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: Shrimp & Other Invertebrates

  1. Invert Thrive from root medics?
  2. Shrimp and nano tank?
  3. Ich!!!!
  4. Failed Molt?
  5. Which Substrate for CRS?
  6. Need Info on These Crayfish
  7. Shrimp ID pleeeeease
  8. What do you do with your Excess Snails
  9. Can you keep shrimp with dwarf cichlid's?
  10. blue lobsters are brown??
  11. Candy snail
  12. If not a shrimp only tank
  13. Triple sulfa and shrimp
  14. Very proud of my selective breeding efforts in my shrimp tank!
  15. Does anyone get any cool hitchhikers with plants?
  16. Goodies I found! What shrimps!?
  17. Ever see these before?
  18. Mystery Snail floating at the top D:
  19. injured assassin
  20. rili shrimp
  21. Grading Crystal Shrimp...?
  22. Selective breeding / When to cull?
  23. How to get electric blue crayfish blue again
  24. Why I am loosing my Nerites
  25. OE Blue tiger turning a mixture of pinkish/brown
  26. want pic of assassin snail eggs
  27. Nerite
  28. My new RCS
  29. Help with OEBT's - See post 8 for current issues
  30. mystery snails
  31. Do you guys get this?
  32. Are test strips accurate?
  33. RCS and Fairy shrimp
  34. My Crystal Shrimp Pictures
  35. Before Buying Assassin Snails
  36. Brine Shrimp Eggs
  37. What is too cold for CRS?
  38. they are all dead!
  39. never kept shrimps
  40. If I dont want to breed RCS...
  41. Female RCS carrying fungused eggs
  42. I cannot keep my trumpet snails alive...
  43. CRS SSS growth rate
  44. I need recipes, home made shrimp food
  45. My Fireball Cherries and CRS/CBS
  46. Top Fin water conditioner
  47. Newbie needs the experts help
  48. I am an abundance of little problems
  49. Different Shrimp Types
  50. Nerites changing color patterns?
  51. Ways to add calcium to your tank?
  52. Nerite snail outside the tank for 10 Days!
  53. What pH is Jewels RO Drinking Water?
  54. My regular RCS and some new Fire Red juvies I just got!
  55. Zebra danio's vs. Shrimp
  56. Shrimp and Soft Water
  57. Shrimp ID please
  58. Free cherry shrimp and orange shrimp to a good London home.
  59. Hard water shrimp?
  60. Cherax destructor
  61. crazy snail
  62. manzanita
  63. Bought some shrimp
  64. Assassin Snails
  65. Some of my Berried shrimp Pictures
  66. Snowballs
  67. just found a golden berried female
  68. Cherry shrimp question
  69. no berried shirimp anymore
  70. Snowball Shrimplet! :) i am a dad again.
  71. co2, pH, CRS, and filtration? need some thoughts...
  72. shrimpy disaster
  73. self cloning marbled crays
  74. lf tricolor nerites
  75. Taiwan Bee Shrimp
  76. Mysterious disappearing eggs?
  77. CRS question
  78. mystery snails...
  79. Name these Crayfish!
  80. Is this too much food for 20 CRS???
  81. Thought I would share some pictures of my CRS: S to SSS+.
  82. Another Shrimp ID...
  83. Shrimp eating shrimp
  84. Pictures of my CRS - Also what are people feeding their shrimp
  85. How much water movement?
  86. Shipping snails question
  87. Fluval Shrimp Kit
  88. Are Cyclopoids bad for a shrimp tank?
  89. Fancy Guppies shrimp safe?
  90. Green Hydra's
  91. Shipping shrimp procedures?
  92. pic of my blue pearl
  93. Types of Red Cherry Shrimp
  94. pond snails
  95. Bangladesh Black Pearl Shrimp
  96. Ghost Killers
  97. New to Shrimp: Stock My Tank!
  98. My best shrimp (pic), and my best shrimp picture
  99. Are my tank parameters good for cherry shrimp?
  100. What is the ideal pH for Red Cherry Shrimps?
  101. Question about maintaing grade of shrimp
  102. red rams horn snail
  103. New Bamboo Shrimp MIA
  104. Berried females dying after molt - Please help. :(
  105. CO2 and the shrimp tank
  106. Female Betta and Cherry Shrimp 10 gallon
  107. specific gravity for nerite egg hatch?
  108. Blue Pearl Shrimp Question
  109. Starting a Shrimp farm...
  110. Best way to catch RCS?
  111. My First 5Gallon Desktop Shrimp Tank
  112. Golden Bee
  113. Looking for some low grade CRS, what is a fair price?
  114. Disaster strikes!
  115. Will harlequin Raspboras eat shrimp?
  116. Crystal Red Shrimps
  117. Please help my shrimp!!!!
  118. Can Daphnia pulex culture be started from dry Daphnia?
  119. My snail has been extending a long appendage...
  120. Crystal Red Shrimp: What grade do you want?
  121. Ideal canister for a 7.5 gallon?
  122. Multiple Paternity in Caridina ensifera var. blue
  123. quick cherry shrimp question
  124. My new desktop shrimp tank
  125. Painted Fire Red Shrimp?
  126. Pic of Green Momma
  127. UGF help for new tank
  128. shrimp in 1/2 gallon
  129. Which shrimp is right for me?
  130. Setting Up a 20g Long for Crystal Reds
  131. Potential Shrimp Tanks??? is this ok?
  132. Black Tigger shrimp
  133. CRS/CBS questions
  134. Some of My Snails
  135. Murderer Female Amano
  136. Shrimp care.
  137. late night invertebrate craziness
  138. Baby shrimps or copepods?
  139. harden my water
  140. Fluval Shrimp Stratum Review?
  141. Sharing some pic of my shrimps
  142. It's time once again to play... "Name That Snail!!!"
  143. how do hydra get into daphia cultures?
  144. assassin snails
  145. What is the cause of death?
  146. Ferts and Cherries
  147. Filter Kids
  148. HELP!! found an alien in the tank!
  149. Quarantining Snails
  150. food for bamboo shrimp?
  151. Do shrimp have a bioload?
  152. cherry shrimp eyes....
  153. Shipping Red Cherry Shrimp? Or Crystal Reds?
  154. Has anyone used this AZOO MAX BIO BALL?
  155. my new Limnopilos naiyanetri are looking good!
  156. Plant Safe Snails?
  157. Artificially hatched RCS
  158. snails eating my plats?
  159. making a shrimp tank
  160. Impostor snail.
  161. NOM NOM NOM say the critters!
  162. Seed Shrimps Swarm?
  163. Can mystery snails become a pest?
  164. nerites leaving the tank
  165. Questions Pancur & (fenbendazole)
  166. molting?
  167. Shrimp ID/questions...Orange Bee Shrimp?
  168. My new semi-invertibrates.
  169. How about Zebra plecos with shrimp?
  170. My poor BTOES...
  171. First time cultivating Brine Shrimp! :D
  172. ONE shrimp looks like it has neurological problems, rest are fine. Please help.
  173. will neons, rosbora or amber tetras shrimp safe
  174. shrimp and ferts??
  175. Fiddler crab?
  176. Where to find "red" ramshorns?
  177. How many Red cherry shrimps can i have in my 20 gallon Long?
  178. Red Cherry Shrimp?
  179. Has anyone tried the RM Shrimp Thrive?
  180. What are these? Parasites? Insects? Copepods? (Video Attached)
  181. Crs
  182. Starting a phytoplankton culture with Vpure nano?
  183. clams
  184. Seed Shrimp?
  185. Bristle nose plecos shrimp safe?
  186. Yellow shrimp in Tap water?
  187. Yellow shrimp babies! Now with updated pictures of selective breeding. :D (56k)
  188. Shrimps In Their Natural Habitat
  189. Do red (pink) ramshorns breed true?
  190. Best way to cycle a shrimp tank and for how long?
  191. Too soft of water, or a snail shell parasite?
  192. Ghost Shrimp with Weather Loaches (Dojos)
  193. Shirakura mineral versus Equilibrium
  194. Discoloration of RCS
  195. Growth rate of CRS
  196. snail ID
  197. bamboo shrimp
  198. ID my shrimp
  199. 28x40x33cm (WxLxH)?
  200. So Cute
  201. How to stop shrimplets from getting caught in intake?
  202. SSS CRS question
  203. Water parameter for high grade CRS
  204. Assassin FAIL
  205. Why shrimp died?
  206. idea for shrimp acclimation
  207. RCS and amanos
  208. RCS Tankmates
  209. what is this crap coming out of my nerite??
  210. Fish Nets
  211. Super red cherrys
  212. Does temp determine sex in shrimps?
  213. Best Snail...
  214. Does Shirakura food spoil?
  215. The CRS Menu
  216. Will my shrimp be eaten?
  217. What type of wire mesh to use for moss pads. Shrimp Safe?
  218. Petco snails
  219. what do RCS babies look like?
  220. OK what the heck is this (pics)
  221. Colorado Rock for shrimps?
  222. My First Shrimplets - How can I vacuum now?
  223. I'm a papa!
  224. Never seen this B4 snail w.o. a shell?
  225. Strange, wierd and sadly dying shrimp?
  226. Would adding a chunk of coral add calcium?
  227. Do I have a RCS predator?
  228. Kanoko and Rili Shrimps?
  229. Mosura Eros and Gravidas
  230. Shrimps die after molting?
  231. ID my snail?
  232. Show us your shrimp tank!
  233. Shrimp + Rescape?
  234. "Well Established" Uhhh, okay and that is?
  235. Shrimp with dwarf frogs?
  236. What are my invert options other than shrimp?
  237. A few Otto/Shrimp Questions.
  238. shrimp and where to get them
  239. Do I want nerites or ramshorns?
  240. ID please
  241. CRS grazing and eating but not touching pellets
  242. halloween crab
  243. Someone explain shrimp grades to me.
  244. How many Shrimp? Fluval Flora/Fluval EBI
  245. Amano babies floating!
  246. Shrimp Playing Dead?
  247. A newly discovered shrimp!
  248. zebra nerite question
  249. My shrimp tanks
  250. Rabbit snails <3