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120 gallon

  1. Lighting
    Hello, Switching back from reef tanks and would love some advice. I'm going to have discuss and wanted to run some low-moderate lights. I have T5's but I wouldn't mind switching to LED. If I ran Kessils would I need 360s or could I get by with 160s? What lights will show off the fish and...
  2. Low Tech Forum
    Hey everyone 2 years back, we found an old Juwel Rio 400 when we just moved into the house, complete with a stand and a T8 lighting system with two 36 watt light bulbs (ultra low tech). So I decided to have a (very) low-tech setup :D The tank: 150x50x60 cm/60x20x24" (LxWxH) 450 L/120 Gal...