DishyFishy 10gal - Your Tanks
User DishyFishy
Size 10gal
Date Started 6/23/2012
Lighting 1x15watt Flurescent
Equipment Heater, Marina Internal Filter
CO2 DIY small Gatorade Bottle
Substrate CaribSea sand
Parameters I never check them after the initial cycle! Or unless there is a problem
Fertilization Seachem Root Tabs ever few months, and Seachem Flourish 3x a week.
Plants Amazon Sword, Java Moss, Rotala sp Macranda 'Green", Crypt Wendtii, Bacopa Monnieri, Najas sp. Roraima, Hydrocotyle sibthorpioides, Blyxa Japonica
Inhabitants 1x Julie Cory, 3x Neon Tetra, 3x Serpae Tetra, 2x Phantom Tetra, 2x Horned Nerite Snail, 2x MTS
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