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User yoink
Size 10 Gallons
Date Started 6-05-05
Lighting 30w (2x15w screw in compact fluorescent), 6500k
Equipment Whisper mini filter pump
CO2 Pressurized fed behind waterfall via fine mist ceramic airstone
Substrate Inert gravel in the water section, schultz aquatic plant soil on the land section
Parameters gh&kh around 3, temp 76F, TDS ~180
Fertilization 7.1ppm NO3, 1.8ppm PO4, 6ppm K, 1ml flourish All 3x/week.
Plants Anubias nana, java fern, windelov java fern in the water. Cryptocoryne wendtii, anubias nana, pennywort, backyard moss, and spider plants on land.
Inhabitants 2 Fire belly toads and endlers
Comments Made the land section out of house styrofoam coated in epoxy per chuck gadds paludarium construction
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Are these real?
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Very inspirational tank!
Planted Tank Enthusiast
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nice vivarium!
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I love it!! Chuck Gadd has it down I'm gonna use that method as well
Wannabe Guru
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Cool little setup.
Mark F.
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I have to say, I think pennywort actually looks better as a partially-emersed bog plant than it does as a fully submerged aquatic - very good choice on your part! You seem to have really mastered the art of finding diverse approaches to ten gallon tanks, thus providing great inspiration to those of us on more limited budgets ... and, of course, your bigger tanks are nice as well!
Algae Grower
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great setup,I bet your toads and fish are really happy!
Algae Grower
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the wonders of water!
Planted Tank Guru
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Very nice!
Junior Member
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Oto Guy
Algae Grower
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It is awesome. I really like the pennywort. I have been trying to get pennywort for a long time. Amazing!
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