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12 long
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  1. California
    Pick-up @ 94598 12g Long Set: - Mr Aqua 12g Long tank - DIY mat, cut to size - 2 x Finnex PX-360 filters with seeded media - 36" Hagen Glo 2 x 39w t5ho 6,700K (bulbs ~1 year old) w/legs - ~6l used (dried) AS Africana 'sand' + ~3l new AS Africana 'sand' --> currently flooded and running -->...
    So I am looking to get a dimmable led for my twelve gallon. Was just wondering if there was anyone out thee that would want to make some money building me a fixture. I would buy all the stuff just need someone with the mire time and know how than I do. I would love to build one myself but I just...
  3. Lighting
    As the title states i am looking to do leds for my 12long. I am planning to go medium high light with pressurized co2 through a danner mag fraction impeller. I just flooded the tank the other day and my current lights just are not cutting it. The thing that brought me to wanting to do leds...
1-3 of 3 Results