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: Shrimp & Other Invertebrates

  1. Shrimp Deaths and Copper Poisoning?
  2. What breed of Apple snail do I have ?
  3. Breeding Pure white CRS
  4. What is DNZ
  5. Nerite snail problems! HELP!
  6. Orange Sakura Shrimp laying on back. Need help.
  7. Death trap for RCS, please help!
  8. Dead shrimp a problem?
  9. ADA amazonia substrate ok for neos?
  10. Bamboo shrimp for new tank
  11. we got babies
  12. Shrimp in the return flow?
  13. how many shrimp in a 4 gallon nano?
  14. Are snails really pests?
  15. What little creatures am I raising today
  16. Amano shrimp compatibility questions
  17. Snails
  18. How long does it take for shrimp to breed? (rcs)
  19. What kind of snail is this ?
  20. HELP! 6 month shrimp tank of slow deaths
  21. Fert dosing with shrimp Questions
  22. High Gh/Kh
  23. Losing RCS
  24. Is this a male crs?
  25. Lost another shrimp... could cories be getting aggressive?
  26. Snail Wars
  27. Shrimp dying
  28. What's the black spot in cherry shrimp?
  29. Do You really need specific substrate for Neocardinia?
  30. Show your shrimp!!!
  31. New colony
  32. Strange bug in shrimp tank...
  33. Lethargic shrimp help
  34. tangerine tiger shrimp
  35. Mystery Snail trouble
  36. CRS going crazy
  37. Missing celestial pearl danios
  38. How to set up quick tank for bee shrimp
  39. Shrimp identification
  40. shrimp & 5 gallon tank
  41. Shrimp on life support... should I pull the plug?
  42. anyone with have experience with pom pom crabs?
  43. Weird offspring of CRS
  44. Do You really need RO water and buffering substrate?
  45. Crawdaddy
  46. Scuds
  47. Will cherry shrimp breed in caridinia tank?
  48. CRS requirements?
  49. Can I Keep different Red Cherry Shrimp variants together if they are all females?
  50. Need help identifying a shrimp, bought as neocaridina sp.
  51. Best grade RCS?
  52. Ellobiopsidae
  53. Unknown Snail, needs ID
  54. How long til snail eggs hatch and they lay again?
  55. Breeding tank 6.6g
  56. What to do with snails with planaria treatment?
  57. Started a CRS Tank :smile2:
  58. Shrimp Keeper Survey!
  59. Amano shrimp when to add
  60. Plan to get rid of scuds in shrimp tank, please advise
  61. Last night Cory said..
  62. Eco-complete substrate, opinion
  63. Best vendors for Red Rili shrimp
  64. How to set up quick quarantine tank
  65. Will Amanos eat RCShrimplets?
  66. Treating for Scutariella - Snails?
  67. Help in changing Tap Water Tank To RO/DI
  68. Insect Larvae in tank
  69. Pond snails attack
  70. Red Cherry Shrimp failing to molt after a month?
  71. Why do we hate snails?
  72. amano shrimp huddling/hiding together
  73. Help With GH in Shrimp Tank
  74. Juvie RCS acting strange
  75. Do I need a heater for my shrimp to breed?
  76. How to reverse hybrid shrimp to original
  77. help with shrimp
  78. Large temperature fluctuation?
  79. Red cherry shrimp death
  80. Food induced color changing shrimp
  81. Desperately trying to figure out why shrimp keep dying
  82. almond cattapa leaves safe dosage?
  83. Neo chlorine sensitivity
  84. shrimp ID?
  85. Mysterious white things on glass?
  86. What's wrong with my Amano shrimp?
  87. Could I add Shrimp to a Fish Based Tank?
  88. 4 Months in and Shrimp are not breeding?
  89. Pre-Mixing Bacter AE for Shrimp (Neos)
  90. Shrimp breeding by accident
  91. Got 6 Bloody Mary Shrimp
  92. Are these Nerite eggs?
  93. Spec V Heater type:
  94. From a pet store "specialist"
  95. Fresh water limpets
  96. Shrimp dying, need help.
  97. Help me start a CRS tank
  98. How to re-do neos tank for caridinia
  99. Where to buy adult Amano shrimp?
  100. Black diamond blasting sand for shrimp tank info
  101. Fenbendazole and pond snails
  102. RCS in a bowl?
  103. Breeding Amano Shimp "The Trial"
  104. Rabbit Snail Climbing out of water?
  105. Anyone keep Harlequin Rasboras with low grade shrimp?
  106. Fiddler Crabs
  107. which online sellers to avoid?
  108. Mini Rabbit Snails
  109. Aggressive CRS
  110. Red Cherry Parameters
  111. Aphids in aquarium: reporting the craziest thing I have ever seen in an aquarium
  112. Need help identify this floating plant
  113. do You really need Salty Shrimp for minerals?
  114. Green Fungus on Shrimp
  115. Lava Snail Shell discoloration
  116. Fertilizers and Shrimp
  117. Raising new broods from mixed lines
  118. How do happy shrimp look like
  119. Do You really need a heatpack in Springtime?
  120. How to increase my TDS for my shrimp
  121. Help identifying this
  122. Snails and cycling a tank
  123. housing Tigers succes anyone?
  124. Dead RCS or molt?
  125. Moving berried crs to a warmer rcs tank
  126. Need help identifying small like creature in my shrimp tank
  127. Which type of water testing kit to use for shrimp?
  128. acceptable GH levels for CPO
  129. rcs vs amano size
  130. mixing neos
  131. Genchem Polytase
  132. Amano's with weird growths
  133. Difficulty telling if dark colored shrimp is saddled or berried?
  134. Is my ghost shrimp dying or molting?
  135. Effects of not culling rcs.
  136. Brand new to Shrimping...
  137. Compare your snails?
  138. My first attempt at setting up a shrimp tank
  139. Amano's keep eating dhg
  140. best substrate/soil for Neocaridnia?
  141. Saving Berries
  142. Yellow Tangerine Tigers???
  143. WC with shrimp
  144. Kuhli loach, assassin snail and red cherry shrimp dilemma
  145. Planaria bait
  146. Mixing high-grade red with Bloody Mary neocaridina?
  147. Cholla INSANE Ph drop
  148. What type of shrimp? & RCS sex?
  149. Mystery snail murdering nerites
  150. Breeding red rili and super red cherries
  151. Swimmerets - problem
  152. Snails and DIY Background
  153. Amano vs rcs
  154. Advice for a first timer
  155. What are these?
  156. Neos slowly dying, don't know why
  157. Amano destroying dhg
  158. Cycle problem/question
  159. Snail cracked shell. Can anyone give me advice?
  160. Shrimp dead within 30 min of being added to tank
  161. CPO or p. Clarkii
  162. Almost all of my shrimp died overnight.
  163. Water change how much % community tank
  164. Mystery Snails (Illinois)
  165. Neocaridina KH and GH limits
  166. Looking for tiger shrimp
  167. Witnessed something interesting with a RCS
  168. Co2 and shrimp
  169. Feeding a Fishless Cycle / Establishing Shrimp Colony
  170. Sexing Cherry Shrimp
  171. Mixing cherry grades
  172. ShrimpFever Canada to US
  173. Best Online Invert Store
  174. Columnaris and Snails
  175. Cajun Dwarf Crayfish Care
  176. When to add more shrimp and fish
  177. Shrimp Blood Worms ADF
  178. How do you kill all shrimp and snails?
  179. Shrimp eating Corycat food
  180. Mating mystery snails?
  181. Strange Growths on Mystery Snails. What The Snail?
  182. how to raise big colony of RCS
  183. Male or female RCS?
  184. Neocaridina tank mates
  185. Mystery Snails With Strange Growths
  186. Neocaridina and Cycling
  187. Tank stocking
  188. Infestation of Tiny Snails
  189. Fire Red Cull?
  190. White spot on RCS
  191. Would a single female fiddler crab be miserable alone in her own tank?
  192. How do you clean the sand in a fiddler crab tank?
  193. Breeding Red Rilis and Carbon Rilis
  194. Please help grade my shrimps
  195. Sulfur Water
  196. rabbit snails?
  197. Help, tiny worms!
  198. Breeding population of shrimp to sustain a semi-aggressive community?
  199. Remineralizer
  200. How many RCS in a 5 gallon
  201. ATM Colony
  202. mixing CRS with CRS offspring?
  203. API Quick Start for RCS
  204. New to RCS
  205. Nerite Snail Eggs?
  206. Worm?
  207. Hitchhiker Shrimp
  208. shipping shrimp with no heatpack, emergency
  209. A little help: Switched to DI Water and KH goes up?
  210. my guess is to avoid imported shrimp?
  211. Where to get shrimp
  212. My new critters
  213. Are pest snails inevitable?
  214. Why Are My Shrimp Dying?!
  215. Nerite snail started growing after 3 years
  216. What is it?
  217. Worm ID
  218. Will H202 harm shrimp and snails?
  219. how many shrimp You really need to start colony?
  220. Shrimp + LFS = Sadness
  221. Yellow Shrimp sp, ID, caridinia?
  222. Babaulti / Rainbow Shrimp
  223. Acclimatising Shrimp
  224. SA inverts?
  225. Snails and PH
  226. selective breeding RCS results
  227. best LFS to buy dwarf shrimp in NYC
  228. Hydras, Shrimps, and a whole lot of copepods
  229. Hydra growing on shrimp whiskers
  230. prep tank for tiger shrimp
  231. Spirogyra Algea problem in shrimp tank
  232. TDS struggle
  233. Snail ID.. (thanks for your time)
  234. snails
  235. orange dwarf crayfish change color
  236. Amano shrimps left the aquarium.
  237. Amano shrimp confuses excel dose for food and gets a face full of it.
  238. Green fungus under cherry shrimp
  239. how to get better coloration of cherry shrimp
  240. Largest "neat" fish you can keep with shrimp?
  241. Lowering PH
  242. Snail ID help
  243. Glossostigma elatinoides in shrimp tank?
  244. Are these ghost or amano shrimps?
  245. tips for keeping red cherry with tigers
  246. We have a berried amano!
  247. Moving shrimp temporarily
  248. Cherry shrimp weird behavior
  249. Leopard Tiger Shrimp (Caridina rubropunctata)
  250. SL Aqua Cycling Method Questions