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  1. New Tank
  2. Fluval FX5
  3. Confused on using the filter to diffuse CO2
  4. Canister Filter selection???
  5. PAR meter rental?
  6. How do I remove the needle valve from my Milwaukee regulator and replace with fabco?
  7. Diffuser CO2 and water flow directions
  8. Experienced fish keeper, inexperienced plantkeeper
  9. False gas at the top of reactor
  10. Sumps and maintaining water levels
  11. Filter for a 75g aquarium...
  12. Equipment for New 17g
  13. CO2 BPS question
  14. Electic Shock Question
  15. "Perfect" filter on ebay?
  16. Heater
  17. Old Style Rex Grigg DIY Reactor ??
  18. Cleaning Glass Clover
  19. Eheim 2028, how to replace gasket?
  20. Newbie needs filter recommendation
  21. Anyone seen this kind of Azoo Regulator?
  22. ada mini L setup
  23. Clippard Solenoids
  24. Can you look at my Purigen pic and tell me if it's time to recharge?
  25. Regulator's block
  26. Lilly Pipes
  27. Eheim canister filter
  28. CO2 bottle, regulator, bubble counter...what else?
  29. R/O Filter total noobie.
  30. Can I Connect My Dive Clean Filters to My DIY CO2 Source?
  31. air in my filter, help!
  32. Sealing PVC plumbing safely..
  33. penguin 150B vs 350 in 20gal goldie tank
  34. Powerhead Question
  35. 20 gal noises
  36. Two canisters on one tank
  37. Building a New System for almost 2 years in the making
  38. SunSun canister and DIY CO2
  39. Petco 1$ per gallon sale starts 10-3
  40. Maxi Jet 1100 Noise?
  41. 20 Gallon Long Filter Choice?
  42. Fluval 104
  43. How to get a good idea of what your flow rate is
  44. Has any one seen this little diffuser
  45. sponge filter setup
  46. Ideal needle valve - can't speed up bubble rate
  47. Quiet HOB
  48. In need of a "T" fitting and another needle valve
  49. Eheim 2213 leaking from top near one of the clips?!
  50. DIY Tank Plans
  51. confused about co2... is ph regulator needed?
  52. Carbon Filtration
  53. Thoughts on water flow?
  54. co2 injection: in progress
  55. First time CO2
  56. Are CO2 Tanks Dangerous to Operate?
  57. Eheim leaking
  58. input on quitting my wet/dry system
  59. Need Help Inject CO2 in a 400 gallon Aquarium!!
  60. Best Heater for the Fluval Edge 6gal??
  61. Water coming out of the tank makes loud noise...
  62. Testing for CO2 cylinders
  63. Purigen in Eheim Ecco
  64. Good place of a difusser and such....not a head shop though
  65. Leaking MarineLand C-360... Help
  66. glass cover needed if I buy a canopy?
  67. My Review: Odyssea CFS 500 Filter
  68. Clippard Solenoid question
  69. Nu-Clear Canister Filter ??
  70. Problem with magnum HOT 250
  71. Eheim ecco filter problems, help!
  72. Almost all CO2 leaked out of my tank and into my house last night!
  73. Regulator
  74. Black vinyl pond tubing
  75. Help with paint!
  76. Anyone using a Little Giant Pump? 3MDQSC
  77. calculating energy usage
  78. SunSun HW-304A Media capacity
  80. CO2 glass diffuser question for DIY setups.
  81. Yet another equipment issue...
  82. Reactor issues
  83. Drop checker
  84. Eheim maintenance schedule
  85. I think my needle valve is defective...set it to 1.6 bps, now it's 1.9 two days later
  86. best small aquarium heater
  87. Pond Pump on a Fish Tank
  88. Using Eheim 2217 to difusse CO2?
  89. Drop checker green 24/7
  90. filtration advice needed
  91. Solenoid
  92. Co2 Injection W/ A HOB-Surface Agitation
  93. surface agitation help
  94. CO2 Regulator setting
  95. Filter recomendations
  96. DIY Co2 system
  97. Filters for 100 gallon tank
  98. Strip Light
  99. Micromatic Regulator
  100. Is this regulator ok?
  101. what model solenoid
  102. SCORE! co2
  103. 50 or 55 gallon in san diego
  104. co2 regulator
  105. Rimless tank hood
  106. Anyone know anything about purewaterclub RO units? Any good?
  107. Undergravel Heater in HOB Filter?
  108. Thinking CO2
  109. Good filters in the UK?
  110. light upgrade for eclipse 12
  111. Help with drop checker
  112. External pump and canister filter
  113. Eheim canister filter motor worn out
  114. Bubble counter liquid
  115. Signs that you need a higher flow rate
  116. Bubble filters
  117. Is it common for heaters to fail and cook your fish?
  118. Co2 Diffusion
  119. Timimg Co2
  120. what size pump do you run on your tank
  121. loc-line system leaks
  122. Which co2 setup should i get?
  123. Canisters that do micro filtration
  124. 75g filter question
  125. A canister for my 95 gal, a little help,please.
  126. Eheim Set Up Help
  127. Making Victor VTS 250D CO2 compatible?
  128. Dose Eheim ecco 2232 work for 20G Long?
  129. What are the symptoms of a worn-out O-ring?
  130. I hate my Eheim Ecco-Replacement options?
  131. How to reduce bubbles from drains sump. Help..
  132. Was just cruising Calalina's site and found these two intriguing lights for nanos
  133. reverse over flow?
  134. Water Test Kit
  135. What's wrong with 2217... this time?
  136. Help setting up my first pressurized CO2 system
  137. Eheim media
  138. 2 Canisters on a 75...where do you put intakes/returns?
  139. Removing scratches from a glass tank
  140. is my new heater too powerful?
  141. Canister Filter for 33 gallon
  142. Eheim bushing... where's this go?
  143. Standard c02 setup for 480L/125G
  144. Regulators--What do i look for?
  145. Adjusting working pressure on Azoo Reg.
  146. What co2 setup should i get?
  147. Biological media for fluval405
  148. Eheim canister filter ?'s
  149. Should i or Should i not Inject/DIY Co2
  150. Filing a drop checker?
  151. Has anyone used this type of CO2 regulator?
  152. Good filter for a 15g tall
  153. Air pumps that last more than one year
  154. Question on Eheim 2013
  155. Pressurized CO2 and drop checker question
  156. Stealth heater poped
  157. Lighting for Fluval Edge
  158. Eheim Pro 3, 2073 for 55g ?
  159. Cheaper Eheim Parts?
  160. Ebay UP Aqua Drop Checker
  161. What do you use for your return inside the tank?
  162. Split co2- 1 tank
  163. Tank Weight
  164. Transporting/carrying CO2 cylinders?
  165. Canister filter and external reactor
  166. High output eheim?
  167. Filter Media
  168. GLA tanks VS. ADA tanks
  169. Rena Filters
  170. RO set up help
  171. Need Help With CO2 Fittings
  172. Theres a snail in my Drop Checker!!..
  173. a nifty new CO2 setup!
  174. help were can i buy replacement eheim cannister casing ?
  175. Am I going to catch my house on fire?
  176. Calibrated pH meter gives differant meter than chemical test kits
  177. choosing Filter
  178. Co2 solenoid thread size
  179. help on manifold with Milwaukee Co2 Regulator
  180. Feeding, UV Sterilizers, and stuff?
  181. i need to split co2 output into 2 tanks
  182. Demagnetized Eheim impeller causing low flow?
  183. Need Help On Online Store
  184. 'ultimate' regulator from Aquarium
  185. where to buy t-5 bulbs for a good $
  186. Co2 leak questions
  187. Pollen Glass disk leaking?
  188. CO2 questions - how long does a tank last?
  189. Can you Recommend a CO2 Unit?
  190. Good filter for planted with fish
  191. Eheim priming problem
  192. Thermometer?
  193. Hydor Theo owners please help.
  194. Co2 Timing
  195. What kind of threads are on this swagelok?
  196. RO or RODI or None?
  197. ADA vs. GLA glass clarity
  198. regulator guage replacement?
  199. canister filter, priming trouble... ??
  200. What are the dimensions of the Rena Filstar foam pads?
  201. Eheim 2215 and 2217 on 90 gallon
  202. Solenoid or not?
  203. Drop checker fluid?
  204. Question on straying regulator pressure
  205. Purigen Storm!
  206. Cleaning Glass
  207. Cheesecloth + zip ties instead of foam for filter...
  208. Reactor setup question.
  209. Eheim 2217 - flow or floss?
  210. CO2 Tubing?
  211. Check valve?
  212. Should I strip & clean after Columnaris?
  213. Hpw do you guys vacuum between the densley planted plants??
  214. Poret Foam
  215. Water movement for nano
  216. PAR meters
  217. heating making clicking sound?
  218. Eheim 2217 Setup
  219. clearance items
  220. Cost in your area for Co2
  221. Eheim 2213 o ring
  222. Regulator Parts
  223. Before i buy one..
  224. Red sea turbo co2 bio
  225. Time to "go" Eheim
  226. Co2 setup - is it right?
  227. hydor eth inline heater question
  228. New Filter Recommendations
  229. HOT Magnum 250 Hum
  230. Planning for Co2
  231. Getting a co2 tank.
  232. Newb question about splitting Co2
  233. my heater is bumming me out
  234. Solution in drop checker?
  235. A Question of Filter or Filters...
  236. keep CO2 running 24/7?
  237. My root doesn't sinks??
  238. Eheim 2260 worried about flooding house
  239. Vornado Zippi fan: A great product!
  240. 10g shrimp tank
  241. diy co2 liquid getting in tank
  242. Eheim classic vs. Ecco pro vs. hydor sponge V
  243. No valve downstream from a UV Sterilzer?
  244. Where can I find the Eheim Ecco Pro line in America?
  245. Tap Water Filter for Co2 Reactor
  246. Diffusing co2 with a canister filter.
  247. In need of filter advice
  248. Eheim 2213
  249. G/F gave me the go ahead for a rimless
  250. In line drop checker?