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: Shrimp & Other Invertebrates

  1. Shrimp are dying
  2. IMMEDIATE help needed!
  3. what is BLUE BEE?
  4. Going to give CRS another try... Just a few Q's
  5. Red Nerites
  6. Amano and dwarf cichlids?
  7. Ghazanfar Ghori OEBT!
  8. Caridina or Neocaridina
  9. RCS Question on Behaviour & Sexing
  10. CRS eggs
  11. Gauging Interest: Brown/Natural Variety RCS
  12. Fluval ebi tank, UPS bad shipping!!!
  13. purple shrimp?
  14. red cherry shrimp
  15. What could kill Amanos but not RCS or Otos?
  16. Need to Add a Hunter Seeker with Gills
  17. Shrimp tank Water Change Regime.
  18. Beginner question
  19. whats the deal with crs
  20. Ok so I decided to put up a few pics of my Blue Rili :)
  21. Is this a ramshorn?
  22. Alternative Food for Red Cherry Shrimp
  23. Pics of my Blue Rili
  24. White striped red cherry shrimp
  25. Snails
  26. how long can shrimps survive without feeding
  27. looking for sulawesi cardinals!!
  28. Red Cherry shrimplets....
  29. trying to keep and breed crs
  30. noob @ breeding..
  31. berried ghost shrimp?
  32. CRS gh
  33. Wish I lived here!!!
  34. ADA amazonia soil
  35. Please clarify what a "saddle" is
  36. Quick help!! Instant cycling a tank for shrimp!
  37. Feeding Crystal Shrimp in a Bowl?
  38. Verify the Shrimp Veggies Once and For All
  39. Safe to use Fluorish Comprehensive??
  40. got an awesome deal on bumble bee Ninja's
  41. Do we need to replace shrimp tank substrate, when, why?
  42. Shrimp Advice Needed
  43. Shrimp tank need high pH?
  44. Depth of Sand for MTS + RCS for a 5.5 gal
  45. will an apple snail harm my tank?
  46. Questions about Taiwan fire-reds
  47. Shrimp ID
  48. What shrimp can i have?
  49. MTSs, Assassin Snails and Planaria
  50. WooHoo! Babies!
  51. Nerite egg question
  52. My 15g
  53. MTS Snail Question
  54. Care of snail eggs
  55. Shrimp dying after molting?
  56. crs behavior question..
  57. I've got snails! But don't know very much about them
  58. Algaefix vs Shrimp
  59. assassin snail question
  60. Snail Genocide (Question about MTS & Sand Substrate)
  61. Tiger shrimp not breeding
  62. household planaria treatment?
  63. API Test Kits for Successful CRS and Bee Shrimp rearing?
  64. Shrimp holding babies?
  65. help !!! My assassin snails are hungry !!!
  66. CRS and CO2
  67. CPO vs Nerites
  68. Shrimp water question
  69. RCS help...
  70. Ok I am on the verge of freakout.......please reassure me...
  71. Bee Shrimp or CBS
  72. What are these?
  73. Hikari Sinking Wafers
  74. Water change for shrimp tank?
  75. Blue Rilli offspring.
  76. How do shrimp disappear?
  77. Can we ship shrimp to Hawaii?
  78. Random amano deaths.
  79. What?
  80. Are Rili shrimp hardy?
  81. My DIY Mini filter for a breeder box
  82. New foods in development, testers wanted
  83. RCS babies help? (Pictures)
  84. No cherry babies, who's to blame?
  85. Snails carry diseases.... WHAT?
  86. Dark Brown Cherry Shrimp
  87. Should I change my substrate colour?
  88. Amanos and Cories
  89. Bug problem
  90. New to Shrimp Help Please
  91. Question about blanched veggies?
  92. EI dosing and shrimps
  93. Can I feed my shrimps Salad?
  94. crs in a 2.5g???
  95. Shrim ID!
  96. New CRS Babies... And CRS question
  97. Help with my snails
  98. Please Identify the Bug.
  99. Berried Blue Bee Shrimp!
  100. Cherry shrimp internal coloration?
  101. Freshwater Hydra. Issue?
  102. Worms & Cherry Red Shrimp
  103. why did my snails die? help!
  104. DIY co2 and shrimp
  105. shrimp size?
  106. Marimo Moss balls and shrimps
  107. Did I just nuke my shrimp with CO2?
  108. ada soil , how many bags?
  109. Cherry Shrimp Molted & Die.
  110. Soooo Freakin Small!!!
  111. Bamboo shrimp?
  112. water turns white cloudy
  113. Crayfish
  114. How much substrate?
  115. CPO pregnant!!!
  116. Shrimp growth stunting?
  117. PH 5.5 any shrimp lives in that ?
  118. shrimp activity
  119. Crazy Amano Getaway
  120. Gassed my tank, found shrimp
  121. Question about my Sponge Filter
  122. Would I even need to bother with a cycle?
  123. Adding in another Shrimp species to my (RCS) Cherries. Which one?
  124. ID please swamp type snail
  125. Planaria and Berried Shrimp
  126. shrimp ID
  127. starting my shrimp tank
  128. CRS Mating Questions
  129. Hikari Algae Wafer (It exploded everywhere help please)
  130. Berried Brown/Red/Burgendy?? Wild Tiger
  131. Fluval EBI filters suck up baby shrimp!
  132. Has anyone used "Remineraliz-P" from Brightwell Aquatics?
  133. my new 90 gallon shrimp tank
  134. what Substrate u use for shrimp?
  135. Has azgardens figured out how to breed olive nerites?
  136. shrimp in a community tank?
  137. How to Grade Shrimp
  138. Let's talk Red Claw Shrimp
  139. Shrimp and Moss
  140. G12 Movie of my Sakura Cherries and malaysian rainbow shrimp fee. Tons of shrimplets
  141. Unknown Eggs?
  142. What shrimp should I get next?
  143. feeding 23 rcs
  144. Stainless prefilters
  145. Am I Ready For Crystal Red Shrimps?
  146. CRS baby color question....
  147. What bug is this?
  148. Do shrimp populations have a way of leveling themselves?
  149. SSS shrimps
  150. Let's see your new shrimp
  151. Shrimp Supliments
  152. Briggs Snails - Any Negatives??
  153. how many almond leaves?
  154. Wanting to start a shrimp tank or get shrimp for my 55 gallon.
  155. baby shrimp fatality rate?
  156. is this a green lace shrimp?
  157. BiOrb and shrimp?
  158. colour enhancers in shrimp food? (what are they called in the ingredients?)
  159. for the lucky people who bought chocolates from me
  160. Question about Copper in Shrimp Food
  161. Snail Outbreak in Shrimp Tank
  162. Rili shrimp
  163. Caridina spinata and caridina hodgarti
  164. Macrobrachium ?
  165. RCS selling size?
  166. Using airtight plastic container to transport shrimp home as opposed to LFS bag?
  167. Azoo Max Growth & Breed Foods
  168. shrimp in central ny?
  169. gh/kh questions
  170. ying yang CBS
  171. Hardy shrimp
  172. Any gardeners out their feed their shrimps fresh veggies?
  173. Yellow Shrimps turn Green?
  174. Bugs in My Aquarium over the last 10 years
  175. My RSC Tank
  176. Aqua Soil- NEW Amazonia Normal Type
  177. My newest edition
  178. ID My Shrimp!
  179. Panther Fiddler crab ich in tank cure??
  180. Serrata X Cantonensis?
  181. anyone ever done this?
  182. Escargo & shrimp!
  183. Frozen cyclops as food?
  184. filter setup
  185. New Shrimp Tank Setup
  186. More than a little disturbing Amano shrimp...
  187. Aldrovanda vesiculosa and baby shrimp?
  188. question about an almond leaf
  189. Dosing Micro Nutrients with Shrimp
  190. Snail egg Question.
  191. Flubal Ebi Undeliverable
  192. mystery snails/apple snails
  193. grading of this CBS? (Is this a CBS??)
  194. Shrimp compatibility
  195. Shrimp with Dwarf Gourami?
  196. Future Shrimp Tank, and so it begins ..
  197. Using RO water
  198. adding ecocomplete to existing substrate:icon_ques
  199. Filter for Shrimp Tank!
  200. Is hikari ShriMp cuisine bad?
  201. Dead shrimps?? Where are the bodies?
  202. Caridina cf. propinqua
  203. Amano and Bamboo Shrimp question
  204. what diseases can shrimp get?
  205. New to shrimps, compatibility issue?
  206. PFR but with a slight blue color?
  207. All about culling shrimp
  208. CO2 Question for shrimp tank
  209. what is the best way to soften up the water without using RO
  210. Sponge filter for 5g tank
  211. funny auction on aquabid for golden bee
  212. Red Cherry Shrimp repeating dropping eggs
  213. Assassin scare this morning..
  214. Ghost shrimp problems
  215. bugs looking like shrimp!
  216. First berried CRS
  217. Yellow + Red cherry
  218. compatibility
  219. Thiara cf. winter snail
  220. What substrate do you use for your Shrimp?
  221. Dead shrimp or shedded skin?
  222. Is this mix a bad idea?
  223. Happy to Announce
  224. Shrimp ID?
  225. Dwarf Frog shortage?
  226. Substrate for Breeding Bee Shrimp
  227. my mini M shrimp tank
  228. Apple/mystery snails
  229. Hitch hiking snail ID please
  230. My turn for a shrimp ID
  231. Shrimp and Powerheads
  232. Shrimp newbie here! Please help!
  233. red crabs man
  234. Fire red Cherry X Rili Cherry
  235. What size tank....
  236. Two Yellow Ladies: Berried and Saddled
  237. OE Black Tigers
  238. Marina Hang On Breeding Box Large
  239. Insane cyclops outbreak?
  240. CPOs and How Can They Survive as a Species?
  241. Is this hydra?
  242. Will Glowlight tetras eat cherry shrimp?
  243. My new shrimp duplex
  244. Leeches!!!!!
  245. First CRS
  246. Transporting RCS cross-country?
  247. Help! CPO lying on its side
  248. CPO and RCS
  249. Fenbendazole vs Nematodes?
  250. Weekend Delivery