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User lovemmth
Size 20 gal
Date Started sept 20 2010
Lighting 2 cfl 26 watt
Equipment sunsun canister heater
CO2 paintball tank
Substrate flourite and gravel
Fertilization yamato green
Plants red tiger lotus, onion plant, italian val, micro sword and water wisteria
Inhabitants 16 neon tetras 10 nerite snails 20 ghost shrimp 1 albino pleco and RCS
Profile Views 714
fish 10 086.jpg fish 10 087.jpg
Algae Grower
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comments please this is my first planted tank
nirjhar pan
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excellent stone setting.very good aqua drawing.nirjhar pan
Planted Member
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Visually, very interesting and very pleasing. Wish I was small enough to snorkel in there!
Algae Grower
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looks good!!!
Algae Grower
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That's beautiful. :) All those plants really make the colours of the neons pop!
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