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: Equipment

  1. DIY Reactor elbow postition
  2. Odyssea/JEBO PC lights, yay or neigh?
  3. Stainless Steel Precision Straight and Angled Tweezer Set 2.45 Free shipping
  4. regulator?
  5. Filter question
  6. CO2 Needle Valve
  7. CO2 Fears.
  8. 20 Gallon
  9. paintball vs. regular co2
  10. Can I hook up a co2 reactor to my Magnum 350
  11. Victor CO2 Regulators
  12. terrarium into aquarium?
  13. New Regulator
  14. Effectiveness of Fans
  15. Eheim Hose Sleeve?
  16. red sea??
  17. Experienced A Leak Last Night
  18. New ADA Cube Gardens and Do!Aqua
  19. Installing 2-way CO2 Splitter
  20. O ring sizes for paintball co2
  21. Disconnecting CO2 regulator
  22. Filter Media Setup and Fert Dosage?
  23. Xp2 stopped pumping *fixed*
  24. Is this a good CO2 Regulator
  25. AQUAEL UniMax Pro
  26. Great prices on NEW Eheim Classic and ECCO cannister filter
  27. Stringray Stands from Big Als
  28. c02 tanks?
  29. Where to buy Cannister Filter parts?
  30. hooking up co2
  31. installing a solenoid?
  32. Can I safely turn off a sponge filter for a while?
  33. Is this crack bad?--(With Pic)
  34. tubing diameter (xp3)
  35. Diffusing CO2
  36. CO2 newbie - ?'s RE reactors, PH and Emperor 400
  37. 75 gal tank equipment question
  38. How often should i clean the filter?
  39. Sumo vs Rex regulator
  40. Setting Up a 90
  41. Might sound dumb But how far do u put the PH probe in the water
  42. Pressurized CO2, on all night or not??
  43. Tank mats
  44. how good is this regulator?
  45. What do I search for?
  46. Pump Problems in Oceanic 8
  47. Where to drill holes/ overflow height....
  48. Python Question
  49. 40 Gallon Breeder Glass Lid?
  50. Question about visa-therm deluxe heater.
  51. Tank trim repair?
  52. Top trim not straight
  53. Need Help With Putting Together Eheim 2215
  54. Cornelius leaking from relief valve???
  55. Carbo-plus system?
  56. EHFISUBSTRAT cheap + free ship
  57. Are aqueon aquarium heaters any good.
  58. RE: Possible CO2 Probe issues
  59. They say no question is dumb/Coralife aqualight Timer Q
  60. Review: JBJ CO2 Regulator.
  61. Review: Sunlight Supply 4x54W & 6x54W Tek fixtures.
  62. Review: Eheim Classic 2213 canister filter.
  63. filter vs powerhead?
  64. Eheim Classic canister filter. Pros and cons.
  65. Are hydor heaters very good.
  66. DIY reactor leaks.
  67. Pimp my Eclipse 2
  68. Longer lily pipes?
  69. When did you upgrade to a canister filter?
  70. Pressurized Co2 questions
  71. How hot is your MH light fixture
  72. Cheapest place to buy 13mm/.5 inch clear hose/tubing??
  73. The same question as ever, which canister filter?
  74. Canister filter options for 5.5-10 gallons
  75. Disposal Co2 Cartridge- How long does it last?
  76. Has anyone used this regulator?
  77. Cheap paintball setup, or not worth it?
  78. Has anyone used this?
  79. First 10 gallon Planted tank
  80. Do You Use a pH Controller?
  81. Why is my magnum 350 annoying? Pressurized co2 going in?
  82. Is there a huge difference in these??
  83. CO2 setup help
  84. What heater
  85. Xp4 stealth..
  86. IS this a Good deal for Reg and PH monitor
  87. eheim 2217 hose diam..
  88. Internal Filter to Diffuse Co2
  89. Emporer 400 Dieing
  90. Cleaning water spots off of my Solar Mini M light hood??
  91. 1 Filter/2 Tanks?/Bad
  92. Inline diffuser or reactor?
  93. Anyone seen the new Whispers?
  94. How to disassemble a mini-jet 404?
  95. canopy design
  96. How Should I Stack My Filter Media?
  97. Question for Eheim owners...
  98. c02 sizes?
  99. Plants in the Line of Fire!
  100. Rim less tank
  101. Diffuser for DIY CO2 Help
  102. new RO unit question
  103. I'm having UV Sterilizer nightmares.
  104. Turbo twist pond vs aquarium
  105. solenoid question
  106. Okay to use Rena "16x21" hose on Eheim with "16/22mm" hose?
  107. substrate heating
  108. C02 Seal?
  109. need quick help
  110. Regulator troubles
  111. Is My Ladder Working Correctly?
  112. Best Way to Diffuse Co2 ?!?
  113. Suggest a reactor for my 54g
  114. Suggestions on a aquarium heater.
  115. Good Timer for Aquarium Equipments?
  116. Pressurized CO2 thread v.192
  117. Thinking about getting an Eheim
  118. leaking eheim valve
  119. what filter media do you use?
  120. I just aquired a 96gl for free... Help me pick my lights! (56K warning)
  121. Help Me With Frustrating Problem: can't get adapter off of new regulator...
  122. Zoomed 501?
  123. sponge filter and eheim 2213, help!
  124. ? for the Eheim Pimp Club/ Current Control
  125. What's included with an Eheim 2213?
  126. just got my co2 tank what regulator ?
  127. Using used marine filter on tropical tank
  128. I'm NEW here...and Planing to setup a plant tank..Pls Help.
  129. purigen killed my fish.
  130. What's the main difference between Turbo-Twist 9w, 18w, and 36w uv sterilizers?
  131. crud buildup on outlet hose from filter
  132. Collapsing Hoses, Filters, Hose Springs
  133. Rena XP users...please help out
  134. Any1 recommend a return pump brand?
  135. Slowest flow HOB filter for bettas
  136. DIY co2 injector is dangerous lol
  137. I need more flow in 20L
  138. 2217 seems like too much for my 40 breeder, help?
  139. Splitting Co2 line
  140. Red Sea paintball regulator help
  141. Filter for 46gallon
  142. sump/pump help.
  143. I keep breaking the glass co2 diffuser
  144. CO2 needle valves for water?
  145. Co2 distribution in 55g and larger tanks
  146. CO2 regulator advice
  147. Nutrafin "Natural Plant System" experience?
  148. Small powerheads with 90 degree elbows
  149. Splitting Co2 to 2 tanks
  150. Sliding Lid, Concerns
  151. 20lb Co2 tank mistake???
  152. Need CO2 Reactor!
  153. Co2 Help for the Feeble Old Mind
  154. Swagelok metering valves
  155. I need opinions as to if I should get a pressurized co2 setup.
  156. eclipse 2
  157. 20 gallon tank
  158. How do you get air out of the OUTLET hose with Rena XP4 & Rex Reactor?
  159. Ever tried this regulator?
  160. does it matter what direction you install the solenoid?
  161. Not so Quiet One 4000HH
  162. What brand of canister filter do you use?
  163. Penguin Filters...
  164. Whisper in tank filter?
  165. Removing scratches on plastic tank
  166. Removing Algae on Eclipse tank
  167. CO2 Test Kit.
  169. ZooMed 501 tubing diameter?
  170. Best Phospate Test Kit
  171. Save your precious DIY CO2!! will my idea work?
  172. Water changes
  173. Litmus paper?
  174. Cheap Plant Only Tank Recommendations...
  175. 55g perfecto vs aga Frame/Brace
  176. Really low (4.5) ph test kits
  177. Filter problem: Help please ;_;
  178. I need some help installing my Milwaukee pH Controller SMS122
  179. failing rimless tank?
  180. What do you need for pressurized CO2?
  181. Pressurized CO2 set-up
  182. CO2 safe with toddler around?
  183. Aquanetics UV sterilizer Q15IL
  184. How much CO2 should I add?
  185. Co2 Mixture in tank
  186. Where else can I buy an ADA tank?
  187. Filter Question
  188. help me choose a CO2 system for 180g!
  189. anyone have or used a eheim aquaball?
  190. 5/8" disconnect valves?
  191. suggestions on a canister filter for my 60g aquarium.
  192. South Bay, CA nano tanks...
  193. Need Opinion....
  194. CO2 with Sponge filter
  195. Customizing media in Eheim Classic
  196. CO2 Reactor 1000 inline with XP1
  197. Needle Valve
  198. aquarium tool kit
  199. weird attatchment
  200. Which Filstar for 36 gallon bow front?
  201. Diffuser from Ebay - Question
  202. so im looking at this filter...
  203. filter cleaning
  204. Drop Checker
  205. help, eheim canister leaks from powercord opening
  206. Stands and canopies
  207. anyone try this diffuser?
  208. I need help with an regulator
  209. Pump for lifting water with a 12 ft head
  210. hagen co2 ladder?
  211. Diffusing CO2 question
  212. Inexpensive ADA Stand?
  213. Simple Eheim questions
  214. UV sterlizer
  215. Drop Checker
  216. C02 levels too high?
  217. What's my goal with my drop checker color?
  218. Borrow your UV serilizer toronto
  219. How long will a 24oz Co2 bottle last a 14 gal. with 3.7 wpg?
  220. Need some advice
  221. Ph controller, drop checker, GH/KH questions...
  222. Co2
  223. Need help selecting lid support for a DIY canopy project. *PICS*
  224. "Indispensable" Equipment
  225. DIY Co2 Diffuser for DIY Co2 Yeast
  226. Filter for a 29g
  227. Jart's reactor with water change attachment
  228. Autodosing help...
  229. Heater in a kritter keeper?
  230. Lily pipes (inflow/outflow) placement
  231. does anybody have problems with there jager heaters.
  232. Moving an Aquarium in 1 Day
  233. Regulator questions and Reg valve upgrade questions(swagelok)
  234. clippard needle valve inaccurate
  235. Eheim rubber bushings
  236. red sea needle valve and 500 reactor. I got them as a gift. Are they good
  237. What size Filter to buy
  238. perfecto 120
  239. Walmart Tank Kits...
  240. siphon break hole in canister intake?
  241. is this a quality diffuser?
  242. canister
  243. Question about my 150w jager heater.
  244. New Koralia Wave makers
  245. current nova extreme t5 legs
  246. Help! New to CO2 and JBJ regulator/bubble counter
  247. Eheim 2026 leaking - any ideas??
  248. Quick question. Should I leave it on or turn it off (filter/CO2 regulator)
  249. question about eheim wet/dry filter.
  250. CO2 Systems, which is best?