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: Shrimp & Other Invertebrates

  1. Yamato shrimp eggs help
  2. OEBTs, SSS CRS, K14, Red Tiger, BTOEs, & TTs: Update Sunkist Sakuras Berried
  3. fiddling with flashes
  4. Orange shrimp...???
  5. Shrimp ID please - Macrobrachium Lanchesteri? or?
  6. ID this shrimp
  7. Pictures of my shrimp at feeding time
  8. white spects
  9. baby shrimp safety
  10. help identifying one of my pregnant shrimp???
  11. I have done a bad
  12. funny cpo
  13. Baby Cherries?
  14. white or black sand for yellow shrimp tank
  15. Blue/Red Ramshorns in Canada
  16. Need Ideas!!!
  17. Anyone breed ghost shrimp
  18. Next shrimp in line?
  19. seed shrimp outbreak
  20. PFR--> Hoop there it is!
  21. Temperature for Tiger shrimp
  22. RCS Molting problem.
  23. Planaria?
  24. Death of ALL invertebrates
  25. Thrive capsules
  26. Worried about my bamboo shrimp
  27. Why won't my Cherries breed?
  28. Bladder snail problem
  29. What do you feed your shrimp?
  30. looking for shrimp out on long island ny
  31. Nerite snail alternative
  32. Azoo??
  33. What grade is this CRS?
  34. Driftwood n shrimp
  35. Blue Cray
  36. Cherry shrimp with dojo loaches?
  37. need snail i.d. ( no pic sorry)
  38. Ghost shrimp
  39. frummy tuggler
  40. Olive Nerite Snail Info?
  41. pond RCS
  42. need id
  43. My Mosura gal had her babies!
  44. Assassin Snails
  45. How can you tell if a shrimp has recently molted?
  46. Tiger Shrimp death
  47. Wow I think my tiger shrimp just mated with my bee shrimp?
  48. MIA Bamboo Shrimp
  49. ?A little puzzled?
  50. RCS tank with MP.
  51. Can berried female's molt ??
  52. Jungle Labs Fungus Clear and RCS
  53. Snails attracted to HC?
  54. Illegally importing CRS ?!
  55. Hows this for a picture of an invertebrate
  56. What kind of shrimp?
  57. 2.5" Pleco and RCS
  58. berried female cherries
  59. what color substrate
  60. Mystery Shrimp
  61. My CRS Have been dying
  62. Cherry shrimp dying? please help.
  63. Sulawesi shrimps, is it possible for them to crossbreed?
  64. Baby CRS/CBS!
  65. Is there a way to tell the Genus of a shrimp visually?
  66. Shrimps steal fish food - What to do?
  67. Cherries stopped breeding
  68. yellow and crs killing eachother?
  69. My Ramshorn & Bladder Snails stopped laying eggs. Why?
  70. Theres something blue in my tank
  71. Catching baby shrimp
  72. am i the only one?
  73. crs/cbs in a 10g
  74. Starry Nights Tank
  75. Can shrimp become trapped in filter foam?
  76. shrimp rated the same for generations?
  77. Help a newbie with shrimp.
  78. Double checking if my tank is ready for CRS
  79. RCS vs CRS for algae
  80. need advice asap!! crs and api algaefix
  81. What kinda of shrimp is this
  82. What kind of snail is this?
  83. Would this be perfect filter for a shrimp tank?
  84. some candid pics of my shrimpies
  85. Algae eating shrimp?
  86. Transfering Fish and Shrimp
  87. How do I keep my fish from eating my shrimp?
  88. Micro crabs Limnopilos Naiyanetri
  89. What shrimp can be housed together?
  90. What the HELL is this I found in my tank?
  91. Snails in my tank...
  92. CPO illegal in UK?
  93. Shrimp and H2O2?
  94. starting a shrimp tank?
  95. berried shrimp?
  96. What is this in my tank???
  97. My CPO experience... Sucks.
  98. mystery snail breeding ?
  99. Ro water and crystal red shrimp
  100. What snail is this?
  101. What am I doing wrong with my yellow shrimp?
  102. sulawesi shrimp life span
  103. these guys gave me a scare!
  104. Shrimp ID?
  105. Noob question
  106. First To Identify These Snails Wins!!!!!!
  107. Mystery snails?
  108. Nerite snails. What's the secret?
  109. RCS vs. CRS
  110. All this talk about OEBT ....
  111. Ground cover and Plants for Shrimp Tank
  112. The Mobile Snail Nursery
  113. Hehe.... what I got for present
  114. CRS in this tank?
  115. Ramshorns fine/Nerites dead :(
  116. LOOK what i found in my tank! PICS INSIDE....
  117. Iwagumi "Serene"
  118. Just Another Shrimp Tank
  119. CRS w/ no heater @ house temp of 69-71?
  120. Leo's shrimp tanks/ projects
  121. Kind of snails?
  122. You get what you pay for...
  123. Berried CRS, but I never see shrimplets?
  124. CRS living with RCS
  125. Shrimp Tank Requirements
  126. DK's m..a..d.. d..o..-i..n..g..s........
  127. Ich meds with shrimp in tank?
  128. RCS with green eggs?
  129. My first cpos!
  130. PIA Planaria
  131. Are my eggs dead
  132. DFW Shrimp Breeding
  133. SS or SSS CRS?
  134. Cherry Shrimp and Flyin Foxs
  135. baby cherry shrimp
  136. Changing ph in shrimp tank
  137. Saddles colors?
  138. Blue silicone stains from ich meds bad for shrimp?
  139. I am over the Moon...I have baby crystals!
  140. Ich - Heat & Salt Treatment - Very Active RCS
  141. Countdown til the SLR
  142. RCS in Brackish Water?
  143. fiddler crabs
  144. Golden Snails: To Breed or Not To Breed?
  145. Shrimp ID
  146. To many snails!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  147. White Growths On Cherry Shrimp Colony
  148. Shrimp Pictures and Info
  149. Solid red CRS? Lets call them grade F?
  150. found a dead cherry this moring...
  151. What fish to keep w/shrimp?
  152. Shrimps genetically change color?
  153. Snails
  154. Vampire Shrimp with Angels?
  155. Apistogramma Cichlid with shrimp?
  156. 1...2...3... Push Shrimp, Push!
  157. The Different Personalities of Shrimp
  158. Ideal tank setup for OEBT's
  159. My Mosura Eros Experiment
  160. Could handling coins before putting hands in a shrimp aquarium kill shrimp?
  161. Tiger Shrimps
  162. CPOs or Marbled Crays with shrimp?
  163. Mosursa Products - I like!
  164. is it as easy as you say?
  165. My First Berried CRS w/pic
  166. ick yuck I hate bugs what's this?
  167. Speeding up breeding process...
  168. shrimp breeding tips
  169. Mosura Excel "on-the-cob"....?
  170. Water not suitable?
  171. ninja shrimp
  172. Hikari "Sinking Wafers" Safe for Shrimp?
  173. plant weights in a shrimp tank
  174. Shrimp tank mates?
  175. Problems cycling a shrimp tank
  176. Mystery Shrimp are Changing Color
  177. Changing substrate with an established shrimp tank
  178. LFS with a good variety of Shrimp in Chicagoland area?
  179. Shrimp and RO/DI
  180. Last shot with shrimp!!
  181. Water parameters For Caridina cf. babaulti "Green" ?
  182. Additional clean up crew?
  183. sulawesi shrimp tank
  184. A few pictures
  185. What the hell is going on in my tank (pics) please help
  186. Mystery Snail Eggs
  187. shrimp and GBRs?
  188. Crs turned brown
  189. Vacation and high grade CRS
  190. What Kind of Shrimp Is This?
  191. bee shrimp and crs
  192. Crystal Red Shrimp water hardness ?
  193. little white worms?
  194. Snails
  195. Selective Breeding RCS
  196. shrimp wont eat...
  197. Wild caught nerites OK?
  198. Mosura Gravidas how do you feed this?
  199. Didn't have much improved!!! My CRS
  200. Beginner shrimper ...
  201. Intensely colored shrimp&eggs
  202. What kind of snail?
  203. Adding more substrate????
  204. need help to identify a shrimp i purchased
  205. How to: CRS tank on the cheap
  206. saddled after 10 days?
  207. CRS Population Threshold per Gallon - Insane Video
  208. CRS or Tiger Shrimp?
  209. Does Azoo Max Breed Work?
  210. Marmorkrebs with shrimp?
  211. ***what is this?! Help!***
  212. Need to lower water temp.
  213. is this true about breeding?
  214. What the heck is this?????
  215. my red tiger shrimp
  216. Vending machine RO?
  217. Crystal reds
  218. Question: CRS/CBS + New water?
  219. Bentonite / montmorillonite clay and its benefits
  220. Perfect hino no-entry?
  221. My best SSS
  222. Would a Uv sterilizer be beneficial in a Shrimp Tank?
  223. crs, what about cardinals
  224. Red fire shrimp?
  225. cherry shrimp color variance
  226. tiger shrimp dying
  227. CRS, RCS same type of shrimp?
  228. Red Claw Crabs Dying....?
  229. Vampire Crabs
  230. Nerite Snail: 1 GSA:0
  231. what is the safe ppm range of nitrates for crs/cbs?
  232. cherries dying for some reason
  233. my Malili Reds
  234. Got my Blue Leg Posos and some are berried!
  235. I think I got lucky on these CRS
  236. Spotting shrimp babies
  237. RCS question's
  238. Will this setup work for CRS
  239. do you find your black tigers are slow???
  240. i have a bug and would like to know what it is
  241. What is this snail?
  242. Tank overhaul for cardinals?
  243. What's that leech?
  244. ro/di or not (currently using brita filter)
  245. RCS snack or not?
  246. Tank Issue/Cherry Shrimp Growth
  247. Can I not feed my shrimp ever?
  248. What do i get when a Bee Shrimp interbreeds with CRS/CBS/GOLDEN BEE?
  249. whats the difference in fire reds and painted and tiawan cherries?
  250. Neon Tetras with shrimp?