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  27. marinepure
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  29. Tank Circulation
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  31. Missing frame piece on aquarium
  32. RO Water Machines
  33. Fluval 200W heater
  34. RO System water valves
  35. Clay balls or pumice in filtermedia of canister filter??
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  37. lily pipes and canister filter
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  42. Smoke/Grey vs Clear Canister Tubing
  43. Custom acrylic lid manufacturers
  44. Glass Cleaning
  45. Not new to aquariums and plants but new to Co2.
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  50. Would love some feedback on equipment for a ~8g tank.
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  60. Messing around
  61. kessil a360we tuna sun Dim?
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  63. Finest mist air stone?
  64. Quiet filters for 5 gallon tanks?
  65. CO2 Reactor
  66. Eheim filtration for a 45 gal, low stock, underwater forest
  67. Best diffuser
  68. Could use some help troubleshooting Fluval canisters
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  70. In-line Atomizer
  71. Python Question
  72. Is there such thing as an in line pressure regulator
  73. Gassing from a Marineland Magnum polishing filter.
  74. Fresh CO2 Tank Pressure
  75. Dosing pump
  76. Minimal Flow to not hurt floating plants???
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  82. Canister for 17G
  83. glue help
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  85. Surface Skimmer Question
  86. Help me with my bubble counter
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  88. K1 vs K1 Micro vs ZM-II Media compared
  89. Can i use bb gun Co2?
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  91. noise from air pump driving me mad -> solutions? suggestions for replacement?
  92. Uns mini co2 regulator advice
  93. Spiral path UV sterilizers vs. direct ones
  94. UV Sterilizer
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  97. Double checking my design
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  102. do reverse flow signify a leak?
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  106. Fluval nitrate test
  107. Please help. Sump questions.
  108. CO2 backcheck valve
  109. Using a Clamp on a Lilly Pipe
  110. Needle valve on regulator broken. Replacement parts?
  111. RO dual membrane upgrade so worth it
  112. Can I fit my gecko/insect/fish/frog tanks on this shelf without it collapsing?
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  115. Fluval FX4
  116. Dennerle bio CO2 o a new planted tank
  117. Please help design and rebuild this sump
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  119. Cleaning an External Pump
  120. Total RO Filtration Unit noive seeking urgent advice
  121. UNS Delta 120 or eheim 2215 for 20g??? :)
  122. co2 help for 7ft x 2ft x 2ft tank - I need help!
  123. Hello has anyone used the marine land polishing filter with DE ?
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  129. External pump for Python Water Change system
  130. Will I have enough flow/filtration?
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  132. Nano Lily Pipe Inflow with Skimmer?
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  136. lily pipes...
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  139. Inflow/Outflow Position
  140. Canister Filter for Small Cabinet
  141. Inconsistent Bubble Rate
  142. Bubble counter draining, pH pen and controller probe varying
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  144. Inline diffuser Adapting overly complicated?
  145. Definitive test of having tempered glass?
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  147. Co2 regulator
  148. Which sump for a 180 gallon?
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  150. Square tank as planted tank? Photos?
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  154. Trying to decide on a setup
  155. Best way to achieve good circulation in my tank?
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  158. Which size plywood?
  159. Drip RO?
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  163. Possible to adapt?
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  165. Sterilizer (Algae inhibitor?)
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  168. Co2 regulator recommendation
  169. Algae Scrubber for the planted tank
  170. Hydor inline heater/Eheim 2211
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  172. Recommended brands/sources for large tanks?
  173. Seachem bubble counter
  174. Spray bars and circulation
  175. Filtration
  176. High tech or low(ish) tech?
  177. Co2 adjustment question
  178. Auto dosing with a canister filter?
  179. 10lb CO2 vs 2.5G tank?
  180. Crack / Chip on the corner of 60P
  181. Fluvial 95g CO2 Kit -- No Bubbles - HELP
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  183. How low is too low?
  184. Co2 issues.
  185. Fluval Spec V improved flow
  186. Replacement Suction Cups
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  188. Return pump question
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  190. Gasket kit?
  191. Mini Heater Suggestions
  192. Quite air pump
  193. Do I need activated carbon ??
  194. passive co2 anyone done what this person does on youtube?
  195. Equipment List with Prices
  196. Harris Regulator Info
  197. Submersible Pump/Agitator for WC Water
  198. Building a Speece cone CO2 reactor
  199. Non-contact Thermometer
  200. Sponge Filter
  201. diagnosing fluval canisters 104, 306, and 407
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  206. Slow filter output
  207. Stainless Mesh
  208. GLA Reactor, any one used it?
  209. Do I need a mat under my second hand tank? New to hobby.
  210. Help with Drilling 21 Long for Overflow and Return (and Flow Optimization)
  211. Connecting a regulator vertically instead of normal position.
  212. New co2 atomizer not working. Help!
  213. Hydor powerhead magnets deteriorate
  214. Reactor or Difusser
  215. Do you have a fish room - area?
  216. Canister filter intake/output placement....
  217. Help w/ wiring mini pump
  218. How to connect/set up two solenoids in series
  219. CO2 Regulator - Anyone Selling? Or...
  220. Triton Refugium baffle kit - 55 Gallon
  221. Acrylic baffles
  222. 20 Gallon Tall Tank! Fluval 107 or 207?
  223. Sump Design
  224. Can we not simplify a fail-safe ATO?
  225. Sunsun canister filter(s?) for 55 gallon
  226. Is anyone using a submersible pump to do water changes?
  227. Cannister filter hose size
  228. Above tank sump
  229. double tank stand for 2 55 gallon tanks?
  230. Lily pipe surface skimmer
  231. CO2 setup advice
  232. Supplemental CO2 for smaller tanks
  233. Milwaukee MC122?
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  235. CO2 regulator + post body kit? Is that it??
  236. Problems with RO Buddie - need help
  237. WuyouChy CO2 Kit
  238. Sanity check on new tank and layout design
  239. 180Gal. Glass tank stand
  240. Plumbing returns for Aqueon 210 Megaflow
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  242. CO2 tank
  243. reactor suggestions
  244. Does this look right?
  245. Another CO2 question
  246. CO2 gets to bubble ctr but not to tank
  247. Filter question
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  249. heater positioning
  250. Need advice on an R/O system??