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User Chafire
Size 55 Gallons
Date Started July, 2011
Lighting 48" 2x54 watt 6700K--FishNeedIt fixture
Equipment 2-SunSun Canister Filters 1-Marineland Stealth Heaters 1-ViaAqua Powerhead
CO2 2 Co2 lines fed into both SEIO powerheads on each side of the tank
Substrate Eco-Complete with rootblast added to to it.
Parameters Do not test.
Fertilization I have no consistency.
Plants Blyxa Japonica--Ludwigia palustris --Crypt Wendti Green--Crypt Wendti Bronze--Nymphaea micrantha --Tiger Lotus--E. Belem--Vals--Java Fern--Lace Java Fern--Subwassertang--Red Rubin--Fissidens
Inhabitants 8 White Clouds 1 SAE 2 Nerites 3 Rummynose Tetras 3 Roseline Barbs 2 Sterbai Corydoras Red Cherry Shrimp
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Hahahah, forgot I still have tacks in the driftwood holding the subwassertang in place until it latches on.
Algae Grower
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Really nice and clear i think it would be nice with song angels or discus..
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