwood 9...
  2. Lighting
    I have a new 45 gallon Aquarium with the following dimensions: 13"L x 36"W x 24"H. It has a 36" Aqueon Deluxe Full Hood on it. It currently has a 17W T8 24" tube light full spectrum light bulb. I want to grow live plants. I plan to stock the aquarium with angels, guppies and/or tetras...
  3. Tank Journals
    Hello guys, Just picked up a 45 gallon tank a couple weeks ago, and quickly built a stand for it, Since I kinda had some fish dropped on me. Someone brought them over and said "here ya go." So I had to take them, Or they would die. Put them in my little 10 gallon, and all hell broke lose...
  4. Fish
    Hi! I wouldn't say that I am new to the hobby, but I would say I still have a crud ton to learn. I currently have a 5g betta tank, and a 10g community tank. I am mostly focused on plants, setting up DIY co2 systems, and just learning how to do things the right way. Recently I bought a 45...
1-4 of 4 Results