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  1. Equipment
    I bought the filter 2 months ago on black friday with all new tank, heater etc, and started my tank a week ago. Currently cycling with new plants / no fish. The filter is suppose to be quiet and that's the reason I bought it. I needed it to be quiet, my girlfriend didn't want me to start a new...
  2. Equipment
    I switched my Fluval 306 to my new tank and, of course, the hoses were too short as the new tank and stand are considerably taller. I didn't want to spend twenty bucks on that 16mm ribbed hosing garbage again and the Fluval intake isn't long enough for my new tank. So I had a brainstorm and...
  3. Equipment
    I was given a used Fluval 306 from a friend awhile back, but am still using a HOB (Aqueon Quietflow 20) in my 20G long planted tank. Along with a Aquaclear Powerhead 20. Both of these rate at about 125GPH or a combined 250GPH. After a little research I have learned that a canister filter is...
1-3 of 3 Results