EdTheEdge 15 Gallon Tall - Your Tanks
User EdTheEdge
Size 15 Gallon Tall
Date Started 2000
Lighting 1X36 - 10000k and 1X18 - 7100k
Equipment 2215, 150W Visitherm
CO2 Drs F&S Semi Automatic Pressurized CO2 with GLA nano diffusor
Substrate Flourite
Parameters N/A
Fertilization KNO3,K2PHO4,KCL,Mastergrow,Flourish,Flourish Iron,Florish Trace
Plants Rotala Walichii, Rotala green,Lilaeopsis Brazilianis,Lilaeopsis Carolinensis,Crypt Wendti Bronze,Blyxa Japonica,Taiwan Moss
Inhabitants 5 Ember Tetras,5 Norman's Lampeye Killies,3Amano shrimp
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