Lanaquarium 36G Bowfront - Your Tanks
User Lanaquarium
Size 36G Bowfront
Date Started 6/20
Lighting Finnex Planted + 24/7 HLC
Equipment Filter - Fluval 307 & Sponge Filter Heater - Fluval M 200
Substrate Pool Filter Sand: AquaQuartz
Parameters pH: 6.8 Ammonia: 0 Nitirite: 0 Nitrate: Variable
Fertilization Aquarium Co-op root tabs Aquarium Co-op Easy Green, Liquid Co2, Liquid Iron
Plants Anubia nana petit Anubia barteri Java Fern Amazon Sword Jungle Vallisneria Cryptocoryne Lucens Marimo Moss Balls Red Melon Sword Java Moss Scarlet Temple (floating) Dwarf Water Lettuce
Inhabitants Julii Corydoras Neon Tetras
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