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: Shrimp & Other Invertebrates

  1. Thai micro crabs (Limnopilos naiyanetri)
  2. what happens when a yellow shrimp breeds with a red cherry shrimp?
  3. Levamisole in invert tank
  4. What snail is this?
  5. what's this?
  6. Ramshorns outcompeting shrimp?
  7. shrimp : Euryrhynchus amazoniensis
  8. Q on red claw shrimp
  9. is my tank ready for Shrimp
  10. amano & cherry
  11. Attached To Dead Shrimp
  12. Questions regarding Planted Tank & Cherry Shrimps
  13. When should I add some shrimp to my tank?
  14. Will RCS and snowball shrimp interbreed?
  15. RCS baby colony wiped out by new Bumble Bees?
  16. have a cigar
  17. shrimp : blue tiger shrimp
  18. shrimp : Caridina serratirostris
  19. Mystery Snails, Rare Trumpet Snail and Breeding of Assassin Snails
  20. What's best for Neocaridina
  21. will rcs and amano shrimp get along
  22. Shrimp questions
  23. CRS v RCS breeding
  24. Iodine question...
  25. CRS and Aquasoil II
  26. I'm a new shrimplet mommy
  27. Update 30GL CRS tank~~~~~~
  28. unknown amano or do i have a rare strain?
  29. Cool pics of my Bamboo shrimp
  30. Assassin snails eat live shrimp!
  31. shrimp : white band tiger shrimp "peach type"
  32. Cherry Shrimp and Quick Cure
  33. wood shrimp shell?(pic)
  34. Need Some Help Gammarus, aka Scud
  35. how to scape with shrimp in the tank?
  36. Will this work for CRS
  37. Shrimp and CSM+B
  38. brackish water snail in Fresh water
  39. Heater malfuntion...where's the lemon?
  40. Shrimp vs Planaria
  41. Tank size >_<
  42. Newly cycled vs. Mature Tank
  43. How many shrimp?
  44. Pictures of your 5 gallon aquariums please
  45. 2 CRS breeding tanks full with shrimp for sale
  46. Why can't I get the CRS babies to grow. HELP
  47. What filter for a 5.5 gallon shrimp tank?
  48. *Delete Please*
  49. want to try a shrimp tank help please....
  50. Cherry shrimp are dying fast
  51. will loaches eat Nerite snails?
  52. help rcs
  53. Muahahahaha !!
  54. New Shrimps..
  55. Shrimp safe?
  56. wiping out snails
  57. Snails-good or bad?
  58. Panacur
  59. Shrimp changing color?
  60. Strange bug?!?!? Update 4/17
  61. Leech Experiments! And possible solution?
  62. New Snails of the Philippines
  63. What is causing my snails to turn white?
  64. shrimp : white band shrimp (Neocaridina sp.)
  65. Shrimp living in canister filter
  66. Can anyone tell me where I can get a Mantis Shrimp in the UK (Shop or website)
  67. How about filter shrimp?
  68. My yellow shrimp
  69. Is there some majic to keeping shrimp alive?
  70. I'm gonna be a daddy, i'm gonna be a daddy
  71. scaping with freshwater shells?
  72. Too many MTS??
  73. can any one identify this shrimp?
  74. Larger shrimp?
  75. purple olive nerites?
  76. Super resistant planaria!
  77. My red tiger shrimp
  78. What am I doing wrong?????? - Update 4-10-09
  79. Cardinals
  80. Do ramshorn snails produce infusoria for fry?
  81. Shrimp tank filter - yes or no?
  82. Best substrate for Crystal Red Shrimp
  83. My new shrimp oasis
  84. I have stooped soooooo low LOL
  85. RCS Caught in the act!
  86. Finally BABIES!!! and this info may help you too!!!
  87. DIY shrimp trap video
  88. Rrcs
  89. This just cracked me up
  90. Is dewormer shrimp safe?
  91. What would you do with this tank?
  92. LF Shrimpies
  93. Malaysian Trumpet snails dying.
  94. Shrimp feeding poll
  95. Is this egg or wood leaching things??
  96. Count the babies.
  97. Pomacea bridgesii
  98. The long journey of the snails
  99. tiger nerite snails?
  100. Bee Shrimp and Red Cherry shrimp in same tank?
  101. Which Cherry shrimp picture do you like the best?
  102. Found a new snail killer
  103. RC and Amano
  104. Which shrimp would interbreed?
  105. Does nerite snail eat fish/shrimp food?
  106. What to feed shrimp/snails to bring out the RED
  107. Micro-Lobster Tank
  108. Do corydoras eat snails?
  109. stupid question with distilled water...
  110. Selective Breeding Strategies
  111. need help with crs and cbs - keeping them alive
  112. general tips how to propagate shrimps
  113. Sera Vipachips: Suitable for Amano shrimp?
  114. Shrimp Options
  115. shrimp : Atyopsis sp. (Orange with White stripe)
  116. fiddler crab paludarium
  117. ID gross hitchhiker
  118. Amano Shrimp + Blind Cave Tetras?
  119. sleepy shrimp?
  120. Fiddler Crabs and Fish?
  121. How much to feed your shrimp? (just to get an idea)
  122. What the Heck is this???
  123. red nerite anyone? new closup pics and better pic
  124. Shrimp with an eating disorder?
  125. Adventurous CRS.
  126. How to get ride of MTS?
  127. Shrimp out of water
  128. Are my Amanos all dead?
  129. cool photo of 2 yamato shrimps
  130. Can I keep Amano and Cherry Red Shrimp together?
  131. Snail Pics
  132. Snail ID
  133. Crystal Red Shrimp Scam
  134. HOW many rcs in a 5.5 gallon tank?
  135. Baby Snails in a Cycling Tank?
  136. Clear Scotch Tape In Shrimp Tank Okay?
  137. moss question
  138. Snail ID
  139. how to setup new tank
  140. Dwarf Crayfish and Cherry Shrimp Mysteries
  141. who sells live bloodworms
  142. Nerites
  143. Creeped out by bamboo shrimp?
  144. Where to purchase shrimp do you know?
  145. accccckkkkk
  146. Can UG be in a shrimp tank
  147. Crystal Red shrimp at 81F
  148. What is this snail and will it hurt my plants?
  149. Moved my shrimp to their own tank! Pics!
  150. Rescaping/Tearing Down Shrimp Tank
  151. Ecology of a Shrimp-only Tank
  152. Is there any interest in trying to start an AAIA?
  153. To Kill...or Not To Kill....Planaria
  154. dried oak leaves
  155. Caradina japonica
  156. All right who in AZ is getting the 2.9M stimulus for shrimp farming?
  157. Pond Owner Looking For Invertibrate Help
  158. Underwater Caterpillar (pictures)
  159. Snails inactive
  160. quick question
  161. Ramshorn egg pics, does anyone have any?
  162. anyone knw of any type of shrimp traps?
  163. question about Ramshorns
  164. Shrimp + powerhead = DEATH
  165. too many snails
  166. What is this?
  167. what am i doing wrong?
  168. would u put a marble cray in with shrimp?
  169. Blue Bee Shrimp Confusion
  170. ADA Amazon 2 set up? confuse?
  171. Shrimplets..
  172. What types of algae with RCS eat?
  173. Flourite
  174. shrimp i.d. plz
  175. rjfurbank's 10g shrimp tanks
  176. crushed coral
  177. my rcs and crs love frozen blood worms
  178. marble shrimp(not cray)
  179. Why don't my crs breed?
  180. Wild crayfish introduction into planted tank
  181. SMS and CRS question??
  182. No luck with Nerites
  183. crs babies
  184. stumped, can't figure out why my shrimps are dying
  185. My shrimp lost his legs!
  186. My RCS tank a lot of pics
  187. How sweet is this!
  188. breeding crystal shrimp in 10 gallon tank
  189. My shrimplets safe from my mollies?
  190. how do u protect ur self when tradeing?
  191. Tap or RO water for shrimp.
  192. I want to add CRS but my pH is too high...
  193. Worm? Or stringy poo from glass shrimp
  194. How many RCS for a 5 Gal?
  195. Starting RCS tank, need advice
  196. Where do I buy?
  197. Nematodes? Attacking shrimp? Will they attack me?
  198. Took a TON(9) of cherry and Amano shrimp pictures
  199. Need help setting up 1.5 nano shrimp tank! Pics
  200. rcs mating??
  201. Rcs in a hob filter?
  202. Will rcs climb out of a breeder net?
  203. Berried Red Cherry Shrimp?
  204. My celibate shrimp tank
  205. Amano suicide
  206. Seiryu stones causing troubles in CRS tank
  207. How active are RCS?
  208. Pics of RCS moult and dead RCS anyone?
  209. Berried Crystals and growing Cherries!
  210. Planaria in a shrimp tank
  211. Any idea what species these shrimp are?
  212. Fish and shrimp...
  213. Keeping shrimp out of the filters
  214. Rcs turning brown & cracked shell? Pic
  215. Questions about yellow shrimps
  216. Asian Red Crab (S. Bidens) Need Answers Quick!
  217. Ever notice your shrimps eating snails?
  218. anyone have pictures on the breeding tanks, need ideas please
  219. Identify this snail please.
  220. How many nerite snails should I get
  221. RCS being massacred?
  222. CRS shrimp diet question.
  223. What is the highest lighting I can use for my shrimp tank?
  224. Atison Betta Spa for crs
  225. Red Cherry Shrimp Twitching
  226. 10 gal: shrimp are dying!
  227. Why Red cherry shrimp die
  228. Cherry x Snowball pictures
  229. Cardinal Shrimp (Caridina sp.)
  230. sexing tiger shrimp
  231. (RCS tank) What should I dose my tank with for plants?
  232. filter for shrimp tank
  233. White amano, found dead. Copper? Iodine? Excel?
  234. RCS just died
  235. Quarantine fish fine...but snails dead?
  236. Photo Sequence of Four Baby Canas-As of January 2009
  237. red eyes CRS?
  238. Pomacea diffusa pics
  239. Red Cherry vs Yellow Shrimp Incompatibility
  240. RCS stop breeding like before
  241. water change "HELP"
  242. Cherry Shrimp Insanity...
  243. So Happy!! 2 rcs are berried!!
  244. Finally got a somewhat successful shrimp tank!
  245. Interest In Blue Ramshorn Snail
  246. Chinese Zebra Shrimp
  247. Ever heard of a pistol shrimp (SW)?
  248. they're Heeeere
  249. How many times do rcs shrimp molt?
  250. Tired of having an unsuccessful shrimp tank