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  1. Fish
    To give some background, I'm getting back into the aquarium hobby after 2 years off(due to an issue out of my control). Now back to the question, what type of fish or fish+invert combo can I put in my 2.5 gallon tank? The 2.5 is currently planted with 1 anubias nana, 1 java fern, 3 marimo moss...
  2. Plants
    Hello, I recently started a 2.5gal tank with only DHG. I am using ADA Amazonia and a Finnex Stingray with 10hr photoperiods. Everything was going great, but now what appears to be fungus (white fuzzy stuff) keeps cropping up on my DHG. I spot treat it with hydrogen peroxide, which works well...
  3. Planted Nano Tanks
    Evening Everyone! Tonight I came home to find my 5 gallon leaking due to a crack, so I rushed to setup my old 2.5. Despite the obnoxious amount of substrate, I really like this tank :hihi: Feel free to leave any comments about it! Thanks everyone :biggrin:
  4. Equipment
    Hi all, I just successfully de-rimmed a 2.5 (only took one broken tank!) with much help from some friends, and it looks great now -- but there are a million tiny pieces of silicone left inside the tank, not adhered to anything, but just generally sticky and not washing out easily. I can pull...
  5. Tank Journals
    Plants: Bolbitis, Java Fern, Anubias Coffeolia, Vesuvius Sword, Hottonia Palustris, Myriophyllum Mattogrossense, Hydrocotyle Leucocephala (Pennywort), Weeping Moss, Christmas Moss, Green Carpet Moss, and Salvinia Natans. Fish: 10 Boraras Maculatus Invertebrates: 3 Nerite snails, 24 Bee Shrimp...
  6. Planted Nano Tanks
    After posting on my other forums, I thought "Hey, what's teh best place to ask about a planted tank? Duh!" So here it is: I'm going to set up a low maintenance, low tech planted-only 2.5 gallon mini bow at work. I'm planning to have a black substrate (either Flourite black sand...
1-6 of 6 Results