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User Krispyplants
Size regular 50 gallon
Date Started February 22, 2014
Lighting 48" t5 ho light strip with 2 bulbs at 6500 and 2 at 6700
CO2 paintball set up
Substrate Fluorite Red, Amazonia ADA Soil, Eco Complete, Activ Flora, Flourite black sand and fine graded white sand
Parameters ph around 6.6
Fertilization ADA NATURE AQUARIUM: Green Brighty Special Lights, Brighty K, Green brighty step 3. I also dose little amounts of all seachem's liquid fertilizers once a week.
Plants Pogostemon helferi, Telanthera reineckii, anubias, glossostigma, Dwarf hair grass, Mermaid weed, Dwarf baby tears, red sword and green sword, Limnophila aromatic, Ammania Gracilis, Bacopa lanigera, Narrow leaf Ludwigia, Hygrophila pinnatifida, Salvinia Cucullata and a few others that I don't remember.
Inhabitants 4 otos, 3 triple red apistos, 10 half banded kuhli loach, 2 turquoise blue rainbow, 12 red cherry shrimp, 12 celestial pearl Danio and 8 Siamese algae eaters.
Comments All fish are currently juveniles so I can still manage but will get rid of most of my SAE if not all.
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