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: Shrimp & Other Invertebrates

  1. Crystal Red Shrimp - TDS levels and how to safely raise it?
  2. cherry's
  3. Shrimp Movement
  4. Amphipods
  5. berry and molting?
  6. Shrimp wipe out!
  7. Rawr! Snail vs. the volcano!
  8. ~50 RCS... How can I catch them ALL!?
  9. Help with Cherry Shrimp....
  10. killi fish and discus
  11. I saw my shrimp molt!
  12. Apistogramma or Ram with Shrimp?
  13. What are Painted fire reds compatible with?
  14. Equilibrium and shrimp?
  15. How can I make my snails make more babies?
  16. Swimmy parasite in shrimp tank!?!
  17. Does Mosura Tonic Pro contain Calcuim?
  18. Whats the recommended gH level for crystal red shrimps?
  19. identify this crazy looking shrimp plz
  20. CRS sss crown VS. CRS sss flower
  21. Plastic plants
  22. complete d'uh moment...
  23. CBS/CRS breeding with Golden bee shrimp
  24. Dwarf orange crayfish
  25. Hikari Crab Cuisine...any reviews?
  26. Blue Ram
  27. Did my snails freeze?
  28. Video: 5.5G Shrimp Aquarium
  29. What do you think I am?
  30. Setup for 4 gallon Sulawesi?
  31. Friday Nite Fun - How good are your shrimp eyes?
  32. Carbon filter in shrimp tank?
  33. Can anyone please ID for cbs grade
  34. Assassin Snail Eggs are a pain in the bum to remove
  35. Shrimp bowl
  36. stoping cherry shrimp getting into filter?
  37. I killed my shrimp by accident
  38. amano shrimp breeding in fw
  39. Hydra
  40. Snowball, dark green and crs
  41. ***Shrimp Mystery!!! HELP!***
  42. Amano's and cherries
  43. Water for CRS
  44. Photos of my Opae Ula / Halocaridina Rubra / Hawaiian Red Shrimp
  45. Importante: problem with metal?
  46. Had to share this beautiful gal with everyone
  47. Mosura Eros...anyone using it yet?
  48. My Red Tiger gal had her babies!
  49. Can I use Excel for plants in shrimp tank?
  50. Lifespan of Dwarf Shrimps?
  51. 1 gold snail & 1 dalmatian molly lost
  52. They have gone mad
  53. shrimp with fry?
  54. Safe fish food for my shrimp
  55. Whats up with my Ghost Shrimp?
  56. Lemme see if I understand this...
  57. Thai Microcrabs breeding [VIDEO]
  58. Shrimp in a community planted tank?
  59. Need suggestion for my new tank!
  60. High end shrimp product interest?
  61. Escaping Shrimp Prevention
  62. nitrate in cherry shrimp tank
  63. Painted Fire Reds
  64. Massive CRS die off's...
  65. Best way to acclimate? How long?
  66. Who's a good source for CRS?
  67. Blue bee shrimp?
  68. Keeping Shrimp out of filter?
  69. more rcs?
  70. Shrimp and Long fin red minor tetras? How many shrimp to get?
  71. My marmokrebs crayfish moulting video
  72. Molting and mating?
  73. pregnant micro crab
  74. Plants for shrimp?
  75. Abbreviations?
  76. Is My Set-Up OK For Cherrie's? UPDATE: I Got The Shrimp
  77. What leaves do you use?
  78. breeding shrimp
  79. Considering buying an assassin snail, few questions :)
  80. What to use to remineralize RO water?
  81. Black King Kong: My dream shrimp
  82. Shrimp question
  83. just put my berried Red Tiger in a breeders net.
  84. What should NitrAte levels be in my shrimp tank?
  85. quick queston about rcs
  86. Cherry shrimp help?
  87. Red eye Crystal Black Shrimp??
  88. What temperature do ya guys and gals keep your CRS at?
  89. Apple Snails going NOM!
  90. best pre-filter?
  91. where did the first black tiger originate from?
  92. What other shrimp?
  93. Mystery shrimp
  94. Shrimp death after molting
  95. What do you feed your shrimp?
  96. SIDS(sudden invertebrate death syndrome); How often with RCS?
  97. my black tiger pic
  98. What shrimp tolerate 78 F, breeding etc.
  99. Cherries and these fish?
  100. Grasshopper Shrimp?
  101. Quarantine snails?
  102. Selective breeding Wild Bee Shrimp
  103. bamboo shrimp
  104. Sexing Nerite Snails
  105. Orange Shrimp
  106. Pearl Blue VS. Snowball
  107. 10g Cardinal Shrimp Tank
  108. My new Christmas present!
  109. keeping shrimp algae eaters
  110. shrimp conversion
  111. Just how sensetive are OEBT shrimp and Cherries?
  112. Seed Shrimp Question
  113. Green eyed RCS
  114. Will blue berry's breed with crs and cbs?
  115. Are OEBT shrimp nocturnal?
  116. New guy to shrimp :)
  117. Daphnia....
  118. Shrimp-Friendly Cichlid?
  119. how long to qt?
  120. How much do CRS/CBS Grade S, SS, and SSS go for?
  121. What Ecco Pro 130, 200, 300 on 20g long?
  122. Are my RCS berried?
  123. Ghost shrimp eat hair algae?!?!
  124. I have alot of Montmorillonite Clay.
  125. parasites
  126. There's something about Cherries
  127. daphnia as shrimp food?
  128. How long to wait?
  129. Tiger shrimp murdering cherries?
  130. adding amanos
  131. Caridina sp. "Blueberry Bee"/Sulawesi Complex
  132. White spot vs blue spot cardinal sulawesi shrimp
  133. mysis food
  134. Mosura
  135. Shrimp mix
  136. Does anyone have any pics of Bee shrimp?
  137. Comercial shrimp food
  138. Gordon's shrimp thread
  139. Please help identify this "creature" in my shrimp tank
  140. Shrimp mystery
  141. found a berried blue bee shrimp today! yaaay
  142. What Grade is Thick white 4band CRS/CBS?
  143. Would ghost shrimp eat my tigers?
  144. What fish could I add to a shrimp tank?
  145. non-planted shrimp tank
  146. Always hiding?? :/
  147. Yellow nose and Starry night pics
  148. yellow stripe shrimp pics
  149. Assassin snails cannibals?
  150. Volunteer Snails *sigh*
  151. Man that sucks!!
  152. [email protected] ramshorn eating my plants!
  153. how do i get rid of nerite snail eggs
  154. Shrimp dropping eggs.
  155. No more multiple nerites!
  156. Fish not "shrimp safe" but possible?
  157. Nitrates levels?
  158. What shrimp would you get if you had the loot?
  159. I need to share my pain :(
  160. WCs
  161. What grade are these CRS?
  162. How often and what do you feed your shrimp
  163. Spyke's 5.5 gallon Cherry Shrimp Farm
  164. shrimp tank supplements
  165. Food for baby shrimp... necessary?
  166. invertebrates?
  167. Amano/Yamato shrimp eat clado?
  168. Recommend a Shrimp please?
  169. inactive nerite snails.
  170. Recommend me a good filter for shrimp tank...
  171. CRS Adult Size
  172. New to shrimp.
  173. Shrimp Colony Q?
  174. Prices for oe blue tigers????
  175. Catching Shrimp for Selective Breeding?
  176. What killed my CRS
  177. Filter recommendations for 30g shrimp tank?
  178. A pic of my new Fire Red shrimp
  179. Subtrate that lowers pH
  180. Caridina vs Neocaridina shrimps
  181. Dead shrimp or molt?
  182. Has anyone used Peat Capsules from RootMedic?
  183. Changing substrate in a shrimp tank
  184. Liquid Mineral supplement for shrimps?
  185. Orange Chameleon shrimp anyone have any info on these?
  186. osmocote plus and shrimps
  187. I'm a grandma!
  188. Sulawesi cardinal shrimps
  189. What do guys gals do with your dead shrimp?
  190. growing daphnia is fun!
  191. MTS all going to top of tank in multiple tanks!
  192. Will CBS and CRS Interbreed?
  193. CRS and cycling
  194. shrimp offspring; result of selective buying
  195. simple cure for black hair algae
  196. Importing Shrimp
  197. Lets play name that shrimp
  198. Fluval Ebi or Fluval Edge?
  199. HOUSTON We have a ..WORM! H E L P !!!!
  200. CRS with CBS?
  201. Wild Caridina sp. blue?
  202. Turtle's 20g Long Cardinal Shrimp Tank
  203. my very berried blue pearl
  204. pic of my community shrimp/cray/snail tank
  205. Starry nights
  206. Min Tank Height for a Shrimp Tank?
  207. Does Intense lighting affect behavior?
  208. Sulawesi blueberry shrimps
  209. Filterless Shrimp Tank
  210. Assassin Snails (Anentome helena)
  211. Marbled Crayfish
  212. Sera Blackwater Aquatan
  213. Watermelon Crab
  214. Ceramic Hide Tubes
  215. Air pump for multiple tanks?
  216. striped blue pearl?
  217. Lethargic shrimp and deaths
  218. I want to start a shrimp breeding tank? How?
  219. I love mystery snails!
  220. Questions about Cherry Red Shrimp habbitat
  221. CRS Selective Breeding question
  222. shrimp and plants
  223. My new painted fire reds
  224. I am not quite sure if I got the shrimp I wanted...
  225. How to breed Amano Shrimp
  226. Crystal Red Shrimp and HC Plant
  227. Gordon's 20 gallon long Sakura Tank
  228. Amano berried
  229. Soft/Hard Tap Water?
  230. Picture Molting
  231. Heatpacks and shrimps?
  232. CRS and RCS tank specifics
  233. Looking for various photos of shrimp
  234. Solid sinking food for shrimp?
  235. I knew it wasn't snails eating my plants.
  236. Is it a good idea to dedicate a 75g to RCS?
  237. Can RNR breed in captivity?
  238. What does this mean? Help please.
  239. Which shrimp to breed?
  240. Mystery snails eating plants
  241. Snail tank without a filter?
  242. New shrimp nano filter
  243. Struggling with snails....
  244. theshrimptank
  245. Shrimp/fish eggs question...
  246. Shirakura Shrimp Additives
  247. Wahdone in China has anyone dealt with them?
  248. shrimp filter
  249. What Grade Shrimp Are these?
  250. Tiger Shrimp + White coloration?