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Size 55 Gallons
Date Started 2/16/10
Lighting Two Aquaticlife 2 x 54
Equipment Marineland C-360 canister with mechanical media/ceramic rings, Rena 300w heater
CO2 world's best regulator, Reactor 5000, 10lb CO2 tank
Substrate 3 parts Eco-Complete (80 lbs) 1 part Flourite (30 lbs)
Parameters Ph = 7.2, Moderatly soft water
Fertilization Flourish tabs, Flourish liquid (1 capfull once per week)
Plants 2 java fern, 2 cryptocoryne undulata, 1 echinodorus bleheri, lilaeopsis mauritius, eleocharis montevidensis, Cabomba caroliniana, Ludwigia repens, 4 moss balls (couldn't resist, too cool)
Inhabitants 6 Red-eye Tetra, 5 Corydorus Juilii, 6 Otos, 1 Beta Splendins (crown), that's all for now
Comments 33% water change weekly
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very nice!
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