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User yoink
Size 10 Gallons
Date Started 3-12-06
Lighting 40w (2x 20w screw in compact fluorescent), 6500k
Equipment Marineland HOB filter
CO2 DIY yeast co2 fed into filter intake via fine mist ceramic airstone
Substrate Eco-complete
Parameters gh&kh around 3, temp 76F, TDS ~180
Fertilization 7.1ppm NO3, 1.8ppm PO4, 6ppm K, 1.8ml flourish All 3x/week.
Plants Sunset hygro, Cryptocoryne walkeri, weeping moss, Anubias barteri, nana petite, Limnophila sessiliflora, chain sword, Cryptocoryne parva.
Inhabitants 1 male crowntail betta, 3 bronze corydoras, 5 neon tetras
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I'm looking for weeping moss when you trim that beast ;)
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