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: Shrimp & Other Invertebrates

  1. Ghost Shrimp
  2. Hydra in shrimp tank
  3. getting rid of flatworms in cherry tank?
  4. Finally success! Baby RCS
  5. Higher Grade CRS Question
  6. Ghost shrimp at the bait shop
  7. Canadian Cherry Shrimp anybody?
  8. warning on root tabs in shrimp tanks.
  9. red cherries with white clouds and a betta?
  10. Shrimp Community tank
  11. Blue shrimp -.-
  12. CRS and bristlenoses?
  13. red chery shrimp versus red tail shark
  14. Vent: Minced RCS.
  15. I call her Big Red...
  16. ShrimpTank, does this work??
  17. Small Plecos and shrimp?
  18. Finally! Baby RCS!!!
  19. Ordered some Low Grade CRS last night (They are HERE! (56k))
  20. Crystal Red Bee Shrimp
  21. Is anti-parasite fish food safe for RCS?
  22. Setting up Cherry Shrimp Tank
  23. Chances of actually breeding new shrimp line?
  24. Anyone here have luck breeding amano shrimp?
  25. What shrimp do you have? What shrimp do you want?
  26. ?Question?
  27. Anyone shipping shrimp in winter to New England ?
  28. Curious about shrimpkeeping - to care for plants?
  29. trouble breeding RCS
  30. Please help with my shrimp questions
  31. What the best compromise in water quality?
  32. Case of the missing shrimp solved!
  33. Who's the best internet vendor for shrimp? I'm interested!
  34. FYI - Clown Loaches and Flower Shrimp
  35. Shrimp don't need plants?
  36. Do all shrimp hide? Or just Amanos?
  37. How many?
  38. Is this normal for CHS?
  39. Cherries w/ Angels and Rainbows - certain death?
  40. Cories, Loaches with shrimp
  41. The other mexican dwarf crayfish - C. montezumae
  42. sponge filter: is it noisy?
  43. RCS just had Babies!
  44. vampire shrimp?
  45. Some questions about shrimps and snails
  46. I'm paranoid about water changed!
  47. Asian fan shrimp life expectancy?
  48. CRS grading Chart
  49. Black Shrimp!
  50. Why did my Amano shrimp turn blue?
  51. Are shrimp for me?
  52. Multiple shrimp species at LFS
  53. CRS Gender?
  54. Viagra in the shrimp tank?
  55. Black Cherry!
  56. Risk of crossing Bee and CRS?
  57. Introducing shrimp to tank
  58. Just got it tonite
  59. Dwarf crayfish - C. puer
  60. New photos of My CRS colony
  61. identify this shrimp:)))
  62. CRS + Cherry Shrimp?
  63. CRS in Hardwater (Update with photos)
  64. Plant Fertilizer and Cherry Shrimp
  65. Decent price for low grade CRS?
  66. Big Planted Tank Shrimp order?
  67. Is it normal for Ghost shrimp to...?
  68. Toxic algae or fungus??
  69. Cherry Shrimp Question
  70. Molting and exoskeletons
  71. My Crystal red and Black diamond shrimp
  72. does color of substrate effect color of cherries?
  73. Shrimp + high CO2
  74. Keeping African Dwarf Frogs with RCS
  75. Water changes with shrimp
  76. red cherry info
  77. Bala sharks and shrimp?
  78. Possible tutorial on grading CRS?
  79. Shrimp ID
  80. Tank of Death
  81. singapore/wood/bamboo shrimp
  82. Which shrimp are best suited to my tank?
  83. How many Amanos for a 20 gallon?
  84. How about this for a breeding tank??
  85. Do you want this shrimp for you planted tank?
  86. Blue Shrimps
  87. 4ft SS grade Crystal Red shrimp Tank
  88. How about these tank mates?
  89. Bee Shrimp, Who has them? Where did you get them?
  90. hatching amanos
  91. Why me?
  92. Check the ingredients list of what you feed shrimp.
  93. Share my CRS babies
  94. How do you catch your shrimp?
  95. My new CRS
  96. What Shrimp for Open Tank
  97. Safe KH and GH levels for shrimp
  98. Do You Often See Your Amano Shrimps?
  99. Shipping shrimp in breather bags
  100. CRS Grade and offspring question
  101. I'm a shrimp-Daddy!
  102. Finally!! Baby CRS Photos!!
  103. Help with filter please
  104. powerheads in shrimp tank
  105. Breeding "other" shrimp
  106. How much do the lower grade CRS cost?
  107. Cherry shrimp right for me?
  108. CRS + Amano?
  109. best filter for a 22 liters tank
  110. Water Conditioners. Do I Need Ones That Detoxify Heavy Metal?
  111. New CRS
  112. Crystal Red Shrimp Are Overrated
  113. I hate seeing dead shrimps.
  114. Shrimp Running on a Treadmill
  115. new to shrimp, questions, compatible fish?
  116. New Movies!! My Baby CRS!!
  117. cherry shrimp for 10g
  118. Molting Injury to Cherry Shrimp
  119. wanna buy shrimpies!
  120. cherry shrimp disappeared?????
  121. amonia remover needed?
  122. Tiger shrimp?
  123. Are the tankmates eating the shrimps?
  124. What they are eating?
  125. Aquaclear amonia remover insert...
  126. Eggs, now what?
  127. Keeping Cherry Shrimps. Please Check To See If I'm Doing It Right
  128. CRS Photos & Movies to share with you!!
  129. PH and Cherries
  130. need more diversity for my cherries
  131. What Does It Mean When...
  132. Hot Red-head looking for man to start a family with!
  133. Breeding CRS?
  134. what type of shrimp is this
  135. Cherries and nitrate
  136. My shrimp.
  137. First pregnant CRS!
  138. Want to keep and breed cherry shrimp
  139. Cherry Shrimp Breeding and Filter Question
  140. proud poppa of Cherry Shrimp
  141. Just scored my first CRS!!!
  142. Cherry Shrimps Tank Just Went Down The Drain
  143. Shrimp, water changes, and fertilizer
  144. dwarfed shrimp(ish) critters -add limestone or cuttlebone?
  145. Training for the shrimp-lympics
  146. Ghost shrimp?
  147. What kind of fish do you have with your CS?
  148. Tank of death...
  149. New Caridina Species found!! "Caridina spongicola"
  150. Hurry! which tank?!
  151. Too many shrimp! Help!
  152. 20 gallon shrimp tank
  153. RCS questions
  154. battery of shrimps takns-30 liter is ok?
  155. Easiest Shrimp to Raise?
  156. max number in 40-50 liters
  157. c02 and shrimp-need advice!
  158. red ram snails
  159. Tank mates for Shrimp?
  160. Red ONLY!!!!
  161. Killer shrimp?
  162. Cherry Shrimp QuestionS
  163. red crystal in pH 7.5
  164. Cambarellus patzcuarensis(dwarf cray) pictures
  165. blue buddha-hybrid or pure?
  166. List Of Other Shrimp Sights
  167. Cherries more secretive than Amanos?
  168. amano shrimp
  169. breeding
  170. shrimp born from the dead
  171. Will These Cherry Shrimps Color Up?
  172. My Crs (p.2 updated)
  173. New Pics (56k beware)
  174. Any Idea??
  175. Cross breeding likely in a 55g shrimp tank?
  176. Hawaiian Red Shrimp - Domestic Breeder?
  177. Shrimp in an open topped tank
  178. my ghost shrimp have bred
  179. Ghost shrimp slowly dying
  180. RCS Dropping Eggs
  181. Blue Shrimp breeding color true **NEW PHOTOS**
  182. Omega One veggie rounds
  183. Ghost Shrimp turning white?
  184. Talk about nice CRS! SSS
  185. shrimps & leafzone plantfood
  186. Amano shrimp gets new name
  187. Brown Japonicas?
  188. Low Tech Nano Cherry tank-lighting?
  189. Tank bred Amanos feeding movie
  190. Filter for 18 gal hex
  191. New Shrimp Available in UK
  192. New grade A CRS
  194. My CRS Laid Eggs (Photo)!!!
  195. what kind of plants do cherry shrimps like?
  196. minimum size tank for Cherry Shrimp
  197. My CRS tank.....
  198. Just lost 75% of my Ghost Shrimp in 4 hours. Ideas?
  199. cherry shrimp with green eggs
  200. Barbs with Cherry Shrimp?
  201. Shortage of Ghost Shrimp?
  202. 160+ Amano jeuveniles movie!!!
  203. Cannibal cherries?
  204. Ninja Shrimp
  205. seachem ferts and red crystal
  206. Cherry Shrimp in SE Michigan
  207. Anyone with Vampire shrimp in North America?
  208. where to buy tiger shrimp
  209. What happened to
  210. Successful Amano breeding
  211. Crs Food
  212. Anyone use iodine?
  213. A little shrimpy question just for fun!
  214. Loaches and shrimp
  215. Help my shrimps!!
  216. How to clean??
  217. Sawa Kani
  218. I may be a shrimp "dad" soon.
  219. ID Please!
  220. New to shrimp, whats the difference?? I am confused!
  221. How many shrimps in a 5gallon?
  222. Attack of the killer bees (baby pics)
  223. Bonehead move
  224. Finally!!!!!! Got some CRS (UK)!! (Photos)
  225. dwarf crayfish eating fish
  226. Best Suited Plants for Shrimp?
  227. Best shrimp to start with???
  228. Pregnant Black Red Cherry Shrimp!
  229. pregnant amano shrimp
  230. Cherry shrimp lifespan ?'s
  231. 70 liter shrimp tank with fertilization
  232. The Bees have bred
  233. Werid Things!
  234. Shrimp Compatibility
  235. Crs
  236. Ghost Shrimp Pics
  237. CRS Question??
  238. Shrimp Control
  239. My Amano laid eggs (Photos)!!!!!!
  240. Tiger Barbs with Shrimp?
  241. Japonic Shrimp --- Requesting info
  242. hybrid shrimp
  243. midget green shrimp
  244. ghost shrimp survive against odds!
  245. New Extreme Macro Snails Photos (many)!!
  246. Mixing shrimp and breeding?
  247. shrimp ID plz :)
  248. Heatwave Killed my Tigers!!!
  249. One month ago I had about 80 cherry shrimp, now 15.
  250. What's that green stuff?