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  1. Lighting
    Hey guys I really need some advice on appropriate lighting for my 35 gallon. Right now I just planted Monte Carlo and I am using my old 18W generic LED light strip from my goldfish tank. I am here in Canada and wondering what a good budget light would be to get? Or a light that would supplement...
  2. Tank Journals
    I'm really trying to take my time with this tank and plan out as much as I can. The tank itself has been passed around a bit. My uncle gave it to my brother who threw out the canister filter that came with it. Now that I have it I'm planning on going low tech with it. The dimensions are 24"w x...
  3. Low Tech Forum
    pretty sure my tank is low tech so i thought i would start a thread here. i've been doing reef tanks since '00, so i know all about testing and upkeeping of more complex fish tanks. my current setup is as follows: 35 gallon tank (36x12x18) penguin 200 filter AC 5-15 filter 150w heater (tank is...
1-3 of 3 Results