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: Shrimp & Other Invertebrates

  1. Shrimp Choices
  2. Crystal Red Shrimps (CRS) + Indian Almond Leaf (IAL) = More Breeding?
  3. More on the Assassin Snail
  4. How "fast" do shrimp mate?
  5. New to shrimp, do's and donts? copper? help.
  6. Earth toned shrimp? Same size/smaller than cherries.
  7. What do baby crystals look like compared to baby cherries
  8. Why do my shrimp want to leave??
  9. Anyone got Nerite Snails for sale?
  10. Hakata PRL
  11. Orange Sunkist vs Orange-Colored Cherries?
  12. How long is shrimp pregnancy?
  13. Shrimp art?
  14. Help! Rabbit snails rescue!
  15. Shrimp ideas/advice
  16. Lead strip sinker toxic to shrimp?
  17. shrimp tank info
  18. My new shrimp tank and shrimp
  19. Quarantine?
  20. Cats!
  21. How to catch a bunch of shrimp at once?
  22. 2nd round of eggs
  23. HoB Filter and Shrimp.
  24. Cross breeding neos to get black cherries?
  25. Sexy Shrimp Thor amboinensis berried
  26. ph test kit
  27. Is my heater faulty?
  28. MY shrimp are ALWAYS hiding
  29. Low Grade CRS pictures
  30. Do shrimp diseases transmit to fish?
  31. spixi snails
  32. OEBT or Blue Bee shrimp?
  33. Hydra and Planaria outbreak - Need to rid these
  34. Thrill seeking mystery snails
  35. Is this even a CRS?
  36. What factors cause Shrimp to die?
  37. Cherry Red Shrimp Dead After 24hrs
  38. Using tap water for water changes
  39. How big are thai micro crabs in comparison to a shrimp?
  40. F1 BKK Hybrids *babies ahoy*
  41. Help Bamboo Shrimp Acting Strangely
  42. I got new shrimp - coloring question
  43. What to breed Grade C CRS with?
  44. Acclimating shrimp to pH & GH/KH
  45. Shrimp Eyesight Question
  46. Does anyone have any tips on care and breeding of macros?
  47. are shrimps sensitive to aquarium salt?
  48. Help! CPO care and breeding
  49. Hawaiian Red Shrimp Reproduction
  50. how do you prepare spinach and zuccini?
  51. Shrimp Grading
  52. otto and baby rcs
  53. best filter for cherry shrimp?
  54. Diatom filter for hydra?
  55. Will Amano's be OK with Serpae's?
  56. shrimp on tooth
  57. Sakura Shrimp and CPO
  58. Moving contents of heavily planted tank full of shrimp!
  59. So I tried a new food (it was a free sample) and now a few shrimp are opaque white
  60. algae on shrimp?
  61. shrimplab's prefilter?
  62. Behavior Problems with Amano Shrimp
  63. Green Shrimp sexing (Caridina cf. babaulti var. Green)
  64. Question about snails...
  65. CRS & Pesticides off Zucchini
  66. In need of one Malaysian Trumpet Snail, anyone got one?
  67. Brigs' snail egg clutches
  68. Ghost shrimp
  69. Powerheads for 10g shrimp tank
  70. It can be done! For now.....
  71. food/breeding of daphnia
  72. shrimp dying.....
  73. bamboo shrimp mixed with cherry
  74. My 3 nerite snails suddenly climbs out after 5 months of calm
  75. They DID hatch!
  76. Strange 'extensions' on Ramhorn snails
  77. I want to get some nice shrimp, but are they worth it.
  78. Mystery snails and ghost shrimp dead
  79. can I toss the snails into a small pond?
  80. Mosura mineral plus dosage amnt??
  81. Substrate for CRS and CRS
  82. Pink ramshorns
  83. Harlequin
  84. Nessie?
  85. Minimum size to have a pregnant RCS carry her eggs happily to birth?
  86. Are these snail eggs and what type of snail is this?
  87. Baby Amano Shirmp?
  88. Panacur and Ph?
  89. Amano Shrimp in community tank
  90. Low Kh/Gh
  91. Harlequin Rasbora vs Neon tetra with cherry shrimp
  92. Is it safe to ship snails now?
  93. Red Cherry Shrimp swimming like crazy
  94. What size Kordon bag for shipping?
  95. Sulawesi for beginners?
  96. Will Amano Shrimp eat BBA?
  97. Mosura Eros??
  98. SOOOO confused.
  99. what kind of shrimp? zebra maybe?
  100. Beginning of my Sulawesi Keeping Adventure
  101. Shrimp safe epoxy, glue and silicon?
  102. OEBT sexing
  103. CRS acting dead?!
  104. What's wrong with my apple snail???
  105. Berried again!
  106. What to breed after Tiger Shrimp?
  107. What killed my mystery snails?
  108. Lost one :(
  109. is this bad?
  110. Malaysian Trumpet Snails FLOATING(Dancing on the ceiling)
  111. Berried shrimp
  112. differences in nerite snails??
  113. Betta with fin rot in tank with plants and shrimp
  114. Tetra color sinking tropical granules
  115. Anacharis
  116. Looking for Blue Pearls in Canada
  117. Is a lower ph needed for CRS
  118. What Tree Leaves are ok?
  119. do shrimp need any supplements?
  120. Virgin Nerites
  121. Can you ID these?
  122. Quick question: Mixing different color babaulti.
  123. Assassin snails
  124. Red Cherry Shrimp Impact on Bioload
  125. Is this babies of Black Trapdoor Snails??
  126. Micro crabs?
  127. kill snails and eggs?
  128. CPO not mating
  129. Can Crs kill OEBT?
  130. future home of my shrimp
  131. Amano shrimp activities ?'s
  132. quick cycle question.....
  133. Shrimp rack!
  134. red cherry shrimp and ABN pleco
  135. high or low lighting?
  136. Sulawesi??
  137. Pet Leech:)
  138. ID that shrimp!
  139. Red OEBT and observations
  140. Crystal Red Shrimp water temp?
  141. Is this shrimp preggers?
  142. What are these two shrimp?
  143. what would be the ultimate shrimp tank?
  144. saddle on cherries?
  145. marbled crayfish
  146. These are baby shrimp.... right?
  147. Are cyrpts and anubis bad for shrimp?
  148. best filter for a 40B
  149. Is my tank ready for cherry shrimp?
  150. Massive shrimp dieoff
  151. Are these 2 compatible?
  152. 4 kinds of shrimp hanging out
  153. Very strange idea.
  154. apple snail eggs
  155. I believe I just witnessed my first shrimp egg hatch!
  156. Removing Moss/Other Items from Shrimp Tank
  157. CO2 and Shrimp
  158. Anyone have extra shrimp?
  159. super important question....
  160. Snails invasion
  161. What's so bad about planaria?
  162. What's she doing? Video of female shrimp.
  163. ID: found something really odd
  164. man--they is tiny critters
  165. Dry ferts and shrimp question...
  166. i want a snail(s) :)
  167. Tax payer $$$$ towards shrimp?
  168. Water for breeding CRS
  169. Float and Release/Bomb Acclimating Shrimp
  170. Estimate my RCP population!
  171. Will endlers eat scuds?
  172. feeding 6 RCS
  173. Caridina cf. babaulti aka dwarf zebra...
  174. Foam on HOB intake needed?
  175. 1gal nano too small for RCS?
  176. Breeding boxes... What's your take?
  177. Green Shrimp
  178. panther crabs?
  179. How to catch all the shrimp in a tank?
  180. Calcium supplement for MTS.
  181. Sigh....
  182. Any fish good w/ shrimp???
  183. Are yellow shrimp really bigger?
  184. Shrimp Grading System?
  185. Noob Shrimp Questions (Amano & Bamboo)
  186. RCS breeding w/ PFR's
  187. Supplements?
  188. Shrimp Acronyms
  189. Why did my amano's die?
  190. leaving shrimp for vacation...
  191. my very happy bamboo shrimp
  192. Shrimp???
  193. how to avoid gravel vacing your shrimp?
  194. Feeding Baby Nerites?
  195. Info on Unusual Trumpet Snails?
  196. Cardinal shrimp loosing color then dies
  197. Red cherry shrimp 75 gallon journal!
  198. Please help indentify this species...
  199. Aquatic Earthworms?
  200. What kinda snail is this?
  201. So, how exactly do you raise amano shrimps?
  202. Mysterious red 'bug' in my tank
  203. Would you buy these?
  204. Molting problem !LOOK!
  205. What is this guy (bad picture)
  206. Vampire Shrimp Atya gabonensis
  207. Stupid Scuds
  208. Fertz that are bad for shrimp tanks..
  209. Diagnose my problems - deaths
  210. Consistent dying snails
  211. how long to start breeding?
  212. Too many baby shrimps, do you move them out?
  213. Any Sulawesi breeders in the San Fran/San Jose area?
  214. Monogamous assassin snails
  215. Thiara cf winteri snails
  216. Dead Shrimp: When to Remove?
  217. Assassin snails multiplying quickly?
  218. Bamboo... ?
  219. How many shrimps can you keep in 12L IQ5?
  220. The shrimp are the best part of the tank thread...
  221. Shipping shrimp with ice pack
  222. panacur c to get rid of planaria
  223. Shrimplets & dead mother! :(
  224. How many "adult" RCS in a 50 gallon tank?
  225. Blue pearl shrimp question
  226. Hydra vs. Seed shrimp
  227. First baby (sorta) Assassin snail
  228. Shrimp laying on back!?
  229. OEBTs with attention deficit
  230. ID this snail please :)
  231. I.D. this shrimp...
  232. Looking for Shrimp
  233. How many CRS can I put
  234. How can you stop snails and leeches?
  235. Substrate change
  236. Moving my shrimp to a new home
  237. RCS and Tiger Shrimp Deaths?
  238. Tiny black bugs
  239. Where to find opae ula in San Francisco?
  240. Worms In Shrimp Tank
  241. CRS Acting funny?
  242. Inverts and soft water
  243. Two quick questions
  244. my oebts are no longer blue?
  245. Tangerine Tigers? (say whaaa?!)
  246. Paracaridina and caridina
  247. ? about Shirakura Chi Ebi powdered baby food
  248. Trying to keep my larvae alive. Help!
  249. What kind of leaf fodder are you using?
  250. Harlequin & Cherry.