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  1. Tank Journals
    Hello everyone. This is my first Tank Journal! I am aiming for an iwagumi layout using glosso carpet and a dash of anubias on the rocks with a background of crypts. I will try to keep this journal updated every two weeks with pictures of progress. Tank: 2.5g Bowl Light: Deep Blue Solarflare...
  2. Planted Nano Tanks
    I am about to obtain a 2.5 gallon AGA aquarium that I plan on making a betta biotope. I have had mixed success in the past with plants, so I am trying to make sure they don't die on me this time.... I don't really like the look of a lot of the dedicated "plant substrates" (and not to mention...
  3. Planted Nano Tanks
    and my hand for a size reference: my downoi doesnt look like the regular green fleshy/transparent plants that others seem to have. is it because of nutrient deficiency?
  4. Planted Nano Tanks
    Hey there, Just ruminating on how to build a hood for my 2.5g. I have an all-glass tank and managed to get my paws on a cheap Coralife Mini (2x9w). I know a lot of people prefer to jerry-rig legs onto them, but I have a betta and keep to keep him inside the tank. I have seen the Perfecto...
1-4 of 4 Results