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User MSG
Size 5 or 5.5G Expirimental Spawn Tank
Date Started October 2012
Lighting OTT LITE 6500 26W & Eclipse Hood 13W 5000K.
Equipment AquaClear 30 with 2 custom prefilters & jam packed with months of established filter media. AC30's been running since August 2012.
CO2 None
Substrate None - bare bottom
Parameters 0 - 0 - 0 Haven't tested for KH or GH Need to buy a TDS meter.
Fertilization None - all natural (Snails & fry)
Plants 100's of low end plants - hornwort, badderwort, lesser duckweed, riccia, java fern
Inhabitants 50 poppy seed sized fry? Runt betta & 3 month old juvenile betta.
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