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User ichy
Size 4 gallons
Date Started 9/5/15
Lighting Stock AquaTop LED
Equipment none 9/6/15 Had to modify the built in filter on the Aquatop Nano. The Betta liked to rest in the corner and the filter inlet sucked his fins in. Two small sheets of clear plastic, one on each side, fixed it.
CO2 none
Substrate Black Diamond blasting sand
Parameters To new
Fertilization none
Plants narrow leaf Java Fern
Inhabitants Will house a male better ASAP
Comments Attempting to keep it as low tech/low maintenance as possible
Profile Views 807
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Rescaped on 9/7/15. Added more rocks and glued the java fern directly to the rocks. Looks a little hokey right now but hopefully it will grow in and look natural. All that's left is to get a low tech carpet started.
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