Noahma 36 Gal. Bow Front - Your Tanks
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User Noahma
Size 36 Gal. Bow Front
Date Started 12-09-09
Lighting (1)30" Coralife 30" T-8 double strip
Equipment Fluval 305 Canister Filter
CO2 None
Substrate Activ-flora Black sand, and Red gravel
Fertilization None as of yet, as soon as LFS has his supply of Excell and other Seachem items back in stock I will begin Dosing
Plants Bunch of stuff, I cannot remember it all.
Inhabitants (7)Zebra Danio,(8) Glowlight Tetras, Red Cherry shrimp, (6)Amano Shrimp, (3)Nerite Snails, (10) Neon Tetras,(6)Dwarf Neon Rainbowfish, (1)Flame Dwarf Gourami
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