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: Shrimp & Other Invertebrates

  1. Sweet!!! A blue tiger in the mix
  2. New Tank
  3. when can I start adding shrimps?
  4. Why my bamboo die?
  5. Shrimps ID
  6. Sponge filter?
  7. Cherries love bananas
  8. Lots and lots of preggers Ghosties
  9. For those with CRS and Bee Crossing questions
  10. Breeding tanks
  11. Gravel vac with shrimp?
  12. Check out this ridiculousness....
  13. Whisker Shrimp
  14. Any good shrimp species for me?
  15. Hybrid tiger shrimp?
  16. dried leaves for shrimp tank
  17. Cherry Shrimp tank, bare bottom?
  18. Help Preggo Rcs~!!
  19. CRS babies
  20. how to contain/trap prego cherrys?
  21. My new Crystal Blacks (56k warning)
  22. Starting A 10 gallon planted/shrimp, Add Fish?
  23. Crystal Red Shrimp or Crystal Black Shrimp?
  24. Shrimp behavior?
  25. What shimp is this?
  26. Ghost shrimp and cichlid
  27. Soil Master Select for crystal red shrimp.
  28. Tank Question for CRS
  29. design my shrimp tank
  30. Found CRS and a Tiger shrimped berried, in high PH water.
  31. My Yellow shrimp has eggs!
  32. News: Popular bee shrimps get scientific names.
  33. Juvi To Adulthood?
  34. Does this look like a Sulawesi Shrimp?
  35. 72 hour heat pack
  36. Let's see your bee shrimp!
  37. chinese zebra shrimp question
  38. Whisker Shrimp
  39. Oh no! Snail overboard!!
  40. Do shrimps fight?
  41. Dead..
  42. Your First shrimp tank. A guide by Andrew.
  43. Thinking about shrimpies and tetras
  44. RCS Substrate?
  45. Intake filter for shrimp
  46. So who knew these shrimp where from down under?
  47. Why would I want shrimps?
  48. G'day - need help with Aussie shrimp (AUSTRALATYA STRIOLATA)
  49. New shrimp lover
  50. how many amano?
  51. recommend substrate for crystal red shrimp
  52. Shrimp temperature tolreance
  53. Any Subsutite for ADA Amazonia II
  54. My Crystals at Eating Time :)
  55. wanted to know about a shrimps diet
  56. Very High PH ok for shrimp?
  57. Wanted Black Tigers
  58. Baby Cherry Shrimps / Shrimpets Question
  59. bare bottom shrimp tank???
  60. Cleaning substrate with shrimp in the tank?
  61. Just found a decapitated RCS in my tank
  62. Sulawesi Shrimp Babies!! Update 4.29.08
  63. Shrimp books
  64. How quickly do crystal red shrimp breed?
  65. new cherry shrimp
  66. Still losing shrimp (27 Apr 08 update)
  67. Crayfish
  68. Pefect crayfish
  69. Orange Cherry Shrimp? (pics added)
  70. Looking to buy Some Crs In Singapore
  71. CRS question!
  72. Where are they?!
  73. Ss Crs?
  74. Tums for calcium?
  75. Ghosts
  76. CRS/Tiger Hybrid
  77. Looks like CRS to me..
  78. Shrimp stocking levels?
  79. How quickly do cherry shrimp breed?
  80. CRS shrimps dying after water change.
  81. Questions about setting up a shrimp tank
  82. Blue Bee Shrimp
  83. Keep Those Shrimpies In The Tank Where They Belong!
  84. Remove 100% of Nitrates in your shrimp tank! (learn how)
  85. Omg I Am So Excitedddddddd!!!!!!!
  86. New Bee shrimp - almost didnt make it...
  87. how to bring down acidity in shrimp tank?
  88. How Do You Get Those Shrimp Shots?>
  89. Feeding Micro Worms To Shrimp
  90. What is needed for your CRS to breed???
  91. Anyone here besides me use NovAqua?
  92. Shrimp with Fish Question
  93. Molting away?
  94. Cherry Shrimp???
  95. New Sulawesi Shrimp Came Today :)
  96. any mircro fert without copper?
  97. Looking at setting up a 10gallon shrimp tank.
  98. nano fish in shirmp tank.
  99. Ghost shrimp or Prawn?
  100. Freshwater clams?
  101. Breeding at ph 7,9-8,1
  102. SMS as Shrimp Substrate?
  103. Golden Bee Shrimp
  104. unexplained shrimp death?
  105. Can I put RCS in my tank?
  106. Cherry Shrimp: Yellow Saddle but never eggs?
  107. Feeding Shrimp crushed Snail
  108. Possible Shrimp Tank?
  109. Keeping track of your shrimps..?
  110. Newbie in shrimp. Got some question
  111. Whats should my KH/GH be for shrimps?
  112. quick cure or clout with shrimp
  113. Blue tiger shrimp no golden eyes
  114. Indian Almond Leaves (Terminalia catappa L.)
  115. Hikari micro pellet safe for shrimp?
  116. Spinach
  117. Feeding Nerite Snails
  118. Shrmp Food
  119. Sudden Die Off of Snails and RCS
  120. CRS breeding tank
  121. Dechlorinator
  122. I'm having issues w/ filter intake in shrimp tank.
  123. shrimp won't breed
  124. Is there a point that an air stone just isnt enough?
  125. Berried RCS, normal to hide?
  126. Check out my crazy Crystal!
  127. Shrimp safe ich medication
  128. sexing snowballs
  129. Breeding
  130. Please help me with Shrimp Identification
  131. Shrimp Diet/Filter Question
  132. Shrimp acting like fish?
  133. Am I being overly worried about some RCS deaths? Help!
  134. shrimp that will eat bba
  135. Cherry shrimp in OZ
  136. Do RCS feed on Algae?
  137. RCS thriving and ghost shrimp declining, why?
  138. PH to high?
  139. How long do RCS live?
  140. Molting or Dead
  141. Seachem Flourish Excel & Shrimps
  142. Some of my CRS
  143. Ocean Nutrition shrimp wafers
  144. Green Shrimp?
  145. Feeding RCS
  146. What is it that means I can't keep shrimp?
  147. Shrimp Breeding
  148. Tiger Shrimp
  149. 1 AC 50 enough?
  150. How long until CRS maturity. (PICS ADDED 56K DIE!!)
  151. Flourite has copper?
  152. What Is This?
  153. Adding Calcium
  154. Encouraging Shrimp in a mixed tank
  155. Anyone else raise brine shrimp?
  156. Shrimp niche
  157. New to shrimp...
  158. RCS questions
  159. Dosing Excel on nano shrimp tank
  160. Does daphina ship well in this weather?
  161. advice on cyanobacteria needed
  162. Shrimp classification
  163. Cyclop-eeze and RCS?
  164. Blue tiger breeding outcomes
  165. Berried Tiger Shrimp
  166. Can amano shrimp replace SAE in algae eating ability?
  167. Snail problem
  168. Please list your livestock!!
  169. All my cherries dead..
  170. crystal black shrimp and bumblebee shrimp
  171. Cardinal Tetras or Longfin White Clouds?
  172. Why aren't my cherry shrimp breeding?
  173. Crystal reds and crystal blacks
  174. Add marine salt to shrimp tank? Harmful?
  175. DIY Shrimp Trap - Shrimpimp!
  176. Harlequin Rasbora and shrimps?
  177. What the??? for true!?!?!
  178. Red and blue bee shrimp
  179. blueish purple rcs
  180. Grade my babies
  181. crs in 12L tank
  182. Input on these fish with regard to shrimp
  183. Sick Atya gabonensis?? HELP
  184. Safe to add C02 with my shrimp?
  185. Is there a list for shrimp that will interbreed?
  186. Nano fish for a show tank?
  187. How do you keep algae in check with shrimp only tank
  188. Small fish for my shrimp breeder tank???
  189. Bamboo shrimp
  190. shrimp & algae eaters?
  191. Looking to buy RCS
  192. What ferts do u put in ur CRS tanks?
  193. First time cleaning my canister filter....
  194. Shirakura Food
  195. Arachnophobic Shrimp owners(Update:bought them & love them!)
  196. How much does shrimp "jump"
  197. Catfish & shrimp
  198. Crystal Red (CRS) & Cherry Shrimp (RCS)
  199. Sulawesi Tank
  200. I am getting a bunch of RCS....
  201. calcium supplement...
  202. Will?
  203. Can Cherries & Red Crabs live together?
  204. Are there any shrimp that are Fish Safe???
  205. baby cherries!
  206. drip method - how to?
  207. Water conditioner for shrimp? Urgent answer needed!
  208. egg color
  209. Does Flourish Excel harm shrimp?
  210. Commonly found shrimp list, large to small?
  211. Bee shrimp lost an eye and is kind of rusty looking
  212. So what's the straight story on water conditioners?
  213. dead shrimp
  214. Baby Crystals
  215. food question
  216. Bought some Ghost Shrimp - I'm Hooked!!!!
  217. will dwarf gouramis eat shrimp?
  218. algae alone?
  219. Tiger Shrimp: Breeding Question
  220. Favorite Shrimp?
  221. shrimp bowl, planted
  222. Shrimp and bristlenose plecos?
  223. Best way to acclimatize shrimp?
  224. How do I prevent shrimp from being sucked into the filter?
  225. Blue Knight Crayfish. ..
  226. Amano shrimp turning blue? opaque?
  227. help! Shrimp on top of water after few hours of darkness.
  228. CRS berried!
  229. Bumblebee Gobies and Red Cherry Shrimp
  230. Sudden SHrimp Death!!!
  231. Cherry shrimp baby boom!
  232. golden bees and crystal red High Grade
  233. bamboo poo
  234. CRS more aggressive with food?
  235. "Whisker" shrimp?
  236. selling shrimp localy?
  237. Amano is pregnant
  238. which shrimp to choose?
  239. Golden Bees or CRS SS (Hinomaru)
  240. Packing Shrimp In The Winter.
  241. Fastest to rid all my shrimps?
  242. sponge filters
  243. Shrimp tragedy :(
  244. gammarus scuds/shrimp
  245. Are these fish shrimp safe?
  246. White Spot Bee
  247. Caught the sun...
  248. Wanted: Tiger Shrimp
  249. Attempt to up the grades of CRS in my tank
  250. Ghost Shrimp exoskeleton in the tank