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  1. Ghost shrimp in planted tanks?
  2. amano question
  3. Flourish Excell and Cherry Reds
  4. Filter Media for a Shrimp Tank
  5. Olive Nerite snails CAN hatch in freshwater.
  6. Starting a cardinal shrimp tank, have a few questions
  7. What's a good filter??
  8. First Berried BTOE and CRS!!!
  9. 120G Shrimp/Fish Recommendations?
  10. Six Banded Shrimp
  11. Snail Squishing Finger Is Tired
  12. saddled rcs ???
  13. RCS dying, what am I doing wrong?
  14. Cardinal Shrimp (Sometimes A Blue Notion)
  15. What to do with snails.
  16. Is this a dragonfly nymph?
  17. Notes on Fire and higher grade CRS
  18. Question on Ghost shrimp?
  19. Is it normal to get copepods in a tank that is only 2 weeks old?
  20. How do I provide calcium for the shrimps?
  21. WTB (Crystal Red Shrimp) Sacramento CA
  22. crs dieing!
  23. A Friendly Reminder
  24. What is the best way to ship trumpet snails
  25. OEBT/BTOE Tank mates?
  26. What do cross-bred shrimps look like?
  27. Anyone have Crystal reds near Fresno, ca
  28. Shrimp temperatures, lower end.
  29. Help me ID this snail
  30. Snail with copper-tinted shell
  31. when shrimps stand on top of one another are they mating??/
  32. best way to transfer shrimps to new tank?
  33. Any small snails that won't eat plants or disturb the substrate (HC friendly!)
  34. how many eggs do Cardinals have when berried???
  35. Know of a place to get amano shrimp in md?
  36. Assassin Snails
  37. Pesticides = 5 dead BTOE's
  38. Freshwater sponges, and Asiatic Freshwater Clam (in Hawaii)
  39. Looking for feeder ghost shrimp & or feeder fiddlers
  40. Nerite Snail Piggy Back Rides
  41. RCS growth problem
  42. My first shrimps
  43. Tanks mates for cherry shrimp?
  44. Sulawesi Crystal Shrimp
  45. Crystal Red Shrimp
  46. SHould I put a few Ghosts in with my Cherries?
  47. AlgaeFix
  48. Got my DSLR today
  49. What to do with Amano eggs
  50. Angelfish and shrimp/snails
  51. stupid catfish
  52. RCS with white eyes?
  53. Crs ??
  54. Shrimp
  55. Amano shrimp - general qns about buying
  56. What are these things...
  57. Cardinal Cubs
  58. Pending Shrimp issue
  59. Balancing shrimp and plant needs in a high-tech tank... some questions
  60. Is garlic safe for shrimps?
  61. will amanos eat dead plant matter?
  62. Assassin Snails
  63. Crayfish questions....
  64. Blue Orange Eyed Tigers born!!
  65. Shrimp and Snails Bio-Load?
  66. Shrimp Safe Reactor
  67. The Nom Nom Thread!
  68. Another Snail Question (Ram's Horns)
  69. Group mating
  70. New Sexy Shrimp pics
  71. Ghost shrimp dying
  72. Shrimp
  73. New baby cardinal in my tank!!!
  74. Black tigers
  75. Anyone know where to buy a 1 inch diameter fine fish net?
  76. Need Ideas on a new shrimp tank....
  77. Amano shrimp eggs
  78. F2-Generation of BlackBee x TiBee
  79. crossbreeding information?
  80. Red Cherry Shrimp and Cardinal Tetras
  81. just a quick shrimp question
  82. Check out my pretty baby!
  83. Invert safe meds
  84. ID this shrimp!
  85. crs food
  86. Do amanos grow this fast?
  87. Snail lifespan
  88. question about snails.
  89. Fluval Chi tank
  90. I think I might have a berried Tiger tooth
  91. question about fastest way to get shrimps from Indonesia
  92. More strange thing's in my tank! HELP!
  93. why do my tiger shrimp like to hang on the peat moss bag?
  94. My Amano Shrimp Walked Around My House !?!?
  95. Are the orange crayfish in LFS really CPOs?
  96. Maracyn Plus and Shrimps
  97. apple/mystery snails
  98. White transparent baby snails?
  99. New to shrimps
  100. Taiwan Fire Red Shrimp
  101. De-wormer and snails
  102. Assassin Snail Reproducing.
  103. Sulawesi Poso Orange
  104. Assassin snail shell.
  105. Hydra explosion!
  106. Number of shrimp for 55 gallon
  107. pics of my crystal red and black NO ENTRY.
  108. pics of my cardinals
  109. Sunkist Orange shrimp they said it can't happen!
  110. Anyone raise leeches?
  111. New RCS Tank
  112. hatch eggs artificially - first try
  113. Don't start nothin won't be nothin...
  114. Shrimp behaviour
  115. Suicidal CRS?
  116. my assassin's had babies!
  117. Do Assassin snails use poison?
  118. Assassin snails eat shrimp.
  119. Seed Shrimp(Ostracoda) Question
  120. Thinking of adding cherries, will they be fish food
  121. Snail and Worm found
  122. Nerite snails
  123. adding shrimp
  124. Amano shrimp feeding trouble
  125. Nerite question
  126. share my SSS grade CRS tank..
  127. Holy stupidity batman!!!
  128. Experienced Fish aquarist needs help from experienced Invert/plant aquarist !
  129. RCS babies really shy, or high death rate?
  130. I found I have a tank of blue shrimps?
  131. what is subwassertang and why is it good for shrimps?
  132. Assassin Snail Dilemma
  133. Food question
  134. Luminous Red Cherry Shrimp
  135. Will yoyos eat apple snails?
  136. How many RCS's to start a 10g tank?
  137. Green Lace Shrimp
  138. How many Amanos...
  139. Is Purigen bad for a Shrimp Tank
  140. Sulawesi Environment Photos
  141. Cherry Shrimp - Will They Turn Red?
  142. Assassin snails vs pond snails
  143. ID if possible?
  144. My Flower Shrimp Gets His Food From the Source
  145. Shrimp Tank Advice
  146. Will my ABN Plecos eat my CRS???
  147. Blue Shrimp ID
  148. Water scorpion eats snails?
  149. Tiny CRS or giant RCS pic (YOU DECIDE!)
  150. Shrimp identification and Information Required
  151. Random Shrimp Deaths
  152. Indestructible RCS!
  153. RCS and CRS molting question.
  154. Need Magic snails cleaning crew.
  155. CRS & Goldfish
  156. Red spot on Ghost Shrimp?
  157. Where do you buy your shrimp?
  158. Using Excel with CRS and Yellow Shrimp?
  159. Crs
  160. She's going to explode... everybody run!
  161. crystals (they better be made out of diamonds at these prices)
  162. Wanting to keep cherry shrimp but can I?
  163. Feeding seaweed to RCS?
  164. How much bio load do shrimps add?
  165. Crayfish
  166. Just an observation experience worth repeating
  167. What are you paying for RCS's???
  168. rcs and planted tank alkalinity
  169. Looking for Mosura shrimp tonic.
  170. Pregnant amano shrimp
  171. good and bad
  172. breeding assassin snails
  173. Its Blue Orange Eyed Tiger Party time at my house!
  174. Info on Amano shrimp
  175. tiger shrimp??
  176. Snow Bee x S + Red what will I get?
  177. do you net your berried females to keep them separate?
  178. Someone stop the music trumpets are everywhere
  179. Are these shrimp babys?(pics)
  180. Blackberry Shrimp?
  181. Bristleworm
  182. Questions about RCS Babies
  183. sexing tiger shrimp help please
  184. Will these shrimp cross-breed?
  185. watermelon crab
  186. Amanos and cherries
  187. Shrimp Population - RCS
  188. Breeder Net for Shrimp: Which has super fine mesh?
  189. Zebra nerite snails
  190. Neat invert, I think it is safe for our tanks and plants and whatnot.
  191. temperature control
  192. Any feedback on my 1g Shrimp setup?
  193. What do I need to change to be able to keep inverts alive?
  194. Shrimp and Paludariums??
  195. SSS+ Mosura/Hino and Red Wines
  196. "Nerite Escargot"
  197. Vampire and watermelon crabs
  198. Feeding fruit to shrimp?
  199. found my 1st berried Blue Orange eyed Tiger today!
  200. Tell me all about Blue Tiger Shrimp
  201. Wood (bamboo)Shrimp?
  202. CRS questions of the week
  203. Moving tank, best way to move shrimp?
  204. Baby RCS!!!
  205. End of an era..hurry up get on the ark!!!!
  206. Cherry shrimp and Amanos
  207. Help crs keep dieing!!!
  208. CPO Tankmates
  209. CBS availability
  210. How to control snail poplation in my planted cherry farm
  211. Wild Colored Neocardinas via crossbreeding?
  212. Shrimp and CO2
  213. Red Cherry Shrimp Babies!
  214. Solenoid broken and co2 killed all the shrimp.
  215. Just witnessed a cherry shrimp kill and eat a young ramshorn
  216. Lost saddle?
  217. hardy shrimp???
  218. Lifespan for Amanos
  219. shrimp and algaecides...
  220. molting and eggs
  221. Mama CPO has new babies...yaay!
  222. All shrimp need a pre-filter sponge?
  223. worm under scope
  224. Cherry Shrimp lost eggs??
  225. red cherry shrimp problem
  226. Safe shrimp leaves
  227. Blue Leg Posos
  228. Feeding RCS Questions
  229. Possible Shrimp baby spotting...
  230. lost 8 of my 10 double Hinomarus last night!!
  231. These are babaulti right?
  232. Ghost shrimp turned pink and sleeps all the time. HELP!!
  233. Found some interesting facts about what causes PH to rise!
  234. when to start feeding rcs
  235. CSM+B dosing and Amano/Cherry Shrimp -- Okay?
  236. plants I can use in my sulawesi tank
  237. My poor crayfish molted without claws/legs!
  238. Did my Shrimp Molt or Die?
  239. Snow bees arrived today! Im excited...
  240. Dead Cherry Shrimp?
  241. Prefilter for Filstar XP2 in shrimp tank
  242. Black No Entries arrived and one is berried!!!
  243. Red Orchids
  244. discuss and shrimp?
  245. question about CRS.
  246. help with crs juveniles
  247. Ph for Crystal Red Shrimp
  248. Berried Red Nose/Rudolph Shrimp WooHoo!
  249. hydra and rcs
  250. Red worm