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: Shrimp & Other Invertebrates

  1. apple snail not eating
  2. Nerite babies
  3. What is this red shrimp?
  4. Weird Shrimp in Tank
  5. My Invertebrate Thread [Pictures and Videos!]
  6. RCS questions from newbie
  7. Nerite Snails
  8. Blue tigers berried
  9. New Pics of Red Cherry Shrimp
  10. There is a man with my RCS...
  11. RCS dropping eggs?
  12. wanting to add biodiversity to 8 yr old tank
  13. OE Blues Tigers and Green shrimps
  14. Cherry shrimp juvenile stage
  15. ultimate lucky trip
  16. Sponge filter for shrimp tank, cycling
  17. MTS showing out of the blue
  18. Blue Bee Eggs Hatched!
  19. Snail Shipping
  20. holy snail poop
  21. Has anyone used Seachem ParaGuard with inverts?
  22. The whole Ph / gH / kH thing....
  23. Is this an 'Amano' shrimp?
  24. How many Caridina japonica could go in a 5g with fish?
  25. Super berried wild/marble shrimp
  26. King Crab
  27. DIY co2 overnight on rcs tank?
  28. Setting up a new tank for Cherry Shrimp
  29. close up of my shrimp
  30. Any harmful plants for Cherries?
  31. do mystery snails eat dead leves?
  32. Some video of my blue tiger shrimp
  33. assassin snail death
  34. cherry or crystal?
  35. shrimp with guppies and/or fiddler crabs
  36. Shrimp competition
  37. CRS babies C:
  38. I may have a plausible hypothesis to why wild shrimp are blue but f1 aren't!
  39. Can anyone ID this snail type?
  40. Dead Crystal Red Shrimp : (
  41. Shallow basic shrimp tank...
  42. aegla
  43. Ideal RCS Male
  44. Glass Shrimp has eggs, now what
  45. List of all nice/colorful shrimps
  46. My sulawesi tank
  47. Shrimp minimum requirements
  48. RCS eating MTS
  49. What would you do?
  50. Crs actn funny?
  51. Mts...
  52. snails and shrimp
  53. Red White Shrimp! lol...
  54. Black Japanese Trapdoor Snail - eats plants?
  55. RCS Not Feeding?
  56. Where to get SSS grade CRS?
  57. Is this a male RCS?
  58. Lighting for Shrimp
  59. List of Shrimp in the Hobby
  60. how to breed ghost shrimp/"pest" snails?
  62. Tankmates for Cherries
  63. CRS reproduction affected by light?
  64. anybody know of some "exotic-ish" shrimp that do well in lightly acidic water?
  65. Feeding Red Cherry Shrimps
  66. Are my Otto's worthless?
  67. weird behavior, need some shrimp expert advice
  68. Blue eggs?
  69. Shrimp & Clown Loach / Red Tail Shark
  70. How many cherries in 1gl?
  71. snails and shrimp sensitive to Excel?
  72. shrimp death puzzle
  73. Snails and Shrimp and Loaches Oh MY!!!
  74. Hagen Elite Mini in RCS tank
  75. Assassin snail with injured proboscis...
  76. Maximum temperature for red crystal and cherry shrimp
  77. Rock wool and shrimp?
  78. CRS eggs, How long to hatching?
  79. Ghost shrimp and brown algae
  80. Please help identify the shrimp in these photos
  81. Copper, "neutralize" "detoxify" How do I get rid of it?
  82. Snail acting weird
  83. Shrimp and ferts, do they mix well
  84. HELP ! my striped apple snail had fungus on skin!
  85. Seeking CRS Keepers! Need Advice.
  86. Wanting A New Bottom Dweller
  87. Shrimp Eggs?
  88. RCS and NPKFE
  89. 3 shrimp deaths in 4 days
  90. My sulawesi snails
  91. Solid Red RCS = impending death?
  92. Assassin Snails
  93. Snail Tank / Cup?
  94. Got yellow shrimps and dark green???
  95. Red Cherry Shrimp swimming erratically
  96. Do tiger shrimp usually carry less eggs than cherries?
  97. Snails and Light
  98. whats the best snail?
  99. RCSs need help!
  100. Do male red cherry shrimp get red???
  101. Cherry red shrimp/ other shrimp in EI tank?
  102. Larger shrimp
  103. shrimp color
  104. Shrimp in small tank
  105. Rams or Mystery's
  106. My malformed RCS!(new pics! 2/14)
  107. CRS, Legalize them!
  108. Female RCS die just before/after having babies?
  109. ID- nerite species
  110. Killer Ghost Shrimp?!!
  111. Shrimp gurus please advise-
  112. Orange Bee shrimp/RCS
  113. red thai crabs???
  114. CPO's (Cambarellus patzcuarensis sp "orange")- CPO
  115. Nerite Strays
  116. halocaridina rubra/opae'ula: babies!
  117. momma CPO with eggs
  118. Glass/ghost shrimp?
  119. Shy Amanos
  120. Australian Blue Pearl Lobster
  121. crs sub.
  122. can you breed bamboo shrimp?
  123. Using snails to test cycle
  124. Nerite snails and assassins
  125. RCS info?
  126. Nerite Snails - Breeding
  127. Small observation: Stability
  128. assassin snails
  129. My shrimp video~
  130. Kill MTS, not Nerite?
  131. Found another berried CPO (pics)
  132. CBS and zebra loaches
  133. need help with blocking filter intake
  134. Shirakura baby shrimp food smells!!!
  135. snail leaches eating a snail
  136. will cherry shrimp eat microworms?
  137. Shrimp VIDEOS - five new ones.
  138. ghost shrimp and RCS
  139. red cherry shrimp and cherry barbs
  140. crs finally berried
  141. species good for cleaning algae
  142. Controlling RCS Population
  143. Blueberry shrimp?
  144. Two Snail Pictures
  145. Cleaning Mystery Snail Shells
  146. Hikari Crab Cuisine and MSG
  147. Red cherry shrimp - always in hiding
  148. RCS eggs on the outside..
  149. My new snails
  150. reconstructed RO for a CRS tank.
  151. Do Crystal Red Shrimps Need Air Pumps?
  152. WTB freshwater clams!!
  153. What do you feed your ghost shrimp?
  154. Special trest or bad idea?
  155. CRS heating question
  156. ghost shrimp pregnant! i need help
  157. Breeding Thai Micro Crabs(Limnopilos naiyanetri)
  158. Snail ID: Really Big Pond Snail?
  159. Malayan Trumpet Snails
  160. Pond Snail without a shell?
  161. is this a RCS
  162. Can you keep CRS without a filter?
  163. Bad cherry shrimp experience
  164. Molted vs. Dead
  165. Snail Sunset March
  166. shrimp breeding - mixed species
  167. CRS Question: Hanging out on floating plants whenl lights off
  168. Taiwan Fire Red Shrimp( Updated Pics 2/5/10)
  169. getting rid of ramshorn snails
  170. Maracide safe w/ RCS & MTS?
  171. dead rcs turned blue?
  172. selling prices on Red Cherry Shrimp?
  173. Amano Shrimp gone wild
  174. CO2=Bad Tasting Biofilm?
  175. Almond Leaves for breeding CRS?
  176. Cherry Shrimp and Tank Mates
  177. Zoo Med Aquatic Shrimp, Crab & Lobster Food
  178. opae'ula/halocaridina rubra feeding time
  179. few shrimp pics (very bad camera)
  180. Cherry vs Red crystal Water conditions
  181. How to collect MTS while completing a complete substrate change?
  182. My CRS tank
  183. Kissing gourami and rainbows with shrimp.
  184. Name that microbe
  185. Tank questions, uninvited guests, I need answers!
  186. DIY CO2 and cherry shrimp
  187. cherries and java moss
  188. power head with shrimp
  189. Shrimps dying! help!
  190. Intake slits and shrimp
  191. Blue Tiger shrimp - pregnant!
  192. breeding CRS/CBS in a 3g tank...:D
  193. nerite eggs have hatched...and they are planktonic!
  194. New to shrimp
  195. HELP! uninvited guest: Gammarus pulex
  196. Pinocchio Shrimp
  197. how many shrimp for a 2.5?
  198. Caridina cf. propinqua (Orange Bee Shrimp)
  199. Cherry Shrimp Lost Colour Overnight :(
  200. help with seachem excel for my shrimp tank
  201. RCS Info?
  202. Where did all the high grade CRS sellers go?
  203. Thinking about a shirmp tank...What to do with the shirmp after breeding?
  204. Guess who molted...
  205. Shrimp Filter Cap
  206. Red Cherry Shrimp Question
  207. dissolving snail shells
  208. Snail Id will they eat my plants?
  209. Compatiblity
  210. Assassin Snails in a Cherry Shrimp tank.
  211. mystery snails
  212. Neocardina(?) and currents
  213. cherry shrimp's favorite dinner?
  214. cherry shrimp with white strip
  215. Pregnant yellow shrimp keep dying.
  216. Shrimp testing syno eupterus
  217. Assassin Snails
  218. Is this color normal for RCS?
  219. rcs questions help!!!!
  220. Dwarf African Frog and duckweed.
  221. Odd cherry shrimp behavior
  222. Pond Snails From Dried Algae Tablets?
  223. MTS vs. PS
  224. Orange Bee Shrimp behavior
  225. Snail Id good or bad for planted tank?
  226. New to Shrimp
  227. rcs questions
  228. Santa brought a new tank!!
  229. Pfertz good or bad for crs and cbs?
  230. Wahoo! we have berried
  231. Blue Tiger Bee Shrimp? WTF?!
  232. DIY CO2 setup
  233. CRS/CBS Questions
  234. Can I keep yellow shrimp with this set up?
  235. Large shrimp?
  236. My CRS and Oto's favorite food
  237. breeding bumble bee shrimp
  238. Breeding CRS/CBS in a 5.5g attempt
  239. looking for shrimp suggestions..
  240. Shrimp becoming more active
  241. Assassin Snails... Bad for a Shrimp tank?
  242. A shrimp is a shrimp is a shrimp?
  243. Silver Tadpole
  244. RCS with ferts and excel
  245. Question about Shrimp
  246. My HUGE cherry shrimp!
  247. Wild Type Neocaridina with Discus?
  248. is it safe for my shrimp tank?
  249. Shrimp ID?
  250. Amanos chance of survival?