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: Shrimp & Other Invertebrates

  1. Is aluminum dangerous to shrimp?
  2. alternative to Hikari crab cuisine
  3. Who buys these???
  4. Peat Moss and CRS
  5. Shrimp vs. Algae
  6. feeding problem
  7. im about to take delivery of 50 GS!
  8. newbe
  9. Too early to add RCS?
  10. Orange Shrimp Breeding?
  11. divx video of cherry shrimp
  12. Invert Article Contest =)
  13. Weird looking RCS color.
  14. Daphina and RCS
  15. bumble bees and cherries interbreding???
  16. Replacing Substrate on Shrimp Tank
  17. RCS afraid of Co2?
  18. cloudy water and some dead shrimps
  19. Eating freshwater shrimp....
  20. CRS losing color
  21. Killifish and shrimp?
  22. Strange Shrimp Deaths... Ideas?
  23. What kind of cichlids can go with cherry shrimps?
  24. shrimp behavior
  25. ?'s on shrimps
  26. Well This Stinks
  27. Sex Of Shrimp
  28. tomato soup and cherry shrimp
  29. RCS Breeding
  30. spixi snail anubis assasin!
  31. Hydra in shrimp tank
  32. Cambarellus shufeldtii ?
  33. Blue bee shrimp?
  34. Raising shrimp in a power filtered tank
  35. SS Crystal Red Shrimp Pics
  36. What can those things be?
  37. how many different MTS are there?
  38. Golden Bee Shrimp
  39. Shrimps and HC
  40. A couple of shrimp articles I wrote
  41. saltwater cleaner shrimp captive raised larva.
  42. shrimps disappearing
  43. Glass Tops
  44. Orange shrimp??
  45. What meds are shrimp safe?
  46. shrimp & EI Index
  47. Leaf litter, is it in your tank? (All done!)
  48. Help!
  49. Pic Of Berried CRS?
  50. Do red cherry shrimps eat brine shrimp?
  51. *India Zebra Shrimp Breeding*
  52. amanos and angels
  53. A graduation of sorts...
  54. Bring Your Shrimp Tank Pics!!!!
  55. shrimps and fish
  56. Shrimp acclimating
  57. The Patriotic Tank =)
  58. crs skin
  59. red cherry shrimp
  60. Would a African Dwarf Frog with Crystal Red Shrimp compatible?
  61. Amazing, Unbelievable News!
  62. RO water in shrimp tank
  63. Berried Shrimp?
  64. Shrimps and Snails
  65. Bioload of shrimp
  66. Cherry Shrimp question
  67. Can a population explosion of cherries supress CRS breeding?
  68. Interesting RCS color change
  69. Blue Tigers and RCS
  70. Strengthening CRS genes
  71. Bare bottom tank and RCS
  72. Cherry Shrimp question
  73. Some pics of my shrimps.
  74. anyone keep shrimp with marimo balls?
  75. Ghost and Red Cherry shrimp questions
  76. Accidental Pico!
  77. Filtration Question
  78. Invert tank for breeding?
  79. Cherry Acclimation
  80. I found a saddled female laying on her back and thought she was dead r/o
  81. CRS Tankmates?
  82. Endlers eating cherry shrimp?!?!
  83. Amano Up Close
  84. Is this normal amano behavior?
  85. Cherry shrimp breeding, a few questions
  86. Shrimp with crypts/anubias, myth?
  87. One of my Favorite CRS
  88. One egg cherry
  89. Shrimp Questions
  90. Malaya and Indian Zebra Shrimp
  91. Blue ghost?
  92. Dead Shrimp
  93. need a little help starting a tank
  94. Shrimp friendly snail eater ?
  95. cherry shrimp question
  96. Ghost shrimp with white intestines
  97. Nitrate at 5ppm. Is that alright for shrimp?
  98. a mess of shrimp names on order list.
  99. Cherry inbreeding
  100. Bee Shrimp and CRS Question
  101. American Glass Shrimp (Ghost Shrimp) larva
  102. what grade CRS?
  103. baby crs color vs. grown crs color
  104. YAY baby RCS
  105. Anyone seen/have any of these guys?
  106. Gabezone Back On Aquabid! Woohoo!
  107. My Reward....
  108. shrimp go crazy for frozen corn!
  109. Mine...All mine!!!
  110. Random Ghost Shrimp pictures
  111. Is there a "critical mass" for cherry reproduction?
  112. Hydra In My Shrimp Tank
  113. Tannins and RCS?
  114. Once Berried, and not anymore but no babies?
  115. Endlers and Cherries?
  116. CRS, Bee, and Bumblebee
  117. Shrimp from South America?
  118. RCS egg color
  119. New Shrimper
  120. Best place to buy shrimp online?
  121. Crossing Cherry with Wild Neocaridina heteropoda
  122. Blue Tigers
  123. Shrimp Pics (Cherry, Amano, bee, and wild)
  124. RCS dying/hiding UPDATE!! HELP!
  125. Getting rid of seed shrimp?
  126. PH and Shrimp?
  127. Will Aphyosemion striatum eat RCS?
  128. Crystal Red Shrimp???
  129. Buyer Beware
  130. Overfeeding shrimp???
  131. New tank setup 10-gal trial and it's work!!!!!
  132. Can I use this stuff in my tank?
  133. How can buying a filter be so complicated?
  134. Holy crap! CRS babies ---- at last!
  135. Malaya Shrimp (Caridina sp. )
  136. YAY...CRS are here!!
  137. Endlers mixed with Shrimp?
  138. CRS deaths due to Kordon Amoquel?
  139. Fish Eating Ghost Shrimp Pics please
  140. Shrimp & Carbon OK?
  141. ghost shrimp
  142. new shrimper
  143. Why did my shrimp die?
  144. Giant Black Tiger Shrimp
  145. Tiny Crawling Critters
  146. Shrimp & Dosing Ferts?{and a few questions}
  147. Prices terrorism Indonesia
  148. grading my CRS
  149. Can I get some help please?
  150. A few Cherry Shrimp pictures
  151. How many CRS in a 20g
  152. Test Tube Shrimplets =)
  153. just checking
  154. Normal RCS behavior?
  155. Does Waterchange decease Shrimp population
  156. CRS breeding with Eco
  157. mixing shrimp
  158. Keeping CRS and RCS together?
  159. Crystal Red Shrimp Pics
  160. RCS and Hair Algae
  161. Blue tigers
  162. I want another type of shrimp (Crystal reds)
  163. Baby Cherry Red Shrimp getting sucked up during water change
  164. Shrimp death at water change
  165. Dang
  166. Red nosed shrimp
  167. mixing CRS and CS?
  168. Battle for Algae waffle
  169. New Tigers
  170. CRS S Grade & Blue Pearl Pics
  171. Crystal Red and Tiger crossbreed?
  172. CRS saddled
  173. Ghost Shrimp color change
  174. HOB Filter Intake
  175. Shrimp Dying...substrate to blame?
  176. Matten Filtration in Shrimp tanks (Germany)
  177. Cherry shrimp laying eggs...
  178. These aren't blue shrimp
  179. Getting shrimp to grow faster
  180. How Shrimp Breed!!!
  181. Blue Pearl .... should be PALE BLUE PEARL
  182. Anyone with cherry (or yellow) shrimp available to meet us on the 14th in Denver?
  183. Which will cross breed?
  184. Forgive my ignorance...
  185. Japonica shrimp
  186. Brine Shrimps
  187. Killing RCS on purpose! How?
  188. Can I keep shrimp w/ BR Parrot????
  189. brown eggs on a cherry!
  190. Nerite problem?
  191. shrimp questions
  192. purple banded cherry!
  193. Would like to know what these are
  194. Are Nano/Eclipse tanks good for breeding cherry shrimp?
  195. Wild cherries/rainbow shrimp
  196. So many saddled so few are berried
  197. Shrimp profile
  198. Article I wrote clearing up some of the shrimp myths *warning lots of debating*
  199. Is Equilibrium safe for Shrimp?
  200. breeding amanos
  201. Shrimp bypass mod for Aquaclear 20
  202. Want To Learn About Shrimp
  203. Want to drop ph.
  204. Purple Zebra Shrimp Larvae 8/27/07 (brackish species?)
  205. shrimp disaster!
  206. Female shrimps saddled but not berried (PIC of the TANK update!)
  207. My new Blue Tigers
  208. For the life of a tiger....
  209. Pregnant Blue Pearl Shrimp
  210. Where to purchase Crystal REd Shrimp?
  211. Potted plants and your shrimp
  212. Fish and shrimp
  213. Neocaridina denticulata Okayama
  214. life span of RCS
  215. Ghost shrimp with Cherry shrimps
  216. Prices of purple zebra shrimp?
  217. ID my mystery shrimp
  218. Amanos eating on wood?
  219. My blue pearls shrimps:)
  220. shrimp ID
  221. Blue shrimp
  222. Clear rcs
  223. Feeding Small Shrimp
  224. shirmp deaths, normal param's, temprature normal, ample algae no ph fluctuations
  225. Amano Shrimp Spawn Report (Extreme 56K Warning)
  226. Guess what I have?!!!
  227. Cleanup Crew
  228. CRS - Dubbed " CANDYCANE SHRIMP" Your heard it here first!
  229. will kuli loach eat baby shrimp?
  230. cycling question
  231. How to tell when CRS mate??
  232. Snails in shrimp tank??? They serve no purpose!
  233. The stripe on my cherry shrimp
  234. Plant fertilizers in a shrimp tank.
  235. Can snails be preditory????
  236. Shrimp Attacking Oto's
  237. New colour of CRS
  238. Odd Ball Tiger Shrimp Pictures
  239. Calcium and Iodine
  240. Will these fish eat my RCS?
  241. Khuli loach and Cherry Shrimp
  242. how do I ship cherry shrimp?
  243. Are these babies or bugs?
  244. Ghost shrimp on ebay
  245. What shrimp as easy as RCS
  246. Lower Grade CRS dead
  247. New (piano top) Crystal red shirmp tank
  248. Pregnant Yellow Shrimp
  249. CRS ok in this tank?
  250. Can RCS Overeat?