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: Equipment

  1. Rio+ 50 is noisy!
  2. Eheim pro 2
  3. Broke my Eheim 2213 impeller shaft
  4. Help finishing Co2 reactor build
  5. Co2 regulator issues...
  6. painting a titanium heater?
  7. Cad Lights 4g Freshwater
  8. Which should I get? Only found the following CO2 Regulators
  9. Filter Question
  10. Paintball CO2
  11. Canister Filters
  12. Green leaf diffuser blowing out bubble counter water!
  13. pH Probe in Fluval Spec V Pump Chamber
  14. Help Using A Internal Mini-Filter as Co2 Diffuser
  15. Installing In Line Glass Bubble Counter
  16. surface skimmer question?
  17. Help me make an inline PVC probe holder/grip!
  18. Which Water to Use?
  19. Which TDS meter are you using?
  20. Low pH test
  21. seachem matrix bio best ?
  22. Finding a mysterious leak in filter...
  23. Purchased used Eheim filter and have questions
  24. eheim 2217 media arrangement.
  25. Eheim 2215 impellet in a 2217?
  26. Lid brackets/clips 8mm
  27. Best fully setup CO2 kit?
  28. Which Eheim for 25g?
  29. GLA tanks?
  30. Is this tank stand going to collapse?
  31. CO2 Splitter/manifold
  32. Aquatek
  33. Test kit too old??????
  34. Best way to establish pH values for controller
  35. Using Eden 501 on ADA Mini L
  36. Bioload too heavy for a sponge filter?
  37. CO2 System Question
  38. filter impeller o ring
  39. Fluval bypass?
  40. Breed box
  41. Need compression fitting and PVC tee
  42. canister filter and siphon pressure
  43. Silly co2 question
  44. What piece of equipment does this plastic piece connect to? Powerhead?
  45. regulator became submerged!
  46. Umm.. What's this I found in my prefilter?
  47. Umm..what's this I found in my prefilter?
  48. Best check valves
  49. Co2 Reactor
  50. 20 gallon long
  51. Don't know how to fit my fugeray :/
  52. Grounded Timers
  53. Bubble counter fluid in tank?!?
  54. Lighting Recommendations
  55. The Basics?
  56. Best place for co2 reactor?
  57. G3 on a Mini-M?
  58. Vortex Diatom Filter XL
  59. Heater for 20gallon long
  60. Heating packs
  61. SunSun302 Canisters for a 75g
  62. ebay heaters
  63. Surface skimmer installation
  64. 55 Gallon Tank & Lily Pipes
  65. Desk Safe to Use For Riparium?
  66. best 25 watt heater?
  67. CO2 not shutting off...
  68. Help, noisy CPR overflow
  69. Refill CO2 tank in Bay Area (San Jose)
  70. Red Sea CO2 Indicator
  71. pH Probe - Issues? Advice? Answers?
  72. Ro Filter, what to buy???
  73. Eheim 2217 or 2073?
  74. Buying new Tank Need help picking size 40b or 50
  75. big tankers! I need your input
  76. Glass Versa-Top blocking light?
  77. Used Eheim 2215
  78. Second gauge on regulator does not reset when not connected.
  79. CO2 Tech Info
  80. Interesting Inexpensive CO2 Rig
  81. Low tech filtration upgrade?
  82. Fluval 306 in 55g tank?
  83. Q re: Eheim 2075 in 70g
  84. I need a cheap powerful filter for my 20l
  85. ?? Glass Polish
  86. Finnex shipping
  87. Paintball Tank Dropped
  88. What do you put in your filter?
  89. A CO2 system
  90. Cerges' style reactor on a by-pass manifold
  91. SUNSUN HW-304B and Aquatop CF500UV
  92. Looking for new canister filter
  93. Perfect size tank? 12G long or other...
  94. Hagen Mini Elite vs. Red Sea Nano HOB
  95. ADA stand height?
  96. Petco bookshelf tank smell bad!
  97. Freshly planted 75g, New to plants and co2
  98. Atomic Inline CO2 Diffuser?
  99. Tom's (Rapid's) mini canister filter
  100. 55 Gallon Water Flow
  101. C02 with solenoid shut off
  102. needle valve
  103. Odd Co2 Question
  104. Need help with Clippard/Swagelok check valves
  105. Correct Size: ADA Lilly Pipe(s)?
  106. Converting Salt Ehiem filter to Fresh Ehiem filter -- help please
  107. I need co2 help BIGTIME. Oh god what did I do wrong?
  108. 12 gallon long in canada?
  109. Bio-Balls in a canister filter?
  110. single stage vs double stage regulators
  111. The merits of UV sterilization
  112. Photometers/Colorimeters
  113. Lower iron, non rimless aquariums?
  114. Buying a used co2 system. Need your help
  115. Questions about RO System
  116. Large co2 bubbles from DIY Cerges style reactor
  117. Fish tank addiction?!
  118. diagonal sump mattenfilter?
  119. What is a good filter for a 10g betta tank?
  120. 1st Planted Help?
  121. Aquarium Stand
  122. Fluval U Series Underwater Filters
  123. Good single stage regulator?
  124. UV Sterilizer
  125. Pre-filter for Lily Pipes
  126. Help getting mineral oil into glass drop checker
  127. Extruded Carbon vs Granular Activated Carbon
  128. Turtle Tank for plants
  129. Cheap/better alternatives to Bromo blue for pH
  130. permaseal fell apart..
  131. finnex/ via aqua titanium heaters?
  132. Best CO2 Diffuser
  133. hagen elite mini filter - fry and baby shrimp safe?
  134. 12+ year old co2 tank
  135. Green Leaf atomic diffuser questions!
  136. Drop Checker Color? Am I doing this right?
  137. Good priced drop checker
  138. Is this a good regulator?
  139. Eheim hose connector
  140. 75 low-tech setup?
  141. Need an air pump!
  142. Aquatek PB Regulator Review
  143. Filter media
  144. Cracked bubble counter...???
  145. Cutting back flow of Eheim 2217
  146. Fluval 306 Spray Bar
  147. scissors
  148. filter pad recommendation
  149. Setting up a 20l and have some equipment questions
  150. Does 'new' EHEIM Classic Canisters come with the Installation Kits?
  151. Powerhead for Circulation and CO2 distribution
  152. Where to get a bubble counter locally?
  153. Question about the Flore Active CO2 Reactor
  154. Inline heater + eHeim Filter. Placement of heater?
  155. Anyone ever use the Dici mini two stage regulators?
  156. Question about GLA atomic co2 diffuser sizes.
  157. Where to get cheaper, effective light?
  158. Co2 Reg
  159. Magnum 350
  160. eheim class VS. Fluval filter 206
  161. Aquaclear hob filter baskets.
  162. What should I put in my bubble counter? Water or something else?
  163. Any place sides dicks or sport authority to refill paint ball canister?
  164. Filter for Q-Tank
  165. Sponge filter for my Finnex px360
  166. Max Mix co2 barb size
  167. Anyone using the ISTA CO2 45g Cartriage System
  168. So, the Aqua Clear has officially died...what filter to get?
  169. Rena Filstar XP on a 55 gallon?
  170. Eheim Liberty 200
  171. Nonexistant tank...
  172. Co2 sealing problems.
  173. GFCI question
  174. can't get my co2 up
  175. Advice on how to remove rim from a 3g please.
  176. Tetra heater fried my fish!
  177. fluval co2 mini system
  178. Cracked regulator gauge
  179. SOLVED: CyberPower UPS + Rena XP3 (XP-L) = No Good?
  180. Having trouble with a Fluval 105
  181. Cleaning chrome plated regulators
  182. Chrome plated regulators
  183. Paint in the aquarium
  184. Filter Question
  185. Co2 diffuser types
  186. If you had $200.00 that could only be used for equipment what would you buy?
  187. Acrylic Pipe Question
  188. Where can I find a 5g long aquarium?
  189. Off the wall DYI CO2 reactor idea
  190. ADA Cube Garden 60-F High Clarity Glass tank
  191. better equipment
  192. T Valve on co2?
  193. "Valve" for diy co2
  194. Rinsing filter floss in tap water - enough chlorine to cause a problem?
  195. Chrome plated fittings
  196. Eheim 3 professional (2075) problem
  197. penetrating thread sealer?
  198. CO2 Needs for Low Light Setup?
  199. Tank Identification and Overflow Removal
  200. Brass fittings - how loose/tight
  201. Replacing Power Filter
  202. Whisper 60 on Amazon for 21 bucks!
  203. Emergency Filter
  204. Dual or triple co2 manifold
  205. CO2 Diffuser
  206. Thinking of doing CO2
  207. Which PPI Poret For Wet / Dry Prefilter?
  208. Where to buy a good and LARGE tank?
  209. Can i trust this regulator?
  210. One website and one app for aquarium calculations
  211. Substrate dividers
  212. Lily Pipes
  213. Advice for GLA CO2 regulator kit
  214. Is Hydor the only game in town?
  215. Fluval 306 versus AC110
  216. Help! Atomic Bubble Counter not working
  217. GLA Atomic Paintball CO2 Regulator to CGA320?
  218. Need advise. What is the most ideal equip. to use for my new 40 gallon planted tank.
  219. High To Low Light Transition
  220. CO2 Paintball Kit - First Timer
  221. PH Drop Post Canister Filter
  222. 20lb Aluminum Co2 Tank
  223. RO/DI to remove chlorine
  224. Solenoid wiring and manifold mount swap...
  225. Horizontal power strip? Timers with plug on bottom?
  226. Need an opinion
  227. Is my co2 being diffused properly?
  228. Spraybar and co2 distribution
  229. directional clippard solenoid?
  230. Inflow/Outflow for ADA 45p
  231. any website sells flat bottom steel co2 tank?
  232. Drilling 10G tanks
  233. Air pump for running a few tanks
  234. Dosing pumps
  235. Co2 Help
  236. Aquaclear for 29 gallon
  237. Milwaukee MA957 bubble counter
  238. Help Me Choose A Diffuser (Noise Related)
  239. First Time Pressurized CO2 setup
  240. Co2 Reactor
  241. $18.00 to exchange 5lb c02 tank. Is this too much?
  242. Which Eheim?
  243. Ista Max Mix Co2 Reactor
  244. Effect of Cutting DIY CO2 off temporarily
  245. 3 canister filters and 2 intakes.
  246. Surface skimmer for a shallow tank
  247. Surge Protector for heater
  248. Does DIY co2 smell??
  249. Is there consensus on co2 in the filter intake?
  250. Who else saw the Fluval C series HOB and thought...