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: Shrimp & Other Invertebrates

  1. Will these parameters work? CRS
  2. Snail Outbreak in my CRS tank
  3. Shrimp Breeding room journal
  4. Overstocked?
  5. Pumpkin shrimp are here...
  6. odd shrimp behavior
  7. sunkist shrimp?
  8. Why do most CRS breeding tanks have milky/cloudy waters?
  9. Are these Blue Rili
  10. Novice Shrimp Questions
  11. Shrimp cycle?
  12. unknown shrimp with black eggs
  13. Crayfish Primer?
  14. Co2 and Shrimp
  15. Red Legged Crystal Red Shrimps? Wow!
  16. Saw a planaria.
  17. CRS & CO2 Poisoning?
  18. How!?
  19. all color of shrimps
  20. TDS meter readings
  21. Substrate for Planted tank with Shrimp
  22. White fuzzy head on one of my cherries?
  23. Shrimp/Fish Compatibility
  24. shrimp eggs
  25. Shrimp ID Please
  26. I spy.....
  27. Shrimp Tree
  28. My water parameters ok for cherry shrimp?
  29. Best substrate for shrimp tank?
  30. can i get an ID on this?
  31. What happened to>??
  32. Limp Shrimp
  33. Scared Shrimp :(
  34. just gets worse!! unknown pregnant shrimp
  35. Finally, baby crystals!
  36. mineral rock question
  37. What type of snails are these?
  38. What types of algae will Amano shrimp eat?
  39. Red cherry shrimp bioload
  40. Cherry shrimp?
  41. Pomacea Bridgesii
  42. Baby shrimp with out trying.
  43. five gallon shrimp tank
  44. good shrimp to breed
  45. HUGE decision needs to be made! input?
  46. Will EM Tablets Hurt CPOs?
  47. Need advice: Shrimp losing color???
  48. Who should go where, help me decided between my tigers and yellows.
  49. best food for shrimps?
  50. Rimless split aquarium (former saltwater filtration)
  51. A Ghost shrimp adventure
  52. Bamboo Shrimp
  53. Dwarf Neon Rainbowfish and Shrimp?
  54. Finally after all that waiting. ^_^ (pictures)
  55. what kind of ugly shrimp is this?
  56. Snails die
  57. Stocking Question - is it too much?
  58. Can Driftwood Be Killing My Shrimp?
  59. Shrimp pics: Red rilis, CRS, and RCS.
  60. My new snowball and yellow shrimp
  61. golden apple snail floating?
  62. Water Changes or No Water Changes?
  63. Sulawesi Discussion
  64. A couple novice shrimp questions
  65. Bowl Explosion!
  66. Geosesarma sp. in Emersed Tank?
  67. Ideal Bamboo Shrimp Nitrates
  68. Macro Shots of my Fire Reds (Image Warning)
  69. Gordon's Shrimp Tanks. Cherry, Sakura, Crystal Red, OEBT
  70. looking for Cherry shrimp in College Station, TX
  71. WWYD: Tank redo to new tank or add to it?
  72. Triops Project.
  73. CARIDINA FORMOSAE - Any idea on what they are?
  74. Plants that Cherry Shrimp will eat?
  75. What New Shrimp to Pick?
  76. Amanos in Houston area?
  77. cherry shrimp eggs?
  78. hurricane water for shrimp tank?
  79. Shrimplets!
  80. RCS in tank with no top?
  81. Ghost Shrimp Question
  82. I feel like a newb, sex my CRS!
  83. A comprehensive list of shrimp/breeding combinations??
  84. Crs, rcs, tigers?
  85. Assassin Quetion
  86. snails rootin around the subsrate
  87. Dark red head CRS? Possible wine reds.
  88. What Shrimp can be kept together and not interbreed.
  89. Will fire reds give off fire red babies right away?
  90. question about fire reds
  91. Snail explosion!
  92. CBS on back after moult?
  93. Thoughts on Azoo plus liquid vitamin and minerals for shrimp?
  94. singapore wood shrimp
  95. Weird blue bee behavior?
  96. Removing Freshwater Limpet
  97. Shrimp in Unheated Basement for Winter?
  98. If Red Cherries are doing fine.......
  99. Yellow shrimp turning green...
  100. Is my water temp to high for Cherry Shrimp?
  101. Blue pearls dying rapidly... Why?
  102. Can assassin snails really eat pest snails ?
  103. would i need to treat my tap water?
  104. steam steriliser?
  105. Shrimp safe`
  106. Twin shrimps!
  107. cherry shrimp with triop?
  108. red claw molting pics
  109. Cooling Fan for an EBI
  110. male cherries acting "weird"
  111. Spirulina for baby shrimp?
  112. What is killing my shrimp?
  113. I see eyes, how soon now?
  114. popular shrimps
  115. Hitch hiker
  116. Shrimp and HC
  117. How to feed Assassin Snails?
  118. why do shrimp dislike CO2
  119. Blue Amano Shrimp
  120. Shrimp tank questions for a novice.
  121. Amano shrimp and co2?
  122. Sneak Peak at the Ebi Ken Line of CRS
  123. RCS & Ottos
  124. How translucent should rilis be?
  125. Poso Orange Rabbit snails
  126. How small are newborn shrimp and how long before you can see them?
  127. FRCS juvies molting...siphon and toss molts or leave them?
  128. Detrivore
  129. DIY CO2, Drop Checker and Shrimps
  130. Changing tanks and substrates.
  131. just got this shrimp from an LFS ID?
  132. Ghost shrimp relaxing in the shade
  133. Substrates in shrimp tank
  134. Took a shot at a Shrimp breeding tank...
  135. CRS Dieing
  136. Fish with shrimp
  137. Amano Behavior
  138. RCS- questions
  139. ghost shrimp
  140. ID this snail, I dare you :P
  141. Cherry Red Shrimp - Potential Problem?
  142. too many assassin snails?
  143. Seachem equilibrium for shrimp?
  144. just bought indian almond leaves
  145. anyone ever hear of this food?
  146. Snail Identification
  147. Massive MTS die off, everything else is fine?
  148. Yellow Or Blue Pearls?
  149. How many amanos in a 29g?
  150. Maintaining a low pH shrimp tank in a high pH locale?
  151. snail id please?
  152. Snail control
  153. Will I have baby shrimp?
  154. Can 3 Amanos kill a betta?
  155. Monster Amano
  156. ID Snail or unknown...
  157. Bumble Bee Nerite Snails' shells are losing color/deteriorating
  158. Are snails just that tough?
  159. And you thought YOU had a big shrimp rack ...
  160. Can you mix Crystal Red Shrimp and Cherry Shrimp?
  161. Fluval Ebi question...
  162. Shrimp temp and filter
  163. Veggies for shrimps?
  164. Snail ID Please...
  165. All You Can Eat Buffet
  166. Snail Eradication
  167. Ammonia spike after water change -Mystery solved: I'm stupid.
  168. red cherry shrimp
  169. Male or Female Tiger Shrimp
  170. snail ID ?
  171. A Tale of Amano Shrimp Survival
  172. Shrimp food.
  173. RCS without hood/canopy
  174. is this leaf shrimp safe?
  175. Setting up an OEBT tank
  176. is my ph too low for RCS?
  177. Too many Cherry Red Shrimp?
  178. I want to set up a shrimp tank...
  179. How many CRS & CS in a 30?
  180. Spyke's 20L Invert only! CRS, RCS, Babaluti, Snails & Bugs!
  181. How to tell if RCS are pregnant?
  182. Cleaning up my substrate
  183. Blue pearls and a yellow baby
  184. How many shrimp deaths do you expect per batch?
  185. My first careful when cleaning your filter lesson
  186. do shrimp sleep?
  187. The Brine shrimp experiment land
  188. Some of my blue pearl juveniles are brown?
  189. why are some red cherry shrimp clear?
  190. OEBT near Georgia?
  191. My first shrimp... advise please
  192. Escargot Caviar!
  193. What diameter mesh is "Shrimp-safe"?
  194. Tell me what is wrong with my shrimp tank.
  195. Snails or shrimp...or both?
  196. im about to get my first crayfish
  197. Best way to get rid of snails ?
  198. What do you feed your CRS?
  199. Is everyone having shrimp die offs?
  200. freshwater crabs???
  201. strange shrimp in my tank
  202. Cherry Red Slow Die Off in an EBI. What I do Wrong?
  203. Will Ghost shrimp attack / kill Amano's??
  204. My Tank
  205. Dying red crystal shrimps
  206. Malawa Shrimp-KINGS of the Aquarium Shrimp
  207. Full Blue Rili Shrimp
  208. confused about snails - good or bad?
  209. A new ... thing ;)
  210. Shrimp and CSM or Flourish
  211. ID this clam? found in river at nottingham
  212. Snails with no Hoods
  213. shrimp vitamins?
  214. Calling all asian caridina pros- hybrid?
  215. Did my shrimp die?
  216. Small Shrimp Rack project.
  217. First berries in the bowl!
  218. Anyone keep...bugs?
  219. I can see the eyes in the eggs of my Red cherries
  220. Shrimp and High Tech Tanks
  221. I am in shock
  222. Finally getting berries in both tanks
  223. Has anyone ever seen??
  224. Super excited! Getting some Rilis!
  225. All of My Shrimp...Dead
  226. New fluvial ebi with RCS--can I add fish?
  227. Faded red coloring on CRS.
  228. Which decorative shrimp thrive under these conditions?
  229. So 2 rcs died yesterday..
  230. Newb ? Shrimp ID.
  231. What do you guys think?
  232. Looking to buy Sulawesi shrimp
  233. Snail eating a shrimp?
  234. OEBT parameters
  235. community tank shrimp
  236. Beginners RCS tank
  237. Neocaridina too tasty for their own good?
  238. Tylomelania sp. Snails
  239. Help with Amano Shrimp problem
  240. RCS Question
  241. No berried shrimp
  242. my first CRS!! how did I do?
  243. How to prepare IAL?
  244. Snails for softwater (RO)
  245. cherry shrimp question
  246. How many shrimp in a little 1 gal?
  247. Sexy Shrimp hatch
  248. My Cherry Shrimp
  249. Water too hot for shimp?
  250. How to care CRS