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: Shrimp & Other Invertebrates

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  2. Worms in Shrimp Tank
  3. Just saw planarians in my shrimp tank!
  4. Berried shrimp
  5. Shrimp I.D. needed
  6. Best Shrimp?
  7. Improving shrimp tank sponge filters....
  8. What do you feed your CRS?
  9. So, all my babies died...
  10. Bee deaths
  11. Pseudomugil gertrudae aka Spotted Blue-Eye with my shrimp?
  12. Amano shrimps and heat...
  13. Hydra's
  14. Keeping dwarf puffers with cherry/crystal red shrimp?
  15. Wow another berried CPO!
  16. Indian Zebra Shrimp
  17. Shrimp tank setup question
  18. Yellow nosed Sulawesi shrimp has anyone pics of this one?
  19. Where to find CRS in NYC
  20. what is the going price for snow white bee shrimp?
  21. wild type shrimp hunts my fishes?
  22. other colors other than red cherry shrimp?
  23. Red Spotted Shrimp
  24. First Berried RCS!!!!
  25. Green shrimp
  26. Nerites - Breeding Question
  27. Sponge filter or Corner filter
  28. Freshwater Snail Chart
  29. Fish with CRS
  30. Indian Zebra shrimp
  31. Orange shrimp ID?
  32. Harvesting Snails
  33. My CPO is berried again...don't know if its the same one or not.
  34. Shrimp possibly berried?
  35. Amano shrimp and "Jungle Parasite Clear"... Bad combo?
  36. Choice between three species updated new pics
  37. bamboo shrimp keep dying
  38. Celebes Beauty's or Sulawesi Harlequin shrimp
  39. Cherry shrimp and Meds
  40. How's your Cardinals doing?
  41. do you want to rid your tanks of pond snails?
  42. apple snail food
  43. Pic o Shrimp.
  44. F1 Cardinals
  45. Ghost shrimp and food -- a warning
  46. Pics of my new shrimp
  47. Wood / Bamboo Shrimp w/Pics
  48. Can't identify these baddies!
  49. Inverts with Angels
  50. I'm Back...
  51. Aggression in Red Cherry Shrimp
  52. hiow to drop PH down naturally.
  53. Foam background
  54. A Good Algie Eating Shrimp!
  55. Shrimp and Shrimplet Safe Fish?
  56. Hikari Shrimp Cuisine-Contains Copper-Isn't that bad?
  57. 3 Qs about Amano shrimps
  58. My RCS are going bonkers!
  59. Chocolate Colored RCS?
  60. Coolest snails?
  61. Apple snails and CO2?
  62. Pseudomugil gertrudae (Blue Eye Spotted Rainbow) and shrimp
  63. The latest in shrimp / shrimp room protection....
  64. mixing shrimp
  65. Which invertebrate...
  66. MTS in Larger Gravel?
  67. I am going to cry....
  68. Neon Tetras and shimp (and shrimplets)
  69. eggs on glass???
  70. RCS in a community tank?
  71. Chiller and of you crs breeders you one?
  72. Im a Granma!!! crayfish born!
  73. why are they dying
  74. undergravel filters
  75. How to ship shrimps
  76. Red Devil Crab / Panther Crab
  77. How fast do baby cherries grow.
  78. What the h*#? is this??? Creepy
  79. any fish small enough not to eat red cherry shrimp including babies
  80. Seeing a rash of crossbreeding SHRIMPS. Yet another! TIGERBEE...
  81. how to encourage breeding in shrimp tanks
  82. Houston, we may have a snail problem.
  83. dead snails and shrimp--fish OK.
  84. Some pictures of my very red cherry shrimps
  85. supplementing Nerites?
  86. I got Clams
  87. T-Rex Tigers (black tiger variant) - (8/22 update on black & red tigers)
  88. Blue Bee beauty
  89. Tylo snail tank
  90. Water changes on RCS tank
  91. I found this little guy today
  92. Help id this shrimp
  93. have new shrimplets but don't know what they are???
  94. I see eyes on my CPO's eggs.....
  95. Hitchhikers doing what they do best
  96. Crayfish in ADA aquasoil???
  97. Hatchet fish with my cherries?
  98. What kind of snail?
  99. question about cross breeding
  100. escape artist
  101. were to buy shrimp
  102. Do ramshorn and mini ramshorn crossbreed?
  103. Snails for my water conditions?
  104. RCS babies dying?
  105. CRS Deaths
  106. Upgrading Color of CRS
  107. question about Blue crays!
  108. Adult swords eat my shrimp?
  109. Weird Critters in the Tank!
  110. Pregnant Crystal Red & Golden - Pics
  111. new Tylomelania snail
  112. Sulawesi shrimp guide *in progress*
  113. Sulawesi for dummies???
  114. almost all of my shrimp are dead help!!
  115. Berries have eyes?
  116. nuking snails from moss
  117. Has anyone purchased shrimps from Germany?
  118. Shrimp possibilities vs H2O parameters ... What's a guy to do ?
  119. Planaria/Flatworm
  120. Shrimp ID
  121. Will Corydoras eat shrimplets?
  122. Survey: Shrimp keepers, how clean is your substrate?
  123. hydra/planeria
  124. Bamboo Shrimp
  125. Dying bamboo shrimp
  126. New Sulawesi Tank
  127. feeding time!
  128. female or male?
  129. Caring for new borns
  130. amano shrimp eating plants?
  131. Red and blue?
  132. Sulawesi Orange Snail
  133. Addicting shrimp!
  134. My Crystal Reds!
  135. Don't Tell Me That's a Pond Snail... Need ID
  136. can cherries burrow?
  137. Need Input: Plant soak to neutralize snails, leeches, vermin AND their eggs...
  138. Plant eaters?
  139. 10g planted Cherry Shrimp
  140. Leopard Nerites
  141. Shrimp=Expensive Treat!!
  142. male cherries dying
  143. Help with baby nerite care
  144. Neocaridina cf. zhangjiajiensis - Experts?
  145. Just got some Cherry shrimp! super excited!!
  146. Help identify invert please!
  147. My female Orange Eyed Blue Tiger is berried!
  148. hardly see my rcs in community tank
  149. Assassin snail feeding
  150. My First Shrimplets!
  151. drunk nerites
  152. Tubifex Problem
  153. parasite?
  154. RCS Temperature range
  155. Planaria- For Sale?!
  156. Best color-enhancing CRS food?
  157. Water beetles?
  158. My other shrimps
  159. Hydor Koralia - How can I make it Shrimp Friendly?
  160. something very strange in my yellow shrimp tank??
  161. Pics of my Blue Bee's
  162. Getting Cardinals tomorrow!!!
  163. Syncaris pacifica
  164. Happy Tiger Nerites - Updated 7/9/2010!
  165. How many shrimp fit in a tank?
  166. Amano shrimp laying eggs??
  167. Rolly Pollies?
  168. Heater in a shrimp tank?
  169. EI dosing killing snails?
  170. Baby Cardinal
  171. My new cambarellus shufeldtii sp.
  172. RCS jumping out of the tank
  173. RCS tankmates
  174. Red & Black?
  175. Hiding Amano Shrimp
  176. Snail ID and just something to share
  177. Shrimp friendly filtration
  178. Nerite and Moss Question
  179. red ramhorns with white shells
  180. CPO's is berried!
  181. Tiny Shrimp Fetch Big Dollars
  182. Shrimp ethics!
  183. Baby RCS :) new shrimp questions in last post
  184. Will shrimp eat frozen daphnia?
  185. Gender of my shrimp...
  186. Baby yellow shrimplettes
  187. nematodes????
  188. Dark Blue Shrimp
  189. Is my community RCS friendly??? (Update, about to find out!)
  190. nerite shell needs hospital tank setup
  191. Warm water shrimp?
  192. Best Shrimp Foods?
  193. Shrimp Compatibility - is it possible?
  194. snail's favorite foods = blyxa and downoi?
  195. RO or tap for my shrimp? (Tap Water Quality Report posted 4/9, please help!)
  196. Showing off some shrimp (56k intensive)
  197. Questions about black worms
  198. Mosquitoes and Shrimp?
  199. Are snails "good" for a planted tank?
  200. Climbing RCS
  201. Laying upside down....
  202. Fun With Cannon
  203. MTSs went crazy on the Calcium tablet
  204. Clams and Mussels as filters?
  205. sponges for hot type filters
  206. CRS loosing eggs
  207. Do i need to QT shrimp?
  208. Are my assassins dead??
  209. Snail ID, Please!
  210. UV Sterilizer, Fertilizer and Shrimp-Do they mix???
  211. What Shrimp is this?????
  212. ID this snail?
  213. What is this shrimp??
  214. RCS turning white and dying
  215. Starting Up A Shrimp Tank - A Few Questions...
  216. CRS pricing?
  217. dedication and perserverance
  218. Thinking about adding Amano shrimp
  219. Crawfish id?
  220. filter media??
  221. RCS shell crack, divided.
  222. new cherry's
  223. Tank full of dead CRS
  224. Cardinal tetras are NOT shrimp safe
  225. Cherry, Red Crystal or Amano?
  226. pond snails begone! poof!
  227. *CRS Gradings*
  228. I'm BACK!!
  229. What do I feed these dang things..
  230. My CPO "impulse buy, probable pair" IS!
  231. dechlorinator
  232. Fire Red shrimp bred
  233. my new shrimp tank
  234. My CRS Farm
  235. Best way to remove shrimplets from canister
  236. Mystery snails question
  237. Crustaceans with silica sand?
  238. Baby RCS!!
  239. MTS and RCS?
  240. Bamboo shrimp
  241. 3 hours in a bag?
  242. Help Snails are taking over!!!
  243. Really dark RCS?
  244. Nerite Snails HELP!?
  245. Any other invert freaks like me in COLORADO?
  246. Breeding Cherries and RCS with substrate
  247. Live krill?
  248. Shrimp Tank Questions
  249. Crayfish
  250. Blue Bee Mama's Eggs Hatched.... Really!