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Showcase cover image for My Nano shrimp tank


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Simple easy plants for my Ramshorn snails, & other small water gardens to eventually get shrimp.
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Really nice!

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So many tanks...
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So I have a ten gallon right now with random floating plants and fake. just filled it up for the moment for the shrimp I got. got red and blue neocardinia. anyway, I am going to follow because I want to see more of this and what other's have to say. I think I am going to set up another tank for them and just break this one down once the other is set up and use this that they are currently in for something else.

I have been thinking lately about something in my room, a nice little "lamp" piece. real plants and a small shrimp colony but preferable with out anything in there really other than a light. I feel like this is doable...

As I look at your tank I am wondering what those plants are that are stuck under the filter and everywhere else. are they glued on to places? is that just a filter or do I also see co2 bubbles? and does this have it's own light or is that just under the dinning room table light for the photo or something?

anyway, just wanted to say this looks great and I am going to follow for ideas. I feel like I can get some good info from this thread.