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User imeridian
Size 75 Gallons
Date Started March 2007
Lighting 2 X Current USA Dual Daylight and 2 X GE 9325K compact fluorescents. Total wattage of 260 for 8 hours per day.
Equipment Eheim Pro II 2028 with Hydor inline heater. Eheim Classic 2217 with 25 watt Current USA UV Sterilizer. 2 Peristaltic pumps on timers for autodosing.
CO2 Cornelius regulator with Swagelock needle valve attached to a 5lb cylinder using modified "Rex" style inline reactor on the 2217.
Substrate Eco Complete (7 bags)
Parameters NO3: 10ppm,PO4: 2ppm,GH: 3dH,KH: 3dKH
Fertilization EI Method and Flourish micros autodosed via peristaltic pumps.
Plants Glosso, Rotala Rotundifolia, Dwarf Sag, Red Rubin Sword, Amazon Sword, Stargrass, Ludwigia Repens, Taiwan Moss, Cabomba, Riccia
Inhabitants 2 Blue Gourami, 2 Cories
Comments This isn't so much an aquascaped tank, more like my randomly placed plant jungle.
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GREAT TANK! definitely an inspiration as i set up my new tank :)
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Great tank! aspiring to that level
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